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  1. A Jubilee class draws in to West Park with an all stations stopper from Wellington.
  2. That's another service I can add on to the timetable in that case!
  3. Really great resource thanks, Melangoose. Nice hourly (ish) service to Wolverhampton, which at West Park will likely be in the hands of Class 121 / 122 railcar or a 14xx and auto coach. Some other interesting services on there provide inspiration. Maybe I've not read the timetable correctly, but was there really a Stourbridge Junction to Cardiff General service? Need to find some pictures of motive power etc. I'm assuming this was a through service from London, but maybe not.
  4. I finally got round to starting the canopy roof a few days ago. It might look a little untidy on top, by there will be some pitch planking on the roof apex, which you can see I've started on the very last set of trusses. Looks so much better the way the light streams through now really starting to add to the scene. The only downside of using the Dapol canopy trusses as the base is that they have started to bend in places. You can't really notice is, but if I was to undertake this exercise again I'd get the trusses laser cut in MDF. Much more ridged and sturdy. I will fit glazi
  5. Kind words - I can't take all the credit for the weathering though. Lots of the stock has been weathered by TMC. I'm still learning the dark arts in that respect. I've enjoyed doing the grass work, although I've noticed that the grass strands can look a little shiny in the wrong light. I'm wondering whether some weather powders might do the trick blown over the top to dampen things down a little!?
  6. Being space restricted I didn't want to try and squeeze in a station throat making look unrealistic. I also wanted to get the illusion of a bigger station than the modelled reality by filling the entire board with platform, but running shorter formation trains (max of 3 coaches). It kinda works combined with the run down back story where the station is only really used for local stopping and semi fast services (with a bit of imagination). One day I'd love the space for prototypically running. I've spent a fair bit of time on that Queen Street thread - looks great and super keen
  7. I had enough trouble learning how to build C&L points for my simple West Park track plan - the thought of all those double and single slips makes me (and my wallet) very nervous.
  8. Sounds like you dodged a "bullet" there. It's nice that they've worked with the original Low Level station architecture to create the new development. One day I'll hopefully have the space to start work on a replica version, but until then West Park will have to do.
  9. I continued work on the rarely used warehouse siding / headshunt this evening. I like doing tiny patches of grass at a time as it creates a really muddled effect, which I think looks more like the real thing. Still got a bit of blending-in to do.
  10. Thanks Melangoose. Spent a lovely couple of hours on your thread the other week. A super little layout you’ve got yourself there. Just the wrong era unfortunately Thanks for posting the aerial shot of Low Level. Really helpful in sorting out some of the architecture on the roof. Hope your son’s getting on ok at uni. There’s been some bleak stories regarding university lockdowns...
  11. A few more shots of yesterdays running session... Another shot of the Bridgenorth service with the TPO stored in the centre road. A 64xx prepares to shunt the TPO stock into Platform 2 ready for departure whilst the all stations stopper from Chester enters Platform 1.
  12. A class 121 waits to depart with the 12.52pm local to Old Hill. In the centre road the Paddington TPO short formation set are stored ready for departure later that evening. The set would combine at Snow Hill.
  13. Super. Thanks, Dan. I’ll have loads of fun looking through this and related photos!
  14. Finally got round to playing trains after a big tidy up. It’s helped me find my modelling mojo again and after months of inactivity I’ve started to crack on with the retaining walls and station canopy (post this video). As you’ll see on the video, although I’ve got the basic MDF shells for the warehouse above the bridge, I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to finish the design. Any photos of GWR warehouses or Birmingham area warehouses would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi Dan, the retaining walls are laser cut from 2mm MDF by the lovely folks at York Model Making. I sent them a scale drawing of what I was after and they turned up on the post 2 weeks later. I thought getting them laser cut in MDF would be much sharper than me whittling away at some plasticard.
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