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    WCML during the 90s and AC electrics are my main passion.

    Swiss railways, especially through the mountains, are a bit of a sideline interest.

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  1. I like the class 60 Simon. Great to see you've gone for a light weathering. I know personally I sometimes find it hard to stop when I've started weathering . But not every frieght loco needs a heavy weathering to look realistic. The cargon wagons also look brilliant. keep up the great work. It's inspirational as always. All the best Dave
  2. Thanks for the kind comment Graham. I've been really enjoying the modelling this winter and I think the enjoyment I've had is also slowly showing on the layout. I'm very impressed with the work Farish have done on the new 47s. Even newbies like me can turn one into a satisfying and pretty realistic model with just a bit of weathering. All the best Dave
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your efforts on 47210. Your modelling is always top notch. Will that be a new addition for BOT? All the best Dave
  4. Great to see the 86 getting a run . Another cracking set of photo's. All the best Dave
  5. A few extra photo's of the 47.
  6. A small update on progress. Some further trees have been added. But not even half way along the backboard yet so plenty still to do there. The OHLE gantrys are all down at the moment (I kept knocking them) and every time I take them down the WCML feel totally disappears. Away from the layout this 47 had a weathering session. It's a lovely model. The difference is impressive when it's standing it next to an older farish 47. The first stage of a chalky white wash to give a slightly sun weathered effect always makes me a bit nervous. I always feel like I've just ruined a beautiful new model. It's worth doing in the end though
  7. Doesn't sound so good if they are still at the discussion stage with the factory . I thought the model was confirmed and going forwards. I don't envy revolution at all and I'm very greatful that they've stuck there necks out to try and bring us thing's other's aren't willing to. Must not forget that we also see big delays from the other manufacturers (I've had a class 86 from Dapol with a mk2f rake from farish on the wish list for literally year's now and still neither model's released). But here's to hoping there is some progress in the near future. All the best Dave
  8. I've spent an evening playing with static grass and having a go at layering. Of course plenty to do still and it's by no means finished. I've found it amazing stuff to use and as a complete beginner I'm pretty impressed with how easy it is to pick up. All the best Dave
  9. Does anyone know exactly when or where the announcement will be made? Regards Dave
  10. Yeah I am very lucky to have some good space in the cellar that's not being used for anything else. You look like you are making great use of the space you have there though. Have I understood the pictures correctly that the layout is going to be L shaped and run along one wall and under the window running on the window sill?
  11. That 47 looks brilliant on Simon. That's a livery I didn't even know existed and looking at a few pictures online it looks like there were two variations at least. All the best Dave
  12. I've found myself living in Germany for now, so I will be following this one with interest. You've picked a nice area to model. I'm guessing n gauge? All the best Dave
  13. Just a quick update to show progress is slowly being made. Of course nothing is finished yet and the to do list keeps growing rather than shrinking , but that's all part of the fun isn't it. A base layer of green is down over a large part of the country side section of the layout. It should give a basis for further landscaping, more trees and then detailing. All the best Dave
  14. Nice idea to angle the depot for better viewing Phil. Looking forward to following your progress on the layout. All the best Dave
  15. I know it has already been said, but even just a realistic update on a release date for some of the exciting previous announcements like the class 319, intercity mk2s and class 31 would be great. looking to the future………re-tool the class 90 and 87 please (it's nice to dream isn't it).
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