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  1. Hi Fran, Brilliant announcement as ever. Can we order them to run in a 7-2 formation? Asking for a friend, seems popular at the moment.
  2. Where did that six months go? I thought it might be useful for members using web, mail order and personal shoppers to give an insight into running a model shop and how things have changed since early March. l speak to shops up and down the country as well as being a compulsive reader of this forum. I am reading about the lack of customer service being provided by some shops. It has been a really challenging time for everyone. Enforced closure or so we thought. Then only able to post using postal services, or so we thought. We ended up like many shops working 12 h
  3. Hi John, just to clarify: l am a loyal and satisfied customer of Hornby if it’s my post you are referring to. I requested one more model when saw my allocation AFTER, l had submitted my order. At no stage did l say that the Rep had forgotten to confirm my order in writing. Knowing our rep very well he would have tried his best, as he has done in the past to satisfy his customer, us. In my post, l mention he amended our initial order , this was down, not up. Some items “allocated” to us, we chose not to order. It was for me to check that l had received written confirmat
  4. Some of the more observant members will have noticed that some of my posts were "hidden" by myself, Andy Y was informed of this and my reasons for hiding them. I had spoken to Hornby and a full investigation was carried out by them. On the day of the Centenary Products Launch, I had taken the day off in order to watch the announcements. My order was in within less than half an hour. Sat back and waited for them to be delivered. Then came an email from our Hornby rep, with what we had been allocated due to the limited numbers. I had been allocated one Duches of Atholl. Other items
  5. Hi Dan, We received our delivery on Friday. I know of at least one other retailer who has heard nothing, no invoice giving any indication of a pending delivery. Don’t panic until Monday morning......... Barry
  6. Only come across one on EBay so far. Seller will come a cropper, only charging £10 postage. It’s a heavy loco. Seller will have to take the hit on their £500 Buy It Now price.
  7. Can anyone understand why there is a £10 price difference on the Class 17's? They all appear to be the same model.
  8. Had our first major issue with Face Coverings today. Man walks into the shop ( l won’t refer to him as a customer). From behind his mask asks, “Do you sell vaccines? “. With a what was probably an annoyed look l replied “Vaccines???”. With an even stranger look from him came the reply... “No, Peco or Gaugemaster back-scenes”. He left as a customer, chuckling the same as us. What has our world turned into?
  9. Thank you to all the staff at DeRails, especially the young lady I spoke to. Dan says it was his mother, not falling for that one! Helped us out when we needed. Despatched immediately and received next day, great service. Another example of shops helping each other in these difficult times. Barry, Gill and Tom Widnes Model centre
  10. We have had to introduce a maximum of four customers in the shop. But, that depends on what area they wish to shop in. In practice and a perfect world, someone looking at Paints, plastic kits, model railways, radio control. In that scenario we have room for at least another customer. We have queues unfortunately at our busiest times but have eased the queue by apologising for the delay. So far so good. Customers have been really supportive throughout and we are continuing our delivery service for those customers who are shielding, vulnerable or simply are not confident enough to leave their
  11. @RailsOfSheffield, l know what you mean, ours have been despatched today. We also had to query where ours where. Received the same reply from Bachmann. Looks as though they may have been picked and packed in Alphabetical order?
  12. Anyone who comes into our shop will have to Pay Pal, or else! How big is this box that the e-commerce store fits in? Thank god we live in the past or we wouldn't sell any steam loco's or the like.
  13. I am led to believe that he did win the Thatcher Individual Trophy. There was some doubt cast during the Theory part of the competition when someone wrote an answer "Don't Know" and the person who was sat next to them (no names but you may guess) had written "Neither Do I". But they couldn't prove any evidence of cheating :-)
  14. Now I’m a Believer..... not a trace of doubt in my mind...
  15. If we can help you in anyway, l am thinking maybe a box of popcorn, soft drink, comfy seat near the aisle?
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