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  1. I have joined the GOG three times over the years, but have never renewed a membership. The magazine is pretty good, the O Gauge enthusiasts I am acquainted with are mainly pretty OK... But... there is (or was) something about "the guild" that always seemed to suggest (perhaps only to me!!) that it was a bit of an "old boys club" where they let others in; maybe to share the costs.... someone back up the thread suggested they "liked Pacifics" and thats the feeling I got - The rest of the Railway was inconsequential as long as the engines were mainline ones, and big ones at that. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but its not what I like.
  2. I am watching this so far quietly! Its a line I know, but not too well, so its most interesting. Backalong about 15 years, when I couldn't be bothered with the car, I used to travel on the line occasionally to Barney, when on my way over to Bideford to see a young lady.. Said girl's dad had a burger van in a layby somewhere near Umberleigh ( i think) so maybe he was responsible for the ghost mentioned elsewhere in the thread
  3. I did once hear a good rumour that suggests just maybe sometimes manufacturers should send their rep round to check places out. Having Market Hall as part of one's address does not a market stall make. Otherwise I am all for a Wholesaler / Manufacturer keeping the level playing field.
  4. I may be wrong here, but was the original London Road built on kitchen worktops?
  5. I did not even realise there was still a bit of life in the old DOGA yet - one never stops learning I suppose they still have the rubber gauges, guaranteed to fit all eventualities? Sorry for the possibly cynical words, but, when a manufacturer of the worlds most used track in quite a few scales and gauges ( maybe, I dunno really) is suspected of making poor quality goods "cos some people cant make it work" I kinda suspect that it is those "some people" who are doing something wrong.
  6. If you are a member of the Society though, the purchase of any jigs does help their finances. Such things are also very useful. I was taught to file correctly by my Dad (who was a 7 year apprenticeship served surgical instrument maker, and could sharpen a blade on the side of a brick!) Although I must be very out of practice, I can still file, but I would still use a jig
  7. I think, at short notice, that I would want to do it in N gauge! Given the large disparity in traffic between the "mainline" and the "Barnsley branch" I would have the mainline as part of a typical roundy type layout with the Fiddle Yard/storage sidings to the rear. I would just run the "via Barnsley" trains into a couple of dead end sidings...
  8. I may be in a minority here, but I liked the 153s, there was a certain cosyness about them, and they certainly did their bit to make some of the branches work better. They also actually fitted the platforms on the Looe line, so "inadvertent passenger loss" was one less thing to worry about!
  9. I dont think they will be trading in a few months - They are winding down the business.
  10. I'm sorry but that is just not fair on Revolution Trains, in fact its more than "not fair" as PMP points out far more eloquently than I could above.
  11. All good stuff since my last visit here....I seem to look in on here whenever I have been to see my mate who lives down t'valley . I have now learnt that I passed through what appears to be a pinch style on my way back up the fields....I never knew thats what they were called! I dont know if limestone walls have what we refer to as phantom gates and dog holes, but either or both would be something a little different if more walls are needed... Phantom gates are where a possible gateway was included in the wall, but is currently blocked up with a bit more wall. Dog holes (not to be confused with Dove Holes :D) are the little gaps at the bottom of a wall between fields.....which fit a dog, but not a sheeep..... Though I believe they are really there to allow lambs to get to the fresh grass before their mothers do.....
  12. The ever useful Cornwall Railway Society site has a reasonable collection of picture of the place. http://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/pontsmill-branch.html It must be one of the least recorded locations on the whole Cornish Railway system, I used to live virtually next door, and I still dont know much more than nothing about it
  13. Oh jolly joys! This was one of my favourite layouts back in the day - Its so good to see it back
  14. Working as wonderful as ever here on Chrome. The current headline picture must have one of the very first Wessex branded class 150s if the date is correct!
  15. Mr Dapol tells me that those walls look about right height wise with the toppers on . Though I know our walls are a bit different to your limestone ones....
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