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  1. . That is different. That is covered by the 1978 Theft Act, Making Off Without Payment. Different law and different circumstances to that used in the circumstances above. Once you have put petrol into the car you cannot return it. The circumstances relating to offering payment, payment not given/taken and then you walk out of the store is covered by the Theft Act 1968
  2. No matter what the circumstances once you decide to leave the store without paying, you have committed the act of theft.
  3. Card Only Payment was adapted by the big supermarkets, they refer to it as contactless payments. Not unusual for someone to use a card for a paint brush, let alone a tin of paint. We can, if we had any bank cash. Cash and the subsequent giving of change gives two way contact with possible transference of disease. We can sanitise a card machine in seconds as well as wearing gloves, washing hands between every transactionbut someone paying say £500 in ten pound notes means we would spray every single note with sanitiser, Dettol spray we have in abundance in the evetuality of opening. Other sanitisers are available . These are all suggestions coming out of various retail trade bodies, FSB etc.
  4. As we all know the Government is considering with a lot of "if's" attached for some Retail Shops to open again from the 1st June 2020. Will Model Shops be among them and what will be the New Normal? No real answers here, but perhaps those shops who are anticipating opening at some point might wish to share their thoughts and or plans. We have been adapting our shop for the past few weeks, this includes the fitting of screen guards, sanitising stations, staff PPE, albeit the PPE is low grade and not suitable for medical profession. (Every normal supplier of PPE has withdrawn their ranges to supply the NHS etc and we applaud them for doing so) Entry and Exit systems have been created but that will put an added burden on the security of our shop as double entry/exit means double the chance for losses. Card Payment only, there is a problem with that straight away as some customers prefer the use of cash. Card Machine needs sanitising after every use. Despite the size of our shop a "one-in-one out" and maximum of one customer per aisle would seem to be the maximum number to be safe withing the shop. Mail Order and Delivery have been our only way of doing any sort of business in this time. Will customers have become accustomed to this and not even return to the local Model Shop, where they have one? Many shops have been operating as near normal as possible with Mail Order and have those that slipped under the Radar with published lists have lost customers, perhaps for ever as loyalties have switched? Our deliveries from suppliers are to the Front Door. That will become the new Exit, so that needs looking at to arrange for deliveries to the rear. We have become accustomed to having to wait in a queue for the supermarket. Anybody actualy stood in a queue when it's been raining, for that matter does anyone remember it raining during Lockdown? Will you queue to get into your local model shop in the rain or pick up your mouse and click away? We have been delighted with the amount of new customers we have gained during this dreadful times, but how many of our customer base have moved to to others offering advertised Mail Order? What has been great has been the camaraderie between shops large and small who have tried to help each other out by referring customers. Suppliers will I am sure hope to return to normal shipping patterns. Some shops will have had massively reduced turnover and these goods need to be paid for so we hope the suppliers will take this into consideration. As a general model shop we deal with all aspects of hobbies so we have many, many suppliers. Some had acted better than others shall we say. Look forward to hearing your views. Added one last question for shop owners. Will you actually open when consent is given? Depending on where in world you are: Stay Well.
  5. Ww were unable to find any of the Post Offices locally that would accept Drop Off for parcels. It was get in the queue or don't bother. Gave up on that one. Still not sure why our Post Office is only open for four hours a day. Just means longer queues and despite social distancing outside in the queue it is like a cattle market when you are called in!! Guaranteed Next Day Delivery by 1pm is now guaranteed delivery by midnight. If you pay for Guaranteed delivery by 9am, it is now guaranteed to arrive by 1pm. But the price is eye watering. I agree about those in charge. Have to add our posties have been absolutely great.
  6. Received a letter yesterday, dated the 19th March 2020. It was from our alarm monitoring company stating that there had been an alarm activation at our premises and to get in touch with them. Thankfully it was sent by a computer system in error. I did say that there was problems with the post in our area. Postie apologised, no need to apologise, we know you are doing your best.
  7. Saw this and thought hmmmmmmm.... Took an order Friday, took payment over the telephone, delivered seven minutes later with the customer. He even looked convinced when I apologised for the delay as "the lights at the bottom of Gerard Street were on red". In relation to Metcalfe, not sure "In Hibernation" is a good description. They are Staying Safe is my preferred wording. They may not be able to work safely and have taken the right action for themselves. Good on Metcalfe.
