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    WCML during the 90s and AC electrics are my main passion.

    Swiss railways, especially through the mountains, are a bit of a sideline interest.

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  1. All the 87s look great. Very interesting to see the different types and your resprays all together. 87012 is an interesting addition, I never understood why it was in NSE colours for the Olympic bid but maybe I missed something obvious. Interesting loco all the same. Thanks for the updates and photos. I don't often post, but as a WCML fan I am always following your updates with interest. All the best, Dave
  2. Hi Graham, On some photos of the prototype I totally agree with you about the roof dome. But looking at other photos (like below) I'd say they've got it close to spot on. I am lacking the knowledge to say if this is also linked to the 319/0 or 319/1s, or the reworking that occurred in the late 90s? All the best, Dave
  3. A very good point. I see a lot of things announced that are on my 'wish list', but I am not going to give up on the hobby just because they come a year later. How ever the Thomas range may well do as you say and bring new interest. It was a Farish starter set (ok not Thomas but the same basic idea) as a young child ~20 years ago that got me hooked, rather than a rake of mk2Fs.
  4. Looking forward to that 319 Tom, thanks for sharing the photos and info from today. All the best, Dave
  5. If there is a way to reduce the yellow I'd also love to know. I never got to see a porterbrook loco in the flesh, but they definitely stand out and another very interesting livery from early privatization. Keep up the good work, all the best, Dave
  6. Looking forward to seeing this take shape, the track plan looks great and automation of a layout is something I've only ever 'half' managed so hoping I learn a few things from your experiences along the way. Keep up the good work, all the best, Dave
  7. Hi Ian, Great spot. I know that Duncan making similar observations and helpful comments has improved both my models and my modelling skills no end. Nice to see someone returning the favour. All the best, Dave
  8. Looks good to me. If I am not mistaken from the photo the thicker 'cross' beams look less proud and the detailing around the edge at the join to the Farish model is more detailed. In my opinion it has a more subtle (fitting to scale) but more detailed look about it. Was it a fiddle to fit? With my fat fingers I can't imagine not damaging the model when fitting one roof grill, let alone then removing the first grill and fitting a second. It all looks very neat. All the best, Dave
  9. Each one of your posts bring backs some brilliant childhood memories of time at Ropley and a poster I had of Swanage on my wall. Brilliant modelling, thanks for posting the latest photos and videos. All the best, Dave
  10. Hi Padishar, We can start the German Shirebrook Appreciation Society between us (I am living in Lohmar close to Bonn currently). Enjoy the Wigan show. All the best, Dave
  11. A few photos of the freightliner class 47 out on the layout.
  12. Thanks Jeremy, it's been fun weathering and detailing the stock, finding old photos, learning new techniques etc. I hope all is well, how is your giant project going? All the best, Dave
  13. Good tip Duncan, I will try that for the next one. Do you use thinners as well? or just the fine wet and dry paper? All the best, Dave
  14. Thanks for the kind comments. The wagons themselves didn't take much effort at all to weather. The results are really credit to the quality of the wagons. I am very impressed. They don't just look good either they run very well. I couldn't believe how much effort must have gone into making them. Woodenhead (nice name ) I don't want to let the thread distract too far from the brilliant KFAs, but there are plenty of shots of loco hauled mk3s on the thread for the layout (you are right that the pendolinos are too late, I've stopped at 1999), if there was something specific you wanted a shot of that's not in the thread send me a PM and I'll see what I can do. Looking forward to running the NSE 321s and the upcoming class 92 on the layout now.
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