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  1. Thank you for the fast answers. So it was as simple as put the decoder in backward and change the direction CV. Glad I asked here first. Mike
  2. I have a Hornby class 50 which came from eBay and started life as 50018 Resolution. When run on analog power it runs normally and the lights are fine. When I remove the blanking pcb and install a dcc decoder it shorts out the whole system. I have tried a few different Zimo and Lenz decoders, including three that work fine in their normal locomotives, so I'm pretty sure the issue is in the locomotive itself. Does anyone have any suggestions for where to look first, or know of anything that is connected under dcc but not analogue? This one has me scratching my head and sending it to Hornby isn't an easy option as I live in the USA. Many thanks Mike
  3. 50011 is cleaning the floor quite nicely a couple of minutes into this.
  4. I recently got both the Legomanbiffo (ESU) and the Digitrains (Zimo) projects, both have the option to switch on the hoover sound and both sound great to my ears.
  5. Thank you. I'm able to turn the centre wheels about 45 degrees. I have found that if I line everything carefully I can push the cranks onto the axles and the loco will run nicely until one of them pops out again. It has decent pulling power too. Is it worth trying a quick fix with cyanoacrylate or will that simply stop everything? If so any other suggestions? Thanks again Mike
  6. PoshPaws

    Dapol 'Western'

    Don't do that to me... lol.
  7. I would stretch the budget if you can. I use an Eclipse SBS and really love it. It's been worth every penny.
  8. I've found that Tamiya acrylic thinner, which is easily available here in the USA and, I believe, almost anywhere works really well with Railmatch acrylics, 80% paint 20% thinner is about right on average, but like Tractor_37260 said above different colours sometimes benefit from adjusting this. It's easy to import the paint - Gaugemaster among others will happily ship it - but the thinners has an ingredient that puts it on the naughty list,
  9. PoshPaws

    Dapol 'Western'

    Ah, already have 2, but if I'm not the winning bidder on an AEM-7 on eBay ithen Trooper will join the layout too. Wonder how a big Scottie would look under that nameplate. Just joking, put away those pitchforks.
  10. PoshPaws

    Dapol 'Western'

    This is where an amusing situation started. Musicians call it GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome. The first Western (Ruler) started a flood. It was so good I hed to check out Dapol's class 22. Also marvellous, but they ran a lot in pairs. Now it's beginning to look a little like the Western Region, but really can't have a Western and baby Warships without other Hydraulics. Enter One of Heljan's finest models to date. What colour would I like my Hymek? Oh, they double head too - one blue one GFYP, hard to justify GSYP... for now. just about to leave with said Hymeks and a little centre cab green thing catches my eye, not really part of my plans but I'd always wanted a class 14... ho hum. Resistance was again futile over the weekend - Rails' £89.50 was too good to miss so 2 more Westerns are on the way (soon to become Thunderer and Driud). Even more realism. Add this to the class 50s that overcame my reaistance and a few early named 47s and all I still need for truely Realistic Highland Main Line operations is an NBL Warship and Kernow's D600. Perfect for a mid - late 80s model of Carrbridge, in a basement in Ohio. Undisciplined, I know, but it makes a great change to the colorful ScotRail class 47s and type 2s that normally ply their trade.
  11. PoshPaws

    Dapol 'Western'

    Just saw those prices in time (they're down to their last few blue ones). I already had a Kernow weathered one but definitely need two more for realistic operations at Carrbridge, right?
  12. Hi Paul I'm pretty new here. Where do I find your project please?
  13. I've asked a few with no luck... heading toward DC Kits right now. I had kind of missed them because I've always preferred Zimo decoders, especially with sound, but if they include the hoover sound It's time to try it.
  14. 50011 is vacuuming the floor nicely in the second pard of this youtube clip. Not sound project quality but gives an idea and shows how different they sounded although the basic sound was the same. https://youtu.be/lJHzimpr_zQ
  15. Has anyone else had this issue and were you able to fix it? We 'won' a Hornby 08 on eBay, which we received, oiled lightly and ran in, slowish, for about 1hr in each direction. After this I fitted a dcc decoder (Zimo MX622R) programmed and put the loco on another slow continuous test while we went away to make coffee. When we returned the loco was at a standstill and making a buzzing sound. It looked like either the middle cranks or the whole middle wheelset had shifted relative to the other axles, with the split connector rods on both sides at an angle to each other. I tried rotating the centre wheelset, which first seemd to be working, but caused the outer cranks to disconnect from their axles, both on one side and one on the other side. They will easily push back into place but are loose and soon fall out again. The middle axle is still connected to the under-cab axle on one side and has about 45 degrees of play. My question is whether anyone has repaired this issue before and if so how difficult was it and do you have any guidelines / suggestions. Thank you very much in advance Mike
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