  8. I have seen a video advert on Facebook with the sale of over 20,000 overstocked items used in the construction of Miniatur Wonderland. The advert states it is only vehicles and planes. Nothing really jumps out from the website, but it is possibly this. https://shop.miniatur-wunderland.com/model-building.html?_ga=2.212399570.777074192.1588928735-2090216474.1588928735&cat=218&mt_act=Website+CtA&mt_cat=Click&mt_lb=Online-Shop+Modellbau
  9. I am not quite sure why you seemed to have joined this forum and immediately posted that what we are doing is against the Law as you were advised you couldn’t do it. If only as you say recognised hauliers/ couriers are allowed to carry non essential goods how come the likes of Curries, Argos, Ikea, ao.com, Amazon etc can do so? They all have their own delivery service. We closed our doors a week before Lockdown and only within the last week or so started up again. Only after we were given the information that what we asked was confirmed, we could deliver. We then had to upgrade at considerable cost our vehicles insurance to cover delivery. This has been a very fluid situation and things have changed since the PM’s initial announcement. The media published their interpretation and continue to do so. Many people were led to believe that unless they were key workers they couldn’t go to work. That was identified as being misinformation. Were we live skips are being delivered on a regular basis as people occupy themselves with home/garden. Is the skip driver a key worker? Local authorities have reopened Recycling Centres. The local Police are giving regular updates as to waiting times as these locations. Have you seen any Government ministers saying you can leave your home to visit the local tip? Can l just ask if you are operating any form of business as you are not identifying if you are indeed a model shop? Did you not consider contacting us to raise these issues before posting in a public forum? We will be in the shop at 10am today if you feel the need to discuss this further. 0151 424 1196. Or perhaps you could check with your solicitor that the advice he gave you was correct.
  10. Having checked with the Law Makers and waited some considerable time to get an answer, if I was you l would check the advice given by someone interpreting the law.. I was given the example of Interflora who deliver all over the country using the florist’s own delivery vehicle. The butcher is allowed to be open so does he need to operate a delivery service? You are allowed to go food shopping so can visit the butcher. Does travelling to the Post Office with non-essentail goods constitute necessary travel?
  11. We have added ourselves to those shops that are operational. You won't find us on one official manufacturers list as we are unable to accept deliveries. We have explored all the suggested methods of posting on another thread. Post Office in fairness trying to help but they are swamped and only operating on very limited opening hours and service. We took parcels on Thursday at around 1130am and we were told that we had missed the collection and it would leave on Monday morning. So expect delays if you ask us to post anything. Instead having waited for an official reply from our local MP and having been told we were acting in accordance with the restrictions. We could and have started our own delivery service. We wanted to make sure that by doing so we weren't breaking any Lockdown restrictions. We are trying to stick to a 20 mile radius from the shop and we have been offering a same day delivery service. All for the price of a First Class signed for parcel. It also keeps us in touch with our customers as they get to see us when we deliver their parcel. Anyone fairly local to this area can call us on 0151 424 1196. 10am until 5pm. Even if we are not in the shop the call is diverted to us and we will call you back if unable to speak at that time.
  12. The one at Farnworth is very close it is inside a general store. Will check it out thank you Andrew.
  13. That’s good to know and very useful. Only once had to send anything that wasn’t a normal size. Quote we got from Royal Mail, drove to Staffordshire with it as it saved us money. These parcels yesterday were both around 0.5 kilograms. Cheers Barry
  14. Thank you. The local Post Office having checked, does show as having this service. I shall make some enquires tomorrow. Knowing the layout, l suspect we would still have to queue in order to drop and go. The counter is at the far end of a very narrow but very long shop. Crown Post Office closed about five years ago.
  15. As I anxiously press "Refresh" on orders we have posted out via Royal Mail. I see many reports on here of rapid delivery, is this possibly Regionalised? In an attempt to try and sustain our business we have tried a small amount of mail orders. We are still very mindful of the need to help prevent the spread of this terrible disease but are trying to make a very slow return to some sort of service. We are certainly not fully operational. In our shop which is in a town centre the couriers aren't delivering. The shop mail isn't being delivered, our local, brilliant postie is bringing it to our house on a very infrequent delivery service. The Post Office is open 9-1pm with very long queues. My wife queued for an hour yesterday to post a couple of parcels. In an attempt to ease the queue the new postmaster came out to the people waiting 2 metres or more apart as they should be. He then went up to them and took the parcels off them to save them holding them!! Any closer would have meant a proposal of marriage! A friend of ours helped us out with some stock, thank you Mike at C and M Models, Carlisle, open for mail order himself, he can be contacted on 01228514689. Excuse the plug but he deserves it for helping a fellow trader out . We needed the items to fulfill an order. He sent me a parcel and paid for Royal Mail Special Delivery guaranteed by 9am. Knowing that we needed them the next day. Royal Mail guarantee that this service will deliver before midday. The track duly arrived and we were able thanks to Mike, to fulfill our order. The cost of sending a pack of standard Peco N Gauge track, yes just one pack was £22.89p. That is a pack of standard straights, not a box of flexi track. My admiration goes out to any shop that is working and doing Mail Order at these most difficult of times. Well done to those shops. Please be nice. As we have found out they are wholly reliant on the variable postal deliveries for your parcel to reach you.
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