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  1. Nail varnish is good stuff for the purpose. I suggest using the clear variety though, not the fluorescent pink....
  2. I cannot imagine it is any other place than Long Rock. Long Rock on nls maps edit whoops! I see Keefer answered same as me while i spent far too long looking at the NLS site!!
  3. We used to get more than a few who had had a post work drink or 6 in Truro and then go home on the Falmouth line who would sortta say "We at Penryn yet?" Yes Sir, we have actually just left there... "Oh Ill have to get off at Penmere then" *looks at you with "it ok innit"eyes * We are now going back to Truro, Sir....enjoy your sleep courtesy of Wessex Trains
  4. St Bz was a lot nearer to my house than Par station was ..... Although I was sort of meant to be there, I was sort of not meant to be there at the same time Edit! That reminds me that if a certain "well known poster on RMweb" was about, one used to skip very lightly across the yard on the way out
  5. That is the problem with passengers on trains.... I have been on plenty of empty trains in service, but fortunately very rarely seen one in the sidings with passengers still on board... IF that did happen (and it did!) you knew there would be "Please Explain" letter headed you way very soon....
  6. The points in the plan are Peco BH ones, so they are about a B6! The curves are also as gentle as I could make them and not be "trainset" ( so about 48" min) The plan could be made a lot smother, I did it while having a cuppa, but I suspect you wouldn't like the curves to be too much on the sharp side.... Main reason i did it was to show It could fit the space you have and still look "curvey"
  7. I took the liberty of seeing if the plan would fit the space. It seems to be possible. Excuse the rather rough nature of the sketch. It has all the elements of your sketch, shoehorned into a space of 84" x 18" Plenty of room for a fiddle yard off to the RHS
  8. Do we need to hark back to times of such creative solutions in a hobby where everything is now given on a plate?
  9. Thick sleepers for me every time Its stronger It matches with PECO and C&L I have to hand Can show lightly ballasted track Real sleepers only seem to come in "thick" I'm capable of slipping some card shims under the miles of SMP thin that I have kicking about.
  10. I saw this thread and had a quick think.... Just for me, I suppose it must do; though I have never really thought about it. Any hobby or interest that one has maintained, even in many diverse ways, since before going off into the wide world of Infant school really has to have had some say in shaping how one thinks at the very least.
  11. This is very true.... It shows that reality beats theory every time!!
  12. Be easier to keep the buffer stop unit totally isolated from the "running line" - after all they are there as the last line of Stop.
  13. With the more exceptional photos I must admit I do like to see if there is / what it is that does give them away - In a nice way of course! Then I apply the "no glasses" test - so its all just that bit blurred etc Some of the pictures are still totally convincing even after my bit of self entertainment!
  14. *slaps self about face* to stop gob hanging open! That is probably possibly one of the most realistic model shots I have ever seen - Even the Bachmann chap looks the part! Make it a bit less focused and in B&W (for some reason that always looks more real to me) and it would be the best shot ever.....
  15. Crikey!! I was just a thinking how awesome one or two picture here really are, and then the one by Mr Jones in the post above appeared .
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