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  1. Still work in progress; my roadworks with an improvised GPO tent and modelscene road cones.
  2. Hi Looking for the lima green pre tops class 31 full yellow ends with BR ‘barbed wire’ symbol. Ideally just the body shell or the full loco. At present I have a boxed Hornby civil engineer ‘skinhead’ 31 which I’ve never used. Would like to change body over or would consider a straight exchange. Regards Jon
  3. Cones became commonplace from late 1960s. There were black base ones, types moulded from black rubber with a plastic sleeve that formed the red and white bit that slipped over the top. Mostly though before 1986 cones were still one piece plastic weighted with a sandbag. Best ones I use on my layout which I think are accurate for any period are the ‘modelscene’ ones. Easy too to assemble. The oil lamps were yellow and red into the mid seventies. Red was phased out due to yellow becoming more visible and finally due to health and safety and cost of oil lamps . They disappeared completely by
  4. Thanks everybody! Yes, think it’s a case of keep researching online and in books and see what I come across
  5. Hi everybody I've got a query about yellow warning panels. My layout is roughly based on the last years of the 1960's and early 1970's so I have a mix of transition pre-tops green and blue locos. I've seen pics of I think odd 20's and 25's as late as 1972 still running with half yellow ends; and I know there was 1 hymek that lasted into 1972 half yellow. To make my layout authentic does anybody know the exact date everything went full yellow ended? I still have from when I was young the old Hornby "Mammoth" class 47. Needs a bit of TLC but I don't think it will fit the criteria. I'
  6. Another thing slightly off topic is advertisments bridges used to carry into the 1970's . In Gloucester we had two. One was on the Bristol to Birmingham Line which said "Williamson and Jame's reducing valves" painted in bright blue with a huge arrow pointing to the William and James Factory. Also coming out of Gloucester towards Birmingham just North of the yards a main road into the city was crossed by a bridge with a huge advertisment for "Ferodo brakepads 1969". It was certainly there well into the late 1970's but got painted out. You look closely though the paint is now fading and the ad i
  7. some great memories; thanks for posting. Link Ive found: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2783459/Political-discourse-woz-ere-Book-London-s-graffiti-1970s-harks-time-spray-painting-wasn-t-just-mindless-tagging.html
  8. Yep,that's the type of stuff, but I haven't got a steady enough hand lol. My efforts always look pretty unconvincing lol
  9. Hi I'm building an early 1970s layout and added a few bits including the wills outside toilet kit! I'm after some bog wall graffiti! Being around in the 70's I'm strictly nostalgic, rail blue and the odd touch of pre-tops green with themed surroundings! What I'm trying to do is add some 70s slogans and graffiti. Obviously a lot of stuff painted on walls back then isn't politically correct or acceptable now but many will know what I'm talking about; abbreviated 3 letter football clubs, angry brigade, the classic 'George Davis is innocent' etc, etc. Anybody know any manufacturers
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