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  1. I have been following this topic with great commercial and personal interest. Having been a Hornby stockist in the bad old days. We could order what we liked in pretty much any quantities. Delivery and out into the shelves. Fantastic. First customer through the door... ‘do you price match Hornby?’. Check Hornby website and it’s being sold for less than we paid for it. Angry phone call... basically that’s tough... Jump forward to 2020 and Hornby are producing some fabulous products. Announcements made, order in within minutes of the announcement. Let’s use
  2. Hope to be reopening on Monday 12th April 2021 Opening times: 10am until 3pm Monday to Friday. 10am until 4pm Saturday. Closed Sunday 128 Widnes Road, Widnes WA8 6AX 0151 424 1196 Reduced hours as above, as we have been asked to continue our local delivery service. No queuing before Midnight.
  3. Last October l posted our experience for the six months from when Lockdown first started with a threat to update in six months time. Here it is: Just over 12 months ago we had not long returned from the Model Rail Scotland Exhibition. Some complaints were heard about feeling unwell from exhibitors at the show. Most of them put it down to lack of sleep and generally having a great time. Then 12 months ago today we were on a short break in a caravan in North Wales. My wife called me to come and see the news. We were given a few hours to leave as the Welsh government was l
  4. Hi Les, good to see one less thief. We took the decision to inform all our shoplifters that they would not be allowed in the shop until the Government says it is safe to do so. They still have to sanitize their hands and wear a mask. The last time I actually went into any shop was my local hardware shop. If they don't have something they send customers to us and vice versa. They sell, wood, paints, brushes, tools, sand paper, adhesives, nut, bolts, screws and ladders. Err, so do we.....
  5. With many topics covering the current Hornby Rocket etc. I came across this on a local Liverpool History site. Court Hey park runs alongside the Liverpool to Manchester M62 motorway and further over is the main railway line. The drive towards the parking area at Court Hey Park is lined by sandstone sleepers, on which bolt holes and fish-plate indentations can clearly be seen. These are original sleepers from the Liverpool & Manchester Railway when it opened in 1830 and obtained by Robertson Gladstone of Court Hey Hall (a railway director) when it was renovated.
  6. Hi Liam, Sorry you feel this way. May l point out that we are not a shop to interrogate customers and the post l think you are referring to was not posted by ourselves. Looks like that post has now been removed but I do recall you posting on there. If you consider our shop and therefore my family to be discriminating against people with disabilities may l be permitted to state the following? From 1992 until 2006, my family and I gave up nearly all of our annual leave and a lot of weekends to assist in the UK with Disabled Sport. We travelled the world at our own
  7. Thank you for your kind comments. Our own Facebook post was shared far and wide on Social Media. There were some negative comments on some of the Model Railway forums, answered by members of those Groups. The one's above are not from our own page. The support we received was outstanding. Over 22,000 people have viewed our Facebook post to date. The three of us spent most of Sunday and Monday evening replying to as many as physically possible. On our own Facebook page, support was just like the Sanitizer sat on my desk 99.99% effective. I would like to add that the 0.01%
  8. Hi all, Posting our Facebook page updates for our customers not on Social Media. Final straw was Gill getting spat at. Be nice to your shops, we all need each other. Widnes Model Centre is sharing a COVID-19 update sharing a COVID-19 update sharing a COVID-19 update.Published by Barry Williams · 15 m · Hi all, following a discussion with all three of us, Barry, Gill and Tom. It is with a very heavy heart we have decided to close the shop to customers actually entering the premises. We have not taken this decision lightly and financially this past trading
  9. Not really sure where to start, but here is as good a place as any: We congratulate all the shops who have made it to Christmas in what has been an incredibly difficult year for us all. Open, closed, open again, closed again, wonder what next week/month/year will bring? We have on many fronts been acting like a Band of Brothers to satisfy our customers needs through our own form of Mutual Aid and we think this deserves recognition on this very special Christmas Eve. So, in alphabetical order, we thank, Stuart at Ashton Models, Mike at C and M Models, Dan at
  10. Can anyone who has received 371-111A confirm the directional lighting? Catalogue just says "fitted with directional lighting". Illuminated Headcode box and rear red lights. Is this correct?
  11. Dont believe everything you read in a forum, sometimes it isn’t correct. Non essential retail was shut down, online and delivery by shops was never shut down. Although l had to clarify this with my local MP. Hattons, to their credit have put the safety of their staff as number one priority from day one. Hattons have done lots of things that you would not be privy to during this Pandemic. None of which has been to their benefit. Usual, no association, just a satisfied nearest model shop.
  12. Wow, l didn’t know that! Truly shocking! There again, having been present on all the Zoom Meetings regarding the industry response to preventing the spread of Covid 19, what you have stated above simply is a work of fiction. Why would Hattons not be able to trade normally? No one was able to trade “normally “.
  13. That actually looks like a very high quality marine ply. Preformed to make the hull of a boat, take it down to the Leeds Liverpool Canal and try it.
  14. Hornby delivery tomorrow, hurrah. Oh wait they aren’t on there. Changing name by Deed Poll in the morning. New shop will by my first name followed by Model Shop. Aaron’s Model Shop in the Centre of Widnes Has a ring to it, going to need a bigger sign.
  15. This makes me feel better, we haven’t received ours yet. Looks like the Alphabetical dispatch system. Might be easier to change our name to A Model Shop (in Widnes).
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