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  1. For a second or two PMP's image came up on my monitor slightly out of focus.... That momentary "blurryness" made me think it really was real!
  2. Was just making totally sure that this show is being held next weekend....Wouldn't be unknown for me to make that sort of error! As its such a good show normally I thought Id bump it up the list a bit
  3. Pacers are only fitted with single glazed window units, unlike most modern trains.
  4. Nice to see Coombe Junction climbing up the list!! Though in reality it was never quite deserted. not to the degree as ticket sales would imply anyway - a lot* of people broke their journey there just cos they could do so. * we are talking relative numbers here, maybe a couple a week
  5. It seems a lot of money for doing something that I find a few old mushroom crates are more than useful for (and they are no less pretty!) Then agin I must be getting old, cos as a callow youth I worked at a Motor Engineers where snap-on was the only supplier of big red chests allowed (there is some crudity hinted at in there for those who like calendars :D)
  6. Good news that this layout is still going to be around at exhibitions...Ill double up a visit to the Roundhouse for the Derby show in my "things to do list"
  7. Did any or many small businesses actually have Telex machines? I have never seen one in real life. Fax machines were certainly getting popular in the later 80s / early 90s (posh firms hard hard copy fax that printed onto real paper, as opposed to reel paper!) but as has been said, they just had a normal phone number, with an extra 1 in there from 1994. Interestingly (or not) faxes are still used (think Football Transfer Deadline Day Signings) because a signature on a fax counts as a "real signature".
  8. My German Teacher (the man who taught let me mangle me the language, not his nationality ) still wore what looked suspiciously like one in the 1980s....
  9. I was more impressed that the terrier (west highland?) dog appears to have the correct black nose!
  10. But remember these were the days when the saying "better a third class ride than a first class walk" actually was a real list of options.
  11. As an actual investment - nope! But, I see all the (relatively few) things I buy as sort of investments - Small trains come out of the same general pocket money fund as beer and all those other things one wastes ££ on ; so, should I decide to sell some of my small collection of trains off, any possible return on what I spent is one up on the returns from a used gallon of cider!
  12. I see a welcome re release of their take on CDAs ( i know they are far from being perfect, but so am I ) Not with EWS branding though, which is not so bothersome but is a slight surprise.
  13. There is always the possibility that within Cornwall the need to keep the required level of Traction and Route familiarity for the drivers meant that all sorts of locomotives could, and did, turn up anywhere. Even as late as 2003, the 47 off the Postal had a run up to Goonbarrow in the early afternoon quite often.
  14. If The Colonel was still running his railways in the present I would find it fairly believable if he had not had some dealings with Viva Rail. The class 230/ D trains could be entering squadron service as we speak. Though I'm not sure he would have bothered with the refurb. maybe
  15. I am not sure how this thread has drifted onto the matter of DOO trains (which for anybody who has spent half an hour on non-commuter reading a book for ten minutes type trains is just beyond the realms of reason). Also I am a bit confused as to where all these disabled /wheelchair bound people that need to be catered for actually are? (ok, they are probably not anywhere near trains cos the access is crap ...) In quite a reasonably long experience of the on train environment, the number of people in wheelchairs was astonishingly small, and most of those that were present were fully au fait with how to go about boarding the train etc They were also very aware that there was a limited amount of spaces at the best of times. I am also, like most people aware of others needs; not all disabilities are immediately visible - and having spent the best part of six months on crutches I really am aware of this....."oh you just got a limp..." - No I cant walk, an Im not used to these tings either.
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