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  1. Jack, the Belle units used hook and screwlink couplings, so in theory you ought to be safe fitting paper concertinas at the ends of the Hornby gangways. Interestingly, for modern safety standards, the restored (rebuilt?) unit is having to be fitted with conventional Pullman gangways and buckeyes at the ends of its cars. I hope this is a satisfactory solution- I know typically the paper cartridge gangways look a bit 'naff', but I'm sure that if sprung properly and fitted nicely, weathered in, they'd look grand. You'll easily do them justice. - Alex
  2. I have the drawings for Seaford ... Although the "spare parts single" also looks good! And quite like what might have been built for the B&M, using what was available.
  3. Could you shorten the chimney, cut the firebox down and replace it with a round top one in plasticard? And replace the handrails with cab sidesheets, again in plastic? The splasher could be infilled perhaps? The cab may want a front sheet, also?
  4. They were to indicate stove heating IIRC, and also to identify vans not to work off the southern network. Unless I'm wrong? There were also coloured patches to signify that a van had a safe fitted but that was not accessible from the inside.
  5. "Sociology and English Literature, Alexandra Staddon"? The pronunciation of my surname was slightly off, but otherwise it was fine. It's pronounced "stad - on". Not "stayed-on", "strad-on" or any other incorrect form (yes, I've been called something highly unfortunate that I'm sure some of you can guess).
  6. As I imagine you all know, I graduated last week. And (un)fortunately, that was captured on camera. Thanks, University of Brighton, you did something else right (wrong? ) Anyhow, I thought I'd share with you all my ten seconds of fame, here: Now to see if one of the 20+ jobs I've applied for finally pays dividends and that I haven't wasted £27k Thank you to everyone for your support these past three years, they were incredibly challenging but I made it! - Alex
  7. Can we add to this the potential for, and operations of, Balloon stock into St Leonards and Hastings? Bo Peep tunnel was built by the SER and had a reduced clearance until 1906 upon its rebuilding, but I've always imagined the Brighton would have some Pullman access to Hastings on its peak time trains? (I need to check timetables again). This would indicate to me that clerestory Pullmans would be cleared for the tunnel (which measures, after its 1950 rebuilding, around 13'1" tall - very tight for clearance but not impossible). Balloon stock might also have been used with these services and we know they were used on push-pull workings between Hastings, st Leonards and Eastbourne. So I suppose I'm adding to Sem's question of identifying coach sets to identify Balloon workings into Hastings - such as this photo circa 1910. Thank you everyone! - Alex
  8. I was enjoying it until I noticed I was the only one who seemed to be sweating. I've noticed this about other women, especially my age - they look perpetually pretty and don't perspire. It's weird. still, I was grateful I didn't wear makeup today - seeing my face in a pool on the floor isn't quite the entertainment I wanted!
  9. I have the same issue. I've been interested in a lot of CooperCraft's kits over the years but their reputation has always put me off handing any money over.
  10. During WWI the GER T26/ LNER E4 used to work down to Hastings (or so I've read, I can't quite recall where now) and so presumably may have continued into the Southern era with light cross-country goods or passenger services? Just as a possibility. I'm afraid my inter-company loco working is limited to the southeast and coastal towns, so I'm not much help here. I've a feeling Brighton may have, on ocassion, seen LMS locomotives bringing the Sunny South down, though I'm sure that's probably incorrect. Good luck finding any workings, though! - Alex
  11. It feel so strange to be graduating in a little under a fortnight. Where did the last three years go? Where will the next five take me? 

    1. MarshLane


      As one who graduated as a Bachelor of Science 18 years ago, I am asking the same question, but based on where did the time go since I graduated!  Just make the most of it, enjoy it and make sure you work to live, not the other way round.  Congratulations on your graduation!

  12. Edit: I was reading the thread and must've accidentally leaned on my keyboard, I hadn't meant to post a reply! But nevertheless, awe-inspiring and definitely aspiration.
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