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  1. If you are planning to pay by bank transfer you would require their IBAN and SWIFT numbers, the order page only has the details for UK based bank transfers This is the applicable section from the current regulation The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 SCHEDULE 2 - Information relating to distance and off-premises contracts (c) the geographical address at which the trader is established and, where available, the trader’s telephone number, fax number and e-mail address, to enable the consumer to contact the trader quickly and communicate efficiently; Jonathan
  2. Comet models (now avaliable from wizard models/MSE) sell extended and retracted buffers C41 BR retracted buffers x12 C42 BR extended buffers x12 Jonathan
  3. Just looked at his diary page and it says he's sharing his stand with Roxy. Jonathan
  4. Is C&L not attending this years show?
  5. Completed the test build yesterday evening with the addition of the handrails.(the kit includes a bending jig) I have discovered a few errors on one of the etches which will be corrected in the production version - a couple of half etch fold lines on the wrong side, easily corrected thankfully. I am hoping to have some news about the liveries/transfers soon. Jonathan
  6. I doubt it as PECO were able to produce their own trackwork with 1.5mm sleepers http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/127840-peco-bullhead-points-in-the-flesh/page-26&do=findComment&comment=2971031 Jonathan
  7. Putting two and two together, Post #57 refers to 0.8mm sleepers, so adding the 0.5mm referenced in post #74 you arrive at a total sleeper thickness of 1.3mm. So we now have Medium timbers to add to the established standard True, you could shim the points up by 0.2mm in order to achieve compatibility with Exactoscale's FastTrack bases, or the thick (0.5mm) ply sleepers sold by C&L, but it just seems unnecessary, especially for a band new product. Jonathan
  8. Could you be more specific as there are currently two well established standard sleeper thicknesses, 0.8mm and 1.5mm. I might be missing something but won't this result in a non-standard product thus lacking compatibility with other manufacturers products (C&L, SMP, or Exactoscale, etc) Jonathan
  9. I believe there are only 4 left in the UK. Colas has 2, Balfour has 1 - currently mothballed, and the KESR owns 1 Jonathan
  10. Just had a look at ontrackplant, and if would be fairly straightforward to modify the cab to suit the earlier variant - possibly do them as a set of 3d prints. Likewise in engine bay would be do-able, again as a 3d print. I'll have a look and at my reference photos to see exactly what modifications would be needed to produce the earlier variants. Regarding the 08-16 kits its my intention to re-do all the castings, replacing the resin parts with white metal versions and look at simplifying some aspects of the chassis to enable it to be supplied as a 1 piece casting. This is a task which I hope to begin early next year, with a view to bringing the kit back to market. Jonathan
  11. I'll make up an extra set of bogies. Is Eskmuir DCC? Jonathan
  12. I will provide details of how to order on this thread when the kit is ready and the all important price is known. Jonathan
  13. I am pleased to announce that my second kit has progressed to a point where I can now release some official information. For my second kit I have chosen the distinctive and ungainly USP 5000C ballast regulator. Work is progressing steadily, and I am planning to have the first test-built model ready for Warley at the end of November. At this time, I am unable to confirm the kits price, but I am hoping it will be around £100/£120. Jonathan
  14. The kit is designed for a black beetle motor bogie (24.5mm wheel base x 10.5mm wheels). It is also possible to use a Tenshodo SPUD or a Stanton Drive bogie from North West Short Line. Jonathan
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