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  1. Paint shades are always a problem, especially so far down the line from when they were used. I would tend to go with locomotive green as well. Multiple Unit green was a slightly lighter shade and the earlier MU green lighter still. The Southern Region had their own shade of MU green too. Looking at photographs and I know that is a minefield in itself, seems to indicate a darker green. One photo I have has a Met-Cam dmu in the background, which does look a lighter shade. The preserved one also seems quite a dark green. Perhaps they know something? I still tend to use en
  2. Thanks for the replies. Thanks to Philsandy for the drawing showing the underframe gubbins. The Barrowmore drawings often don't show this detail. Thanks for the link to your build. I have read this with great interest and just shows there's more than one way to tackle a problem. Your build looks excellent by the way. Hope mine ends up looking as good. What shade of green paint did you use?
  3. Hi everyone, after a bit more help and advice please. This time its the Class 504 Bury units. I have acquired some DC Kits cabs and grafted them onto some Replica Railways suburban stock. I intend to turn these units out in original green livery. So, does anyone know what green was used? It looks like standard loco green to me? Anyone have a good idea of the under gubbins? I've been trawling through photographs but as always, you can't seem to see all of it. I have modified the cab windows and destination box and I think I'm about there. What does everyone else think? D
  4. I would certainly be interested in an 4mm scale L&B Lartigue monorail please.
  5. Any news on the LMS Drewry 7050 kit yet? Looking forward to building it when available.
  6. All the best Rod, been missing your posts, but am looking forward to future progress. Stick at it!
  7. KR Models are open to suggestions and in fact I suggested a Class 84, 82 and 83 to them. They did reply saying I wasn't the first to do so and that there had been interest in these ac loco's. So, if you want one, suggest it to them and who knows? In the meantime, I'll look forward to my possibly earlier than thought delivery of an original condition Heljan AL6!
  8. I would have thought a Class 81 would have been on the cards. This is traditionally Hornby's territory and they do seem to have gone round re-tooling previous offerings (i.e. Class 08, 31, 87, 91). The 81's were also more numerous lasted longer than some of the other types. There are a few new players in the manufacturing field that might take on some of these projects that the bigger boys won't. Personally, I would like to see a Class 84 first. As for emu's, it's always the cost 3 or 4 car units. Would people pay it? As a long time commuter on Class 310's, they were on
  9. A bit of an update on my Class 303 build. It is slowly coming to completion with the BDTSO now complete. The other cars are still being wired up. All cars feature flicker free internal lighting and interior detail. The DTS's have working illuminated headcodes, destinations a tail lights controlled by dcc. Below is a photo of the BDTSO, hope you like it.
  10. They look great NorthenElectric91! Couple of questions if I could. Whose contact wires do you use and how do you fix them? Being 3D prints, are they robust enough for the pantograph to actually touch the contact wire?
  11. The OHLE is fairly easy around Stafford. Four track portal gantries on the TV line and north with a bit of single posts from Stone. However, come and have a look around Coventry, Birmingham and Rugby etc. As I say, on some sections every post seems to be different!
  12. Ah yes, I was going to use the High Level replacement motor and gearbox, same as I have done on my Bristol Railbus. I was on about using the plastic chassis part as the moulded detail isn't quite as 'chunky' as the MTK white metal sides. I just wasn't sure if this is possible and if anyone had tried it before I spent money on getting some Hornby chassis.
  13. I have searched RMWeb for information on the 2 car Class 140 dmu, the last of the railbus prototypes. I have an old MTK kit of this unit and wondered, before I start, if anyone had built one and might be able to offer any hints or tips. The body looks fairly reasonable, but the underframe looks a bit 'chunky'. Would a Hornby Class 142 Pacer be a better chassis? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Its been a while since I posted about my Class 303, but it is still progressing slowly. The chassis just need a bit of varnish and wiring up. The bodies are just about finished externally. The interiors are next on the list along with fitting the working lights. Below is a photo of the two driving cars on my workbench.
  15. The idea of a Cameo silhouette cutter is a good idea. Not just for rolling stock, but buildings etc. as well. Certainly the main body and roof of most multiple units and carriages can be built up this way. But there is still the problem of the cab. They never look particularly convincing and the 'face' of the unit is probably the most important feature. So for my money, I'd still investigate having a CAD design drawn up and have it 3D printed. Just the cab front, up to the drivers door. I have done this with a Wickham Class 109 and am very pleased with the result. The same could be
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