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  1. "Are those new bogie wheels?" "Why, yes. Alan Gibson's to be exact." "Well la di flippin' da!" "Stop complaining, you're getting your lining..." "Hang on, has she lost your body fixing screw?" "It's just been misplaced. Don't you have somewhere to be?" "Not until she gets me a motor!"
  2. The platform and other edges are 2mm mounting card with the surface being 1mm card. The white parts are leftover 5mm foamboard and all held together with PVA glue, hope, and some unladylike language! Unfortunately the rear edge is 1mm too high. Measure twice, cut once, still cock it up
  3. It dips because the body wasn't actually attached at the time. The coal load was still drying out but I was impatient and wanted a couple of pictures
  4. Ooooooh, I nearly forgot. Some fun things for the layout arrived today The poster boards are deliberately a few years out of date as someone at BR forgot to send new ones to such a railway backwater!
  5. I have one of those too. I did cut some side windows for the cab but they're about as straight as I am!
  6. I have the Farish suburbans too, one of which has been turned into a push/pull driving coach with an MJT cab from an EPB filed and grafted on. Should probably get myself a couple of clerestories too
  7. I was thinking of some old Midland coaches and an LMS van for a hop pickers special. The WKR haven't been able to afford an H class and so have to make do with an elderly Q1 0-4-4 built by the SER. They did purchase a couple of R1s, one of which is currently being extended into an 0-6-2
  8. My effort in this category is probably the most mundane; an R1 extended into an 0-6-2
  9. Another quick update The triangular gap at the side was initially a cutting cock up but to cover this I plan to drop interchangeable rows of shops depending on the time period being operated
  10. I have been working on the layout, honest mister! Thankfully I had the foresight to buy the necessary equipment to continue on the baseboards and they now have some diagonal bracing on both boards I've also been working on the station platform and roadway. The idea is that the road gently slopes down to a level crossing just past the station which gives access to the goods yard I'm also going to future proof the layout just in case I ever have the space to make it a through station. There may be a little cheating later in life as I may occasionally use the layout as a pre
  11. Gold does look good, though I thought white would tie in better with the lining. I did just try to put in an order but the Fox website seems to believe that the expiry date on my card is invalid. I will be putting pipes and hooks on eventually
  12. Well the gloss spray hasn't ruined the paintwork! Next step is to order some transfers now I've been paid. I think white should stand out better on the black paint. I also need to put some pipework on the bufferbeams. Now, do I also go for cab handrails knowing that my drill work is decidedly shonky at best?
  13. Based on the rebuild of the Q, the imaginatively named Q1. I am quite tempted to backdate one of the many R1 bodies I have to an R, maybe with the cut down chimney for the Canterbury & Whitstable
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