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  1. Me again! Guess who stopped working for what seems like the millionth time? (I've told you a million times to not exaggerate!) Some bodgery and soldering later and she's back to running Now the eagle eyed among you may have spotted some pristine white plasticard attached... Progress on my layout has stalled for the moment due to size issues, so I thought I'd set up a second radius oval on the living room table. Except someone wouldn't go round it. Completely my fault in creating a trailing bogie that only worked in a straight line . The very helpful Pete McFarlane o
  2. Looking good so far. Very clever use of the old sink pipe
  3. The loco body is available on its own for only £15. I might be tempted come pay day
  4. This looks quite interesting, wonder what could be fitted under to power it...
  5. Very slowly. I wasn't happy with it being so wide so it'll be rebuilt to 12 inch width and fully covered with proper cork. Unfortunately that won't be happening until pay day
  6. 1076 sits in the afternoon sun in between turns with added handrails and cab doors. She's had a couple of coats of matt varnish to seal the transfers and is ready to go Now any Southern anorak worth their salt should immediately find the massive error I've made with the numbering... Southern locos were renumbered starting in 1931, all Q1s were withdrawn and scrapped in 1930 . However, as I'm modelling a line that was never built I think one can slip through to continue to run on the Weald of Kent line. We can imagine a suit in the area office can't visually tell the dif
  7. So, last night I decided the lining was slightly too thick and thinned it out. Then today, this happened... Its probably not quite perfect but I'm very happy with it I decided she deserved some outdoor shots on a piece of track!
  8. The Q1 now has its black boiler bands which have made all the difference. Next step transfers, which arrived a couple of days ago The difference between the locos is that the Q1's lining was done with an off white paint
  9. Now while I've mostly been happy with the lining on my locos, there's always room for improvement so I've been testing something else out This stuff was suggested on my own workbench thread and I decided to give it a go It comes in several different sizes from 0.5mm to 10mm. I'm finding that 0.8mm is pretty much perfect for lining. Its available in plenty of different colours too. Fiddly? Yes. Well worth trying out? Also yes
  10. Hi Pete, is there any chance you have a picture or two of the bogie on your gorgeous J class? Also how did you attach the bogie to the chassis? Thanks!
  11. That's a nice beefy looking loco. I put a Bachmann junior chassis under a Nellie Still need to finish her off as the Boughton Quarry works shunter
  12. Have you thought about putting something like a Bachmann junior chassis underneath it? It might look proportionally better as an 0-6-0
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