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  1. I am sure someone will have already mentioned it, but Retford Low Level was always a good place to inspect the coal the blew off a passing MGR train.... If you were really lucky you got to feel it, as well as see it!
  2. The kit is loosely based on a (very small) textile mill. They did have doors at each floor level.
  3. Hence the rather old line as regards a rather lost DMU passenger " But its got Rose Hill on the Blind...." "Its got grease on the buffers luv, but its not gonna Athens"
  4. All very nice and I am sure its a great thing for the hobby..... but How is one of these removing a barrier to entry? It as got to be as hard to put one of these together correctly as it is to make a ladder style subframe of 2x1" and screw a sheet of plywood to it and vastly more expensive.
  5. Splendid looking CDA there. I used to see them up-close and personal almost every day of the week, and to my untutored eye those renders appear to have very much captured the look of the real thing.
  6. I am not usually one to froth about things, or even get excited much. But The prospect of some CDAs to your standards has just made me quite pleased! That is "quite pleased" as in doing cartwheels around the room levels of pleased
  7. Lets just say something like "Enthusiasts" People who have an interest in small scale model railways - However that interest is shown. Seems to work for me as a simple but catch-all term for the use of this exercise.
  8. There are some pictures of Luxulyan station on this thread here Luxulyan station
  9. I know that. I must have read the question completely wrong though I thought it was referring to when the hoods were first used on the local clay flows. Ill read better or keep my fingers still next time
  10. The hoods were added to the UCV fleet in 1973/4 to keep the clay dry.
  11. It was the matter of intent that was the issue. Even if you deliberately drop half a Cornish hedge onto a passing train, it doesn't mean you intended to injure someone. Mind you back in the day kids at Holmes Crossing (near Rotherham) used to use fishing catapults to fire things to attempt to put the windows through on Units crawling past.....
  12. I know of an incident where some toe rag launched a large stone over a bridge, it did smash through the window and injured the driver. Despite wanting to charge him with attempted murder, the CPS advised that there would be no chance of him being found guilty. So he was charged with a lesser offence (cant recall what) and got 30 months inside. On a lighter note I have also been there when we hit a heron while we were doing "about 50" Down the branch alongside the river (which was actually going Up the branch, but some ex SR branches are weird ltike tha). To say it m
  13. The English language has a huge amount of words* - We suck them up from all over the place like some sort of giant word-hoover** It does seem that the more modern accepted term is often "train station" - but why not - it is a place where trains stop and allow one to board or alight. Maybe we should be more specific and refer to Passenger Stations and Goods Stations as our forefathers were wont to do? No I thought not.... *Lexicon **Other Vacuum driven cleanin devices are available.
  14. I don't think that too many people join any society just for the magazine, though such a publication certainly is of use. The best simple answer is that "Its more specific" - virtually everything within those pages should be of at least some interest to the reader. It supports the aims of the Society, which presumably, you as a member also support. The really arcane stuff would never be on a forum like this one.
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