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  1. I have seen others using clingfilm as a base for their coal load so the motor housing just pushes that up. I used the tender chassis from the C and cut a big enough hole to fit the motor through, with extra holes to attach the weight
  2. Yes the 4F is tender drive and the only real modifications are to remove the plastic from the middle of the running plate and add a little plasticard packing under the cab. Also a little bit of shaving around the splashers so the wheels fit. It'll need plenty of weight in the boiler too
  3. I'm very pleased with what I've achieved in such a short time and once finished it should look good next to my Q1. Those narrow tenders do make thinking of doing that conversion a bit more difficult, though loco drive is very possible
  4. So, what do you do if you fancy a Southern C class and don't want to shell out on Bachmann prices? You get yourself an Airfix LMS 4F and a GBL C class and start hacking! The C class comes apart eventually I accidentally sliced through the wires connecting the loco to the tender Eventually though, we get this. I'm experimenting with shortening the chasm between loco and tender so hopefully that will work
  5. Some black paint accidentally fell on the C class
  6. I expect I'll pop into the shop next week as it inevitably won't run
  7. I just used the weight from the 4F tender and cut into the GBL one to fit everything in
  8. Did you have to put plenty of weight in the boiler to weigh it down enough?
  9. Yes and no. Getting the cab end to sit at the right height is being a pain
  10. And after a few hours work you get this... Close enough in height
  11. After unscrewing, this is what you end up with
  12. Just a few screws and it all comes apart. Some of the screws are a bit tough to remove though
  13. You need a pair of slippers Anyway, dismantling of the GBL C class has begun!
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