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    WCML during the 90s and AC electrics are my main passion.

    Swiss railways, especially through the mountains, are a bit of a sideline interest.

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  1. Great pictures, thanks for posting them. Please excuse my ignorance, but is there info on the internet somewhere with regards to when and where the Intercity 90 and or 87 will run? They both look brilliant, great to see them running in that livery again. All the best, Dave
  2. Interesting idea for a layout Ducan, looking forward to see it develop. All the best, Dave
  3. Thanks for all the kind comments. Still a long way off starting a new layout, but I had a spare moment to upload a few more old photos. All the best Dave
  4. That's looking very impressive! A lot of interest and a very realistic track plan. I like the elevation changes (it's not just flat with a tunnel/road bridge at the end). The yard also looks 'right' with the head shunts and the like. Are you sure you don't want to start a new layout .......it looks brilliant! All the best, Dave
  5. Brilliant diorama Duncan. Great to see your modeling skills put to use on some Electrics. Your idea for a layout sounds superb. Does a re-paint of a 321 not interest you? The 81s to 85s might be a little harder, but if you model slightly later the 86 to 92 exist. I hope you are keeping well. All the best, Dave
  6. Nice video Simon. The 60on the tankers looks good, but my favorite from this week was the 33 on the engineers working. I hope you are keeping well. All the best, Dave
  7. You have got the super elevation absolutely spot on. It looks real good and the curves look so much more realistic for it. Thanks for sharing. All the best, Dave
  8. Close ups are always a bit cruel but the top photo especially looks very good! And the bottom photo only needs a small touch up. I've often cheated and added a very light weathering to make anything like that a little less obvious as well. Great to follow your progress thanks for posting. Dave
  9. Thanks for the tips Jeremy, all very useful and your layout is really motivating me. I feel a bit like I am starting all over again compared to the late 90s WCML stock collection. It's fun and interesting starting from almost nothing (both in terms of experience/knowledge and actual stock) again. Do you know when the 2000 number was removed from the front of all the SBB Re560s? I was looking through my old photos (1995-2001) and it looks like the only major difference between the current Fleischman model and the period I am dreaming of modeling. Thanks again and all the best, Dave
  10. Hi Duncan, Don't know how you managed to take the saw to the model. I was cringing just looking at the photos, but you've done a brilliant job. What are the visual cab differences on the prototype between the 'steel' and the 'orginal'? I don't know the 56s all that well so sorry if it's an obvious question. Brilliant modeling as always. All the best, Dave
  11. Hi Jeremy, I hope you don't mind me asking your opinion. I've seen Fleischmann, Kato and mintrix (amount others?) Make Re460/465s. Do you have any experience between the quality of the different models? For the Re4/4s the new Fleischmann model visually looks a big improvement over some of the older versions (unfortunately don't seem to be able to find it anywhere in red, only in green), but from photos I couldn't see such obvious quality differences with the 460/465s (but that doesn't mean that there are no differences in reality). The swiss bug is really close to getting me. All the best, Dave
  12. Shows what a good job you've done! I can't spot the single original one. Lovely weathering as well. Grubby and used but not over weathered. Very life like. All the best Dave
  13. Hi Padishar, I can only image how interesting the WCML must have been in 1964. i was only born in 87, but my grandpa used the line to commute around that time and was full of stories about how it was from the mid 60s to the mid 80s and from the stories it sounds like a real interesting period of change. As for the move, we are not going to be going so far. Just into a suburb of Bonn and about 20kms from where we are now. All the best, Dave
  14. Thanks for all the kind comments, it's so very friendly and will motivate me for the next layout when it comes to it. Duncan I have often thought that Watford junction would make a great model, but the thing holding me back there would be space, it would end up very very long. But the underground line off to one side, the stabling point, the St Albans line, the (sand?) Loading point coming off the St Albans line and the WCML running through the middle would make such an interesting mix and it is a real location that isn't overly complex with excessive lines and point work. All the best, Dave
  15. Hi David, Thanks for all the interesting photos. I don't have the space for modelling Interlaken even though it would be a brilliant spot to model. I am however thinking about something much smaller based on the area. Possibly based very very losely on Därlingen or Lessingen. I was also interested by the quary Rigips AG and that little section. A very small simple layout for the space I have and although not the full possibility of workings that Interlaken gives, it would still allow both SBB and BLS workings plus a TGV and ICE service. Thanks again for posting the interesting photos. All the best, Dave
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