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  1. The nice curved points seems to distract a bit from the overall curve that's needed to make it fit in a room. I guess it's impossible to make a 90 Deg turn that's needed to fit the layout to the space available look 100% realistic (but at the end of the day it is a model and should be fun and enjoyable ), but the point work definitely distracts nicely and hides the curve as well as anything I've seen. All the best, Dave
  2. Hi Paul, Just stumbled upon this and enjoyed reading from start to finish. I especially like the flowing points coming out of the station and into the curve, they look brilliant. Looking forward to following your progress in the future. All the best, Dave
  3. Managed to sneak an hour of modelling time last night and got a bit more done on the station roof mock up. Bringing the roof down a bit has done a much better job of hiding the obvious that the trains disappear into the fiddle yard just after the roof starts. I found it hard to find an angle where you could look through and see into the off scene area other than looking directly down the rail. All the best, Dave
  4. Thanks for that Paul, all fascinating information for someone with very little knowledge about these things. All the best, Dave
  5. Hi Paul, All sorts of brilliant information there, all very useful and very interesting. I think I will leave them as they are. Part of me was thinking how nice it would be to have as much train visible as possible, but in the end once the thing runs along the layout you'll see it all at some point anyway. One question (sorry I really am a beginner with all this), when you talk about overlap what exactly is that? No need to apologize for modelling post 2010, as an engineer, environmentalist (of the more realistic verity rather than the extremists
  6. Ah wow. That really would be something. A very nice choice. All sorts of wonderful options for running interest. I don't know which era you were thinking about, but I have very much enjoyed this series of videos on YouTube. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iOkixfcgiYw What a brilliant observation Rich, thanks. As I read it I realized the mistake straight away. I even have the NSE 101 sitting held at the signal on the points. I am not sure if I will be able to get it perfect due to space constraints, but does something like this look a bit better? I've brought it
  7. A few more signals are built. A 3 aspect signal on the branch line and 4 aspect everywhere else. I think a few extra ground signals need to go down. All of the signals are for southbound trains. I'd guess the real thing wouldn't have signals directly on the exit of a tunnel and there will anyway be northbound signals at the end of the platforms which are not modelled. I am by no means a signal expert, if anyone notices anything that is obviously wrong don't hesitate to say. Although the model is not based on anywhere specifically, I've tried to find prototype photos as the basis f
  8. I found a tiny dab of super glue helped to hold it in place during assembly and it all seemed to settle down once the things were laid out on the layout. Sounds like the start of a layout, do you have something planned?
  9. With the poor weather over the last week there has been a bit of free time to get a signal done (a non working nbrsss kit) and a bit of detailing onto the platforms with drain covers added. All the best, Dave
  10. A rainy Easter Monday allowed a little more progress on the station. The base for the roof is a little more secure as a structure, although still very rough this should give a solid base to add some detailing to. The platforms have also started to take shape with the end ramps added and some trunking to where signals will eventually stand has been put in. In the foreground the cardboard wall behind the two white vans will eventually be a brick wall. All the best, Dave
  11. Brilliant Video, some very nice shots down the platform. The 47 with MK2 rake also looks very impressive. Thanks for sharing, Dave
  12. Ah wow very close to home, that really is taking me back. I went to cowplain school between 1998 and 2003. Used to play cricket and tennis in jubilee park, had a group of 3 school friends who lived in Milton road, Silvester road and Heart Plane Ave. (Lived in Highfield the other side of the forest myself) It's a small world sometimes isn't it. All the best, Dave
  13. The mention of the watercress line is a blast from the past! I used to love going over there as a kid, loads of great memories. I spent about half of my upbringing in a little town down south called Waterlooville (the other half in New Zealand but that's a long story). Since finishing uni I've been living and working in Germany, so lovely to read that post and have a few fond memories of 'back home'. Thanks for posting all the brilliant pictures, I rarely post, but often drop in for a look at your latest photos. All the best, Dave
  14. Hi Nick, Great spot, I've put some thought into this and with the goal of a. Not making something that's overly complex to model b. Something that will pass as realistic enough to provide a plausible background c. Something that will be low enough to be dark inside and hide the fact that the station is not actually that deep and disappears off into a fiddle yard I was thinking about doing a mix of a concrete band which gives the roof the structural support, similar to the picture below from Birmingham New Street. Just above left of the loco you can
  15. Small update with a mock up of a station roof and the platforms which are slowly taking shape. Very rough around the edges and the finished thing will hopefully be a lot neater, but the basic idea and sizes are slowly taking shape and these mock ups have given me a chance to try a few things before committing to a fixed size. As always any comments, tips or observations are warmly welcome. All the best, Dave
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