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  1. After researching some kits on the market for Goods sheds, which were either too expensive or not what I was looking for. I decided to just make it from scratch. I jumped in and started from a scale plan from the excellent Great Western Branch Line Termini by Paul Karau. It's basic dimensions are based on the shed at Ashburton, but it will not be an exact replica. Foam core & Slaters stone sheets are the basic materials, which work great and cost very little. Who says O gauge is expensive ? Here is the basic shape & how it will look at Windrush Junction.
  2. Slowly working away at a few layout projects. Latest rolling stock addition is an S&D Peat Wagon. Built from the Furness Railway resin kit, overall very happy with it. You can never have too many wagons
  3. Coal delivery for Windrush Jct shed. Great Western Pannier tank #7711 shunts a lone wagon next to the coaling stage, who wants to unload it ? Surely someone will come along ? What else is there to do on a sunny summer day in the country ? Isn't shoveling coal rewarding jolly fun ? Perhaps Arthur the stationmaster will lend a hand ? Nope, his back is playing up again. Funny, anytime there's physical labour to be done he starts moaning & hides in the office. Well guess I'd better get my back into it.
  4. Local lads Anthony & Billy watching BBR #1 Manning Wardle shunt the goods yard on a quiet summer day. Bill is asking across the way to signalman Frank Peacock if he can visit the box & pull a lever ? or perhaps a footplate ride
  5. Boxer Bay Railway Manning Wardle #1 & Terrier #3 at the loco shed, Colonel Stephens having a chat with the fireman Ernest. After shunting & making up the afternoon goods, she departs for the docks on my fictitious light railway set in 1930s Somerset, where it's always Summer
  6. A Manning Wardle shunts wagons into the goods yard at Windrush Junction, in deepest, quietest, remotest, least spoiled Somerset.
  7. It's been quite a while since I've posted an update on here. Some scenic work has taken place along with the village at Boxer Bay. A couple photos & a recent brief film.
  8. It's been awhile since I've posted anything on here. Scenic progress has been happening at Windrush Junction , so it's starting to resemble something like a station The brewery is also developing, with much work still to do. Also had a bit of time to do a short film, featuring the lovely Dapol 48xx which I couldn't resist. Hope everyone is well and keeping the trains rolling in these strange times. Felix
  9. Looks like a fun session. I especially like the shot featuring those vintage signals. Seeing these photos almost makes me wish I hadn't gone fine scale as I have a weakness for Dinky Toys. Cheers, Felix
  10. Wow what a cover, great shot. Over the years I've been slowly building up my collection of classic MRNs. The older magazines have more prototype info, scale plans and building articles etc... as there was less RTR stuff and a lot less advertisements. Also more people around that still had first hand knowledge of what we're modelling. Great stuff.
  11. Hi Colin, It's looking very good. I'm following this with interest as I'm considering the same kit for my light railway. I converted from OO a few years ago and started with a little RTR but I'm itching to build my own models now. Felix
  12. It's Christmas eve, and snow is beginning to fall. Under the watchful eye of Colonel Stephens himself, BBR # 3 "Josie" shunts the last few wagons into the goods sidings before retiring off to the shed at Windrush Junction. I wonder if that's Ivo's Bentley ? ;) From all the staff of the Boxer Bay Railway, wishing everyone following this story of my fictional model railway a Merry Christmas. May you spend quality time with the family, eat lots of good food, and maybe get a chance to run the occasional train Cheers ! Felix
  13. There's been a little progress with some details. I realized I needed to add a catch point to protect the goods yard, along with a ground signal. I've also cobbled together an end loading platform, in typical Col. Stephens fashion, salvaging some railings from a Peco HO turntable kit that was being tossed in the bin at one of our local swap meets. The area around Windrush Junction is now starting to take shape, more developments coming soon.
  14. Okay everyone, here's a really good one. I promise this is the last one - resistance is weakening Just need that winning Lotto ticket (Dear Father Christmas...........)
  15. Yea, too bad the quality of the filming didn't match the quality of the trains ! Although I'm building a "scale" railway I've often been tempted by the coarse scale offerings from ETS / ACE / WJ + etc.. + vintage pieces. I keep saying to myself maybe just 1 wagon, or 1 train, but I know what will follow Felix
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