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    WCML during the 90s and AC electrics are my main passion.

    Swiss railways, especially through the mountains, are a bit of a sideline interest.

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  1. Cracking modelling Jo. Nice to see the last picture with the 1pence as well. When N gauge is done as well as that it's easy to forget how small the models are. All the best, Dave
  2. Hi Andy, I don't know if I am disappointed because I won't get to see the usual flow of cracking pictures from Seven Mills Sidings or excited because you will no doubt be sharing your progress on a cracking new OO project. Thanks for all the posts, I've very much enjoyed them. All the best, Dave
  3. The last of the track got weathered. It's probably good to stop here before I over do it. It's always temping to do 'just a tiny bit more' and then regret it later. All the best, Dave
  4. Hi Rich, Sorry to hear you've had a challenging modelling session. Days like this are just the little set backs that will make the result you get to at the end feel like an even bigger achievement and something to be proud of. If it's any consolation you are not alone I (and I am sure plenty of others) have days like this as well. Have a good weekend. All the best, Dave
  5. Thanks for all the replies, I am always overwhelmed by the collective knowledge on the forum. Managed to get a quick modelling session in and got some weeds and grass down. Ran out of brown wash I was using to base weather the gravel so it's hopefully pretty obvious which half's been attacked today and which half still needs doing. The OHLE storage solution probably wasn't typical of the late 90s, but it keeps it handy when needed as a template Then a shot with no train before realising I had a sprinter to hand. Said sprinter ended up posing everywhere. I got a little carried away, but great to see a train out and about on the layout. I also find the photos useful to help me notice all the little bits that need tidying up. Have a nice weekend, All the best, Dave
  6. Small update, some more little details have been added. relay cabinets: The last of the point motors went in and the platform top surfaces got dulled down and blended into the rest. Still plenty to do. I just starting wondering what's next and in a about 30secs I managed to make the list below and realized that's probably going to keep my quiet for a long while: Detailing the platform top surfaces (drains, concrete patches and yellow + white lines) Finishing the track weathering and detailing Getting the tunnel mouths stuck down and blended in Getting some weeds and grass tufts down Weathering the lamp posts below without making them look pink will be a good challenge as well. The picture at the bottom does show them to be 'pink' but I am sure that this is something that could very quickly look outrageously bad if I get it wrong All the best, Dave
  7. Night and day difference there Duncan. Superb modelling like usual. Looking forward to seeing the speedlink working on the layout. All the best, Dave
  8. Hi Simon, Great to see the shots of trains running. The 31 looks like a nice new addition and the double header of 92s looks very smart indeed. My favourite has to be the 86 though. The 86 on the parcels was one of my favourites when I was still able to run trains. I think it epitomises the era perfectly, with the mix of old BR stock and royal mail livery together with the new (at the time) EWS livery. Great to see the same working 'down the line' at Dallam. All the best, Dave
  9. Hi Rich, That's coming on! It's really starting to take shape now isn't it. Thanks for the top view, plenty of space . All the best, Dave
  10. They look good! Two cracking models. Reminds me of summer holidays as a young boy in the late 90s. They used to haul such an interesting and different mix of coaches and freight. All the best, Dave
  11. Hi Rich, I hope you are on the mend and you back is improving at least. A big plastering day sometime in the future sounds good, something to look forward to once the back allows. All the best, Dave
  12. It is only my perception that felt wrong. I have no idea really and all of my knowledge has come from the internet which is always dangerous. I will never get it perfect, it's only a model. But I would like to get everything so it looks like a plausible background and a nice backdrop for the trains. If there are too many things that are clearly wrong to a knowledgeable eye it might distract from the main thing which is the trains. Thanks Jeremy, it's done exactly the job I wanted. It looks plausible without (hopefully) taking too much attention away from the foreground once it's finished. Thanks Paul, that is very helpful. I will switch them over (they are not glued down yet) and now I can stop looking at them wondering if they are in the right place or not. All he best, Dave
  13. The back two lines got the first steps of weathering and detailing. The difference to the lines in the foreground is shown in the picture below. Hopefully once the are all weathered it won't look like it has snowed anymore . The points especially came alive with a bit of detailing and weathering. Unfortunately I ran out of glue and part of detailing was fixing up any bits of gravel that were out of place and I'd hoped to be sticking down a few weeds, bushes and lineside greenery. But that will have to wait now. Whilst waiting for more glue to arrive worked started on some little lineside detailing like cables, point motors, AWS ramps etc. Could anyone help me here? Are these two points motors realistically positioned in the center of the following photo? One looks very close to the platform (although it might be too late to fix that now) and the other looks wrong "between" the two slow lines. I don't know why but I always think of them as being on the "outside" of a twin line section. All the best, Dave
  14. Some gravel has gone down. The first layer was a bit of a disaster, I had marked things like point positions and concrete base positions with marker pen and the ink leaked through . The second layer (after applying some artists fix and then a coat of light grey) looks a lot better. Still a few mistakes along the way, including two signals that need some repair work , but nothing a bit of super glue won't fix. Only once the detailing is finished though because I can imagine the same happening again if I am to repair them now. The gravel needs weathering (highlighted by my wife's comment of "ah it looks like it's snowed on your railway" ). I made a little test section so I could have a play and go 'too far' and try a few new things without any worries. I think I've got a plan now and a mix of washes and powders that should work well. The only other development this week was the platforms getting a first base coat of colour to build on. A lot of weathering and detailing to go yet, but it's looking better than it did this time last week at least. All the best, Dave
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