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    WCML during the 90s and AC electrics are my main passion.

    Swiss railways, especially through the mountains, are a bit of a sideline interest.

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  1. Hi Padishar, I can only image how interesting the WCML must have been in 1964. i was only born in 87, but my grandpa used the line to commute around that time and was full of stories about how it was from the mid 60s to the mid 80s and from the stories it sounds like a real interesting period of change. As for the move, we are not going to be going so far. Just into a suburb of Bonn and about 20kms from where we are now. All the best, Dave
  2. Thanks for all the kind comments, it's so very friendly and will motivate me for the next layout when it comes to it. Duncan I have often thought that Watford junction would make a great model, but the thing holding me back there would be space, it would end up very very long. But the underground line off to one side, the stabling point, the St Albans line, the (sand?) Loading point coming off the St Albans line and the WCML running through the middle would make such an interesting mix and it is a real location that isn't overly complex with excessive lines and point work. All the best, Dave
  3. Hi David, Thanks for all the interesting photos. I don't have the space for modelling Interlaken even though it would be a brilliant spot to model. I am however thinking about something much smaller based on the area. Possibly based very very losely on Därlingen or Lessingen. I was also interested by the quary Rigips AG and that little section. A very small simple layout for the space I have and although not the full possibility of workings that Interlaken gives, it would still allow both SBB and BLS workings plus a TGV and ICE service. Thanks again for posting the interesting photos. All the best, Dave
  4. The 'like' button just isn't enough sometimes! Outstanding modeling.
  5. To start with the bad news, we will be moving house soon and the layout is unfortunatly 'part of the house'. I did not make it free standing and I have spent a long time trying to work out how I could possibly detach it from the wall without damaging it. But even if I managed to remove it from the wall without damage it would not fit out of the door or the window. So I have had to admit defeat. The last running session including taking a lot of photos which will be posted here over the coming weeