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  1. Hi all,, the first station module that runs off the the spiral front conrer module has being modifyied to take two station scenes, I am modelling Sydney Central station terminal, that wont be happening till the end of the year or eary next year so I be modelling East Perth station terminal first where the famous Indian Pacific her journey from Sydney, being on a budjet I have to build the everything in stages, all up there are 6 station modules that completes the station complex. The idea is once the Indian Pacific leaves Sydney Central I will lift out the whole station building to change the
  2. Hi all time to talk about my layout which has being under construction since 2014 coming into the third year, I did start off modelling the Tehachapi loop but gave that idea away when I realised it wasn't going to work out well came up with a different design, yes have my layout is in under cover in the pergola which covers 3/4 of the back of the house and car port mainly the station complex that is protected from the hot sun. The layout design is a module design, I can't have it set up permanently, one reason why it is taking longer to build, layout measurements are 52ft X 30ft stage on
  3. HI all, don't worry about how to split a windows edge screen, question found out how it is done, it's not splitting the screen in half, you actually open two tabs to the left hand side of the screen were the how to wire a rotary switch open two tags there quite easy once you know how, in any case edge won't let you do that . ozam from down under.
  4. I bit the dust and bought a multimter a long waiting tool, the guy in Jar-Car surjusted to go the next model up, now I will have to larn how to use, hopefully the guys at the train club on Saturday be able to, wont be running too many trains that day as I want to get the rotary switch issue sorted out. I will be taking my famous Hornby Flying Scott she has two powered dual tender drive tenders , pulls 11 coaches with ease,being told I am the only member hat has done it , have to sort out the coaches some of them keep derailing on points mainly. Does anyone know how to split the screen
  5. Hi ejstubbs and kevinims, many thanks for the advice on the multimeter , I am going to Jar-car tomorrow to buy a elbow for the TV antenna plug in the wall will check the multimeter, will let you know if I will buy one , not a bad price under $20 I should have one , not sure what DCC system to buy when I go that way thinking of Hornby, they have a model that will connect to the computer, that way my son can get involved and control the layout on his computer. I have a bit of time yet before needing a control panel, looking a modifying my old control panel from the last layout till I decide
  6. Hi ejstubbs, yes I can wire DPDT switches, the last layout was DC Dual control , blocks just learnt how to wire in a third throttle adding a third DPDT and a forth throttle becoming Local throttles, that is one tool I don't have is a multimeter, looks like I will have to invest in one, the question is do to need a dear one or cheap one and I will have learn to use it, would of saved shorting out my transformer it doesn't have a fuse as such either have to have a look at it . My other two made up transformers do have fuses not going to use the rotary switches to I sort them out hopefully
  7. Forgot to say I bought the Sydney Central book a Century Of Sydney Central and a smaller book as well,, looks like I didn't need to drag the pic into the post learning to get around posting pic. Tony from Ipswich QLD
  8. Hi Monkeysarefun, love you pass word and many thanks for the pics and links of Ross's N scale Sydney Central, I didn't know he wrote a book on his SC, he has been very helpfull with my Sydney Central in HO scale, I have spoken to him on the phone a few times and he has sent me a lot of measurements and drawing, is that book store in Australia as the cost of the the book is in US dollar but I came across the same lin in Aussie dollar will have to get the book now willfor sure help meout with my project. My SC wont be the same width to scale haven't got the room be over 6ft wide, my buildin
  9. Hi what is Mount board is it like MDF board wonder is I can get it over here in down under, I too am scratch building my station building a few floors like your building, I am modelling Sydney Central Station terminus station a huge project figurrin gout what to build it out of is that stuff pretty strong and can bend easy to cut the windows out, two stations building to build. Tony from down under
  10. Hi BR60103, I drew that wairing plan by free hand, going to build a temporary control panel using a couple of DPDT switches to switch the throttles till I sort out the rotary switch, like to buy to newest Model Railroader wiring mag will have more up to date wiring and ihas DCC wiring as well. It is pretty hot here in oz today peaking 38 degrees, will be higher than that in the sun I use an old remote that has a temp gauge in it, put it out under the pergola as the weather station at Amberley RAAF base is inside a small shed that has insulation, I go by the remote temp can be 8 degree dif
  11. Hi David can I ask you a favour to draw ther way you wire the 3pole 4way rotary switch, there are so may different ways to wire them and soconfusing to pic the right one, I have the Easy Model Railroad wiring mag and they have a different version with switching three throttles using a 4way switch, so the first 4 be uesd for the LED indicators. I also came across a PDF file on more info on the 3pole 44way rotary switch. http://info.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Teaching/Labs/docs/RotarySwitchHowTo.pdf Here is a pic of the drawing from the mag will that work and how do I wire in a forth throttle
  12. Hi BR60103, I love what you have suggested singing off as ozam, not your first name am is my name initials actually I got the idea from the movie Silver Strick railroad name on the coaches AM RailRoad. Looks like I am stuck with Dual cab control till I fix the trannie ,it is clicking pretty loud, must of shorted out some where. ozam from down under
  13. Hi still having a problem with the rotary switch, overloaded a switch in the trannie makes a noise when I switch it on have to wait for a while for it to cool down, I think I may have to give the idea of using a rotary switch and go back to DPDT switches and hopefully use LEDS to high light each throttle, got plenty of DPDT switches, disappointing morning, may be able to sort it out when I go to my train club or any other ideas welcome, very frustrating.. Yes David I could only get to positions working . ozamrr from down under.
  14. Many thanks everyone for the quick response I though of wiring the rotary that way so did a drawing why I joined the forum to get advice which I have, that link has a lot of info to ready and again more ideas. SRman are you from down under going by the DURM I will check them out. I will solder the RS that way, I did try it the way on the drawing did work but I had the solder the track wire onto the pole used by the LEDs, (A) B instead of B-C actually worked was over the moon but your way is better. Going to make lots of new friend as I go along I find the pics easy to upload from
  15. Hi all I am from down under, found this forum when searching how to wire a rotary switching more than one throttle, found the control panel thread went from there so here I am, many thanks. Got back into the hobby in 1995 when I built my first module layout after we had a big covered pergola built, I used DPDT switch between two throttles, till I came across 00 scale garden railway, 2014 when the construction started, the only way to build a huge layout is garden way mine is module taking a lot longer to build, not far now from running the first test loco. Time to start designing the new
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