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  1. That is all brilliant news JCL. Your solution to the motor and chassis issue seems a good one. Personally, I prefer to have a separate motor/chassis assembly that screws in under the body. Looking forward to seeing your first print of the Universal.
  2. Hi Ian, many thanks for that. Useful pictures re livery etc. Pity there's no drawings though. I just wanted to check door heights and underframe strengthening as some seem to think they're slightly out. Thanks again Steve
  3. Thanks for that ISW, I am aware of that thread. Unfortunately I can't see any reference to any drawings, which is what I'm really after.
  4. Looking for some help on the Class 323's. I have just bought one of those 3D printed versions as advertised on eBay. The print looks quite good, but as always, I like to have a drawing of what I'm building. So, does anyone have a drawing of a 323 unit I could have a copy of please? Any information on the corridor end details would also be appreciated, such as what written info is there, restriction codes, TOPS info etc. Many thanks
  5. They look great NorthernElectric 91! I too welcome the interest in ac electrics, but my period is a little older. Perhaps Heljan might consider Classes 82, 83 and 84? The 82 would probably be the most commercially viable with the number of liveries they carried, but I would quite like an 84. Proper OHLE is a minefield. Round by me (WCML Coventry and Trent Valley), every post seems different.
  6. Yes, I would agree. Two completely different cars running on one obscure line, not a great recipe for a mass produced RTR model. There might be some limited mileage in the one that became Test Car Iris. This is where niche kit makers, such as DC Kits and their version are so valuable to us. Pity they seem to out of stock.
  7. How about the Derby Lightweights that were used on the Banbury Merton Street to Buckingham line? DC Kits did do a kit a while back, but that's not really RTR.
  8. Thanks for that Michael. I'm getting mixed up with the Class 12, 15211 etc. They are similar, but have BFB wheels. I always thought the larger wheels were for improved clearance from the 3rd rail!
  9. Thats good news about the SR shunters, look forward to one of those in due course. Are these similar to the LNER 15000 shunters, apart from the wheels?
  10. The Heljan 47 bogie is driven by the centrally mounted can motor, whereas the the Hornby Railroad 31 has the motor built in. Going to a compromise either way, but I think I'd use the 31.
  11. Thanks for that. It does look like the newer bogie of a Railroad Class 31. I wonder how easy they are to re-wheel?
  12. All sounds good! Just a query over the bogie hou are using. I think you mentioned it was a Hornby Class 31 bogie? Is this of the later type from the Railroad range?
  13. Great news Michael, something to look forward to!
  14. So that's seven for a LMS 7050 kit so far, more than halfway! Hope we get a few more.
  15. Yes, I would too please. My Irish layout is CIÉ based, so not quite the right motive power. Maybe later.
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