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  1. That was one of the reasons I chose 7mm over OO. I was originally going to build a model of the S&D in OO, but found the smaller size lacking a certain "individuality" along with the usual lack of size / mass. The quality RTR available now certainly helps get trains up and running quicker, which in turn helps fuel motivation to put in more time. I also believe it allows one to be able to pick and choose a favorite loco kit to build (or scratch), rather then worrying about building every loco or wagon. Perhaps going for a more obscure prototype rather then building another Pannier Jinty etc... I've been eyeing a couple kits from the Agenoria range
  2. Great shot Bob - so much better without the HO track.
  3. Scenery is slowly but surely taking shape. I've been concentrating all efforts on Windrush Junction in hopes of getting at least one area of the railway presentable, even if there is still years of detailing, weathering etc... to do. Here is a preview of a new scene taking shape, the overbridge East of the station. I've discovered that when building a model railway in O, you are far more likely to run out of time then things to do. It was definitely quicker to complete basic scenery on my TT layout, but not nearly as satisfying
  4. Thanks Bob, that is good news. I thought they might be okay on Peco track, but wasn't 100% sure as ACE train locos can't make it through the points. It would be nice if ETS produced a few more Australian steam locos Cheers, Felix
  5. Hi Bob, Nice shots, really like that ETS Class 30 loco. I had a question for you, as I'm not too familiar with track standards and ETS. My Dad is thinking of building a layout using some of the ETS locos, and I was trying to figure out if the ETS locos will run smoothly on the Peco code 124 bullhead track & turnouts ? It looks as if your ETS 30 is running on the Peco track, but how does she do on turnouts ? Thanks, Felix
  6. Hi All, Thought this might be of interest. I've discovered a treasure trove of colour films taken in the 60s by Ivor Harding. There is some really neat footage here that I wouldn't have thought existed. There is no sound and the quality varies a bit, but you don't come across footage like this everyday. There is a little French SNCF footage too A Steam enthusiasts paradise The description reads : Ivor Harding 1943-2016 Ivor spent most of his young and adult life filming railway locomotives using cine film and slides to record his amazing adventures. He travelled to many countries from the late 1950's witnessing and recording the ebbing days of steam railways in the most amazing locations in the world. His dedication in chasing his dream has left us with some very rare and wonderful images from mainline to mountain quarries. He amassed some 19,000+ slides and 90 hours of colour cine sound film recording during his travels. He asked to have his collection of railway images shared with as large an audience as possible. He left behind a fabulous legacy of this wonderful subject and of a truly amazing person.
  7. Bonjour Jack, Hope you are keeping cool in the record breaking heat. I remember when I was lucky to visit France it was during the 2003 heat wave. Any progress on the Iowa Central ? I like the Grain elevator. Felix
  8. You mean this one ? Funny I just posted a few photos of Frank's O scale railway in Cyprus from the Model Railway News Oct 1964 on my blog yesterday, life coincidences ! As you said, I'd love to know just where these models are today, hope they've been saved and a good home. Felix
  9. Interesting project Martin, I'll be following along to see the result. I'm now thinking about doing a similar coach for the BBR, probably using the San Juan sides as a starting point.
  10. Good day everyone, Thanks Guys. I know it has been a long time since I've posted any progress on the layout, not since the re-design of the forum ! Life keeps getting in the way. A few months ago my Father tore his hip flexor muscle, and needed constant assistance for about 6 weeks, luckily he is now mostly back to normal. Work has also been busy, plus a trip South to California to attend our O scale National show, which I would estimate to be about 20% the size of Telford !! (I last visited in '04) O scale (2 rail) seems to be on it's last legs over here in N. America . Despite all this and a harsh Winter, I have made some progress, just not too much to show in photos. I decided since the space was available, to extend the goods sidings at Windrush Junction, I think it helps spread things out a bit and to not seem too compressed. I've also paved the road level crossing, and been ballasting through the station. My work calms down a bit during the Summer, so there should be a bit more to see in a couple months. I'm trying to focus my attention on this part of the layout to get a basic level of scenery, then turn to Boxer Bay and begin the dockside, which I am looking forward to, as ships and all things maritime is another one of my interests. All for now.
  11. With the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, I've been finding more time to relax at my workbench with a nice cup of tea, and a fun project. This one was very enjoyable, the signal box located at Windrush Junction. The kit was made by Lcut. The kit went together very easy and everything fit well. I did add a Skytrex interior kit. While adding the interior, I made the decision to add interior LED lighting too, as I thought it would show up well. I don't plan on operating my railway too much in the dark, but it will be nice to switch the interior lights on once and awhile in dim room lighting, adding a bit of atmosphere to the scene. Fun to photograph. The other modification made from the kit was changing the position of the stairs. It was going to eat up too much space by having the stairs go straight. So I added a few pieces and now have them coming down the side of the building, more pleasing to my eye too. Overall I'm very happy how this particular scene is developing. I try to picture the entire layout as a series of specific scenes, all linked together to paint a portrait of a small railway in 1920s-30s Somerset. A long long way to go !
  12. Well today is a special day for the BBR, as we had a visit from Colonel Stephens. Inspecting the progress so far, he is contended. I finally got around to painting the excellent figure by Andrew Stadden, my first attempt at painting a figure. The Colonel was presented with a special Birthday cake marking his 150th, may his life story continue to inspire many model railways into the future !
  13. Thanks everyone. This is my first real attempt at building a layout apart from a mini 3'x6' TT layout in my younger days. So it proves if I can do it, anyone can build an o scale layout in a relatively small space. I'm thoroughly enjoying the freedom of a fictitious light railway, in the larger scale. Looking around at prices these days, it seems 7mm isn't anymore expensive then the smaller gauges, if you are happy to have a little less quantity. Next up I'm working on is the signal box for Windrush Junction, along with an unpaved road crossing. Trying to figure out positioning of the level crossing gates. Track ballasting is also progressing foot by foot, slowly getting rid of the pink foam color Hoorah !
  14. Bonjour Jack, Just found your layout on here and wanted to say very nice and inspirational. I've enjoyed reading through this story of the Iowa Central. You've inspired me to think about building a small micro O layout about 14' x 2' based somewhere in Canada in the 70's, perhaps a Lumber Co. I'm already building a 7mm English railway 9'x14', but after seeing what you've been able to do in a small space, I think perhaps a small second project might be possible. Can't beat O scale for atmosphere and the feeling of real railroading ! Felix
  15. Full of atmosphere, looking really nice. Always tricky getting the lights to be just right, not too dark, not too bright. I particularly like the staircase leading from the coaling stage, and the light outside the entryway.
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