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  1. Totally O/T This thread just reminded me I really had to pay my Scalefour Society subs! So such things are always useful beyond the obvious subject
  2. I have had the misfortune to "converse" with one of the CW's mentioned. Let us just say that I am a better informed journalist than he is a railway man... Overall though back on topic, from my "outsider, looking in to what once was, and may be again" perspective this doesn't seem to be the worst idea about the future of the Railways I have ever heard.
  3. Crikey!

    We really have got the Mother of All Thunderstorms going off here at the moment...We even have "extra hail" " :O

    1. Alister_G


      Yep we had it about 2 hours ago, along with a powercut as an extra bonus...

    2. truffy


      Oooh a 1+1. What a bargain!

  4. So this is a good reason to go to Meadowhall for any lunchtime shopping trips I may "need" to take??
  5. LBRJ

    New kid in town…

    Crikey! Think about what and how you write to not be quite so aggressive sounding ffs!
  6. LBRJ

    New kid in town…

    Truly a Tractorlicious Treat!!
  7. EMR in Sheffield still have (or had) a couple.
  8. I would like to agree a lot more, but, for reasons, the powers that be one day decided they did not like us having PNB at any of our terminii.... so we kind of had to make do and mend One really good one they couldn't stop was way down at Penzance, there was a great chippy just round the corner, and also one at the top of the hill
  9. I had to work down at St Ives once for a two week stint in July, just before the school hols started.... It was just too much for me to have to look at that view all day everyday
  10. Liskeard by a long way, in the Railway sense - Its not ever gonna win cute n pretty awards! Of course, I mean the terminus of the Looe line, not the stuff on the mainline
  11. TL,DR The branches of the L&Y line from Huddersfield to Penistone were not really branches in the true sense They were more like a mini suburban network centred on Huddersfield. Any goods traffic would be pathed between passenger trains.
  12. A very poor Anyrail sketch of Trerice Done in Peco OO so its not got a whole lot of subtlety about it!
  13. There is a lovely OO gauge layout on another well known forum that is based on the track layout of Ricey's Trerice
  14. Arnold Laver have quite a few branches spread out across the country, and they most certainly are "a proper timber merchant" - just a very big one. They do cut to size, and they mean to size, not like a Big Shed DIY store who will "lop a bit off"
  15. Thinking about it I suspect it is more like a "Looe thing" in that it is not so hard to get from Plymouth to each station, but to get from station to station is very trying. Interestingly (or not!) Bere Ferrers and Bere Alston are the only places that "we on wessex" served that I have never been to, other than when working their train service!
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