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  1. Given that 01 202, a huge German pacific, and 241A 65, an even bigger French Mountain, are preserved within Switzerland I think you are pretty safe ground!
  2. Not just 'well suited' - but actually designed specifically with 'go anywhere' capabilities to replace with one standard class a huge range of diverse 'first generation' pre German unification types.
  3. This absolutely ties in with what I logged on today to say! Rather than make myself sound stupid, I went away after my last post to check what I recalled was correct, and that was that the last* revenue steam trains in France - on CFTA Franche Comte - ran with Fourgons right up to 1975. A quick check in a Dahlstrom book 'French Stean in the 60s' was all I needed to do to confirm the foregoing, but, thinking about this thread I looked at all the other freight shots and crucially in the same book there are some phots of the mid-late 1960s of longer distance freights hauled by 141Rs seemingly without fourgons. These were either block trains or trains almost certainly travelling direct between main marshalling yards. * the very last trains up to September 1975 - steel coil from St Colombe sur Seine, were block trains without fourgon so that agrees with the above notion
  4. French freight trains absolutely did convey a guards van (the M being the most modern standard type seen) in the 1950s, perhaps gradually less so in the late 1960s onwards, but they can be seen in photos published in the various 'classic' books featuring steam trains with photos from the likes of Marc Dahlstrom, Yves Broncard etc one can be seen here next to the loco https://www.cparama.com/forum/cartes2018/1526050462-ZLocoSNCF-141-C-83.jpg Some lasted into the early 1970s as far as I recall
  5. or even just Martigny - Chatelard, although the 'Hollywood' type sign on the hillside read Martigny - Chamonix. In fact most train changes took place at Vallorcine. The 'frontier' between the two administrations being between Le Chatelard and Vallorcine
  6. Yes. And I think it will make a nice change I will be taking Chamossaire (standard gauge N)
  7. I visited Kipsdorf in September 1989 (...) , Mai 1990 and 2001 among others. My most interesting memory is the interior of the station building which - even on the 2001 visit retained GDR era (and thus effectively pre-war) arrangement
  8. Two more Kato / Noch RhB Ge4/4III liveries announced: EMS ( low priority personally, I'll save money by keeping the repaint I did ages ago (easy to do all over white repaint) Hockey Club Davos (I'm definitely interested in this one - as it's a long standing advertising livery and quite complex/Subtle to recreate 'at home'
  9. The list wasn't exhaustive, there's a couple of others too, including some now gone (such as Biasca - Acquarossa)
  10. BEMO min radius recommended is 330mm. That's the radius of the old BEMO 'settrack' . I think it's a good choice for a FRench scene as it is quite 'basic' in appearance. I recommend using that if you don't want the hassle of getting an even curve with PECO HOm flexi track.
  11. By the way I think all the metal van wagons trains are mineral water, the Italian ones carrying San Pellegrino I understand
  12. Saw loads last week in east-central France, for example:
  13. If the short ones work on your set up then no problem. Clearly the shorter the better aesthetically for any N gauge train coupling. You can use the spares to retrofit another item of Kato RhB if it comes with Arnold couplings
  14. A fun PFE ECS seen today 12/10/21 Eastbound at Othmarsingen hauled by 11157 + 11149. my photo
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