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  1. Every days a school day. I had always been lead (including by a letter to a magazine from a former MMB manager) that top filling just created too much froth (like some threads on here do!)
  2. No. Milk tanks were filled from the bottom pipes.
  3. I think you mean one of these from Micro Mark https://www.micromark.com/5-16-Inch-Corner-Punch but they are a bit expensive
  4. There seems to be some confusion here. In the picture of Vauxhall - you can see the steam cleaning lance; for use immediately after emptying the tank, milk sours rapidly. The outsides of the tankers were not washed, as a look at a few pictures of Brian's memories will confirm.
  5. You can see the steam lance used for cleaning the tanks out sticking out of the tank top access hole.
  6. I think the shots of the local DMU leaving the station and even more so the Peak hauled express passing through manage to capture that elusive, but all important,sense of Time & Place as well, if not better than any model layout pictures I have ever seen.
  7. DAWLish KEY HAM DockYARD You may have a dock too, if you live on a boat...in which case you will also have a HULL
  8. At first glance the plan reminded me not so much of Saltash, but the next station down the line, St Germans. As show in this link to the NLS website St Germans
  9. It looks like it is based on Kernick on the Parkandillack branch
  10. Thanks for the notification - I was aware of the event but it had kinda slipped my memory.
  11. 16T minerals on the main line - yes. Only the other day I found a picture online of a St Bz > Truro freight at Par. Class 45 three 16T and a brake van - ideal small train! MGR hoppers no.
  12. Agreed, Is that not what Forums are for? To ask questions and hopefully receive a suitable reply. I am not sure Rails (or any other business) would be overly impressed if everybody with a trivial but nevertheless intriguing (if only to the asker) question rang them or emailed to find out an answer. There are only so many hours in a day and I bet they are quite busy carrying out their business as it is.
  13. They sure did, I have some of the stuff, stored in a cupboard for "later". Its probably about 3 or four years ago that I bought it,
  14. Do C&L no longer make concrete sleeper flexi track in OO?
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