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  1. We are pleased to reveal the first decorated sample shots of our exclusive Bachmann McIntosh 812 Class Locomotives. Pre-ordering is highly recommended to secure yours as the order book is filling up fast. CLICK HERE Please note: These are first decorated samples and not final production models. Various amendments and alterations will be implemented on final production models. As with many ongoing projects throughout the industry, Covid-19 has caused and is continuing to cause delays. As a result the
  2. We are pleased to announce that the DCC Ready versions of both 'Boxhill' and 'Brighton' Gold Medal A1 Stroudley Improved Engine Green Terriers have arrived in stock and available to purchase now! CLICK HERE DCC Fitted and sound versions will follow on shortly. A big thanks to everyone who pre-ordered, we hope you feel they have been worth the wait!
  3. It's time to connect with the next generation of DCC Decoders. Rails Connect DCC Decoders, Crafted by DCCconcepts, IN STOCK NOW! VIEW HERE We are pleased to announce a new range of DCC decoders are now available to purchase exclusively from Rails. These high specification decoders include features such as: Featuring: •Fully self-adjusting back-EMF for consistend performance •Support for coreless motors with a single CV change •Brown-out protection for silky-smooth motor operation (like having a built-in stay-aliv
  4. We are pleased to announce that the DCC Ready Southern Green "Fishbourne" A1X Stroudley Terrier No.9 has arrived in stock and available to purchase now! This latest arrival follows other recent arrivals which include the SECR Green, BR (ex Isle of Wight), Southern, the WCPR and the GWR version. All other remaining versions are hot on the heels and expected soon. Pre-ordering is highly recommended as some have limited allocations remaining. ----------------------- DCC Fitted / DCC Sound Version UPDATE We know many are eager to get their hands on the
  5. Yes fingers crossed the LNER samples should be here next month. Thanks Oliver
  6. Hi, All being well we should see some livery samples next month. I think it is fair to say that COVID will have impacted the delivery date slightly. We are enquiring at the moment so see what kind of delays this may have caused. I will advise once I have an update. Thanks Oliver
  7. Sonic Models have shared with us two production samples of their forthcoming N Gauge Class 56xx Tank Locomotives! Production is well underway and the models are expected soon. Further delivery updates to follow shortly. With a limited production run of each variant, pre-ordering is highly recommended to secure yours! Order here
  8. We have a small allocation of our triple packs that were held as reserved stock which we can now offer for sale! This is the last stock available and it is literally a handful of each version. Don't delay, order today before its too late. CLICK HERE
  9. Hi Roy, Far from it. We have less than 20% remaining. We simply thought they would look great with a weathered finish so had a handful custom finished.
  10. Thanks to everyone for their input and observations. I can acknowledge that each issue has been noted. This was of course one of the reasons we publicised and indeed the purpose of the samples themselves. Many of the issues had already been noted, however for reassurance I would just like to clarify the following; The SR Olive Green is incorrect but will be corrected in the final model. On the SECR, the bright red will be more of a darker red when produced. The crest quality will also be improved. The BR handrails will be black. White lining will be on the
  11. Hi, Correct, again this has already been identified and will be included on the final production models
  12. We have fewer than 10 sets remaining of the last BLA pack. https://railsofsheffield.com/products/38628/cavalex-models-bla-oo-pack-c-oo-gauge-set-of-3-railfreight-bla-bogie-steel-wagons
  13. Hi Jack, There is a slight delay in obtaining the sound fitted models. We have currently therefore removed the listing from our site so that we do not continue to take orders for them. This is why the link you have will not work. We are aiming to fulfil all outstanding sound fitted orders as soon as possible. I apologise for the delay. Thanks Oliver
  14. We are pleased to announce that two of our new exclusive Rails / Dapol Terrier locomotives have arrived! 4S-010-008 Stroudley Terrier A1X Class WC & PR Lined Green 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive No.4 (DCC Ready) 4S-010-010 Stroudley Terrier A1X Class GWR Green 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive No.6 (DCC Ready) DCC Fitted and DCC sound fitted versions will follow shortly. All other remaining versions are hot on the heels and expected soon. Pre-ordering is highly recommended as some have limited allocations remaining. https://railsofsheffield.com/news/articles/3535-new
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