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  1. Hi, thanks for the tip. For my sanity why would I need Professional version? Have looked at the list of prices and nothing is leaping out at me when looking at the difference between the levels?
  2. Hi, I have a ECoS 50210 Command Station and around 50 points controlled by Switch Pilots which are programmed to the Command Station. All works fine. However, I find this is restrictive, having to swap views all the time and was wondering if there were a simple software based solution I could use to control the points in parallel with the Command Station. Something touch screen that would work on an iPad that could connect to the Command Station and thereby find the points and allow me to map them to a representation of the layout? Would be happy to pay for such a product if one existed.
  3. Paul, I know others have said this but think surgery will be the only answer. I take your point about the fact it should not be necessary but took the snippers and soldering iron to my pair late last week and they have been running around on 12 coach trains, engines blaring, over the weekend.... still got to get the headcodes working but think this will be simpler as Howes are helping me out on that one as they supplier the original LocSound chips.
  4. Hi, does it look the same as my problem above (Bulldog screaming to a stop in the video!) If it is the same problem as mine it should simply restart if the power is closed off to allow it to reset. Also. Are the lights flickering after it has stopped? On mine they will flicker (with supporting sound effect!) until the power is shut off..
  5. Luke, really appreciate the help here but pretty sure the track is sound: Everything else runs fine. It happens consistently only with the two D600's I have. Kernow, who are being very supportive and working to help, tell me it has happened elsewhere (obviously not a lot otherwise it would have come to notice earlier). We have been playing with CV53. With this I can extend the time it take to stop but not fix the problem. Theory is that it is something to do with the motor overloading by drawing too much power (there was a comment earlier about the motor bein
  6. 7013 - yes, used Kernow's CVs and they made all the initial problems (except no headcodes) go away. Allowed me to move onto the next one! Interesting comment about grabbing too much current above and earlier on the tread there was comment about the loco being power hunger. Maybe something in this (just about to go and play and see if I can narrow it down). Chap at Howes was surprised to see the video as he had everything working well on one he had..... fun and games.
  7. Yes, they seemed fine on DC although I cannot run then under load as only have rolling road for this setup.
  8. Yes, had exactly the same issue and got the same very quick and helpful response from Kernow. It made a huge difference, I have a pair of these locos so easy to rule out unique fault. All mine have been replicated on both locos. I do indeed have a pair of Howes (ESA) sound chips set up for the class 43. My expectation that this would simply work in the 41 were clear misguided! Howes have been working in parallel on establishing a working setup and have offered to re-programme both chips if I sent them in which I will over the weekend. Still do not have working headcodes which I assume wi
  9. Hi, I notice a lot of conversations on here regarding DCC chips and the Warships but not that seem to cover the problem I have (I may get to headcodes later!). I have a pair of Warships and, perhaps naively assumed I could drop a Howes 21 Pin ESU Loksound Decoder into each on the basis that is has the right number of pins and same engines etc. Notwithstanding that the headcodes do not work (as per comments above) both loco run extremely jerkily. They are fine in analog, track is clean, both do exactly the same thing. A comment earlier said: Dapol Imperium has 6 func
  10. I think there is one somewhere on this thread but apparently it was very short lived (and looked awful!).
  11. Indeed but with that version the front end the roof and buffer bean is either blue (nankin blue livery) or grey (blue and grey) so if you wanted a different livery on each side this would thwart the idea. The Bachman model in Nakin Blue had a fuller yellow end covering roof and buffer beam which I know was carried by a Nankin Blue set for a while. So in theory you could do it if you have a grey roof but only with the fuller yellow end.....
  12. if you left the full yellow end as per the Bachman model I guess you could but my understanding is that this was very short lived and almost certainly not by a blue / grey set. If you went for the smaller end then the cab roof and buffer beam would not work as would need to be either grey or nankin blue dependant on what version you were modelling. nice idea though.
  13. oh yes, forgot that bit.... I swapped the bogies on one end of the kitchen cars also so that they were correct!
  14. Or the bodies are relatively easily swapped. I bought a second unit (an expensive way to go but fixed the problem) and then dropped the Parlour Car bodies onto Kitchen underside. These then fit neatly between power car and Kitchen with all the underside gubbins where it should be on the new parlour car. I then removed the underside gubbins from the kitchen and there you have it. 8 car set in right formation and yes, the windows aren't quite right but still looks the business. Actually the lack of destination blind annoys me more but I'm sure that will be fixed at some stage. For an encor
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