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  1. Michael - i love your track plan and viaduct / arches junction. I guess this kind of track plan demonstrates the joy of building n-gauge in a comparatively tight space. Very much looking forward to seeing how this layout progresses. Cheers, Nick
  2. The class 121 en route to Bridgenorth is waiting for a clear road out of West Park. Unfortunately the passengers might be waiting a while as there appears to be an obstruction on the line holding up the retaining wall!
  3. The warehouse bridge abutments are coming along. A black 5 departs platform 1 with an all stations stopper to Chester.
  4. That water lapping round the harbour wall looks super realistic. What's your secret??? There's no water on West Park, but i've always wanted to create a harbour scene on day.
  5. Mark, that's amazing! Where on earth did you find such a resource? From a quick scan it looks like the glazing is compensated with a corrugated material (RPM?)? There's also a note about an aluminium finish on the underside. Incredibly useful.
  6. It's just a brilliant representation. Seeing it at Derby a couple of years ago was also almost enough for me to switch to modelling the BR early blue period. The stock used shows such a wonderful array for multiple units.
  7. The bank holiday seemed to pass by so swiftly without me so much as touching a pot of glue! The final choice for fixing the plasticard to the MDF was spray mount, which seems to set with such a strong and even bond. I also used a bit of superglue around the edges just to stop them peeling off and to help with the setting process. So much of this still to do.
  8. I’be got some of that stuff knocking around. I’ll add it to the experiment
  9. I suspect it’s going to be a while before those bits of MDF bear any fruit! i did get round to doing some MDF plasticard glue tests. The winners so far are spray mount and butanone, which both seem to work well and offer a strong bond.
  10. Cheers G. A very sensible answer. Corrugated iron cladding I think would be befitting of West Park’s run down status. Especially with a bit of rust showing through.
  11. Thanks Tony, it appears my initial suspicions ring true. Corrugated iron it is and thanks for the help. I haven’t used the run around for two reasons... Firstly, the crossover at the far end has only just become operational after some serious remedial work required due to some shoddy point construction. Secondly, the station mostly operates with a pilot engine as the majority of services are semi fast or long distance stoppers in the hands of 4-6-0s and so have to be turned anyway so would just follow the pilot and ECS out of the platform. Also, I thought given restrictions on the length of the layout it would give an air of more realistic operation for a terminus. I didn’t really have the space for crossovers in every platform. The one run round loop that exists will mostly be used for shunting the daily goods train to the warehouse sidings, although I haven’t totally figured out what that operation looks like yet.
  12. I thought the selection of vids was great! And it meant I spent a couple of hours reading the thread.
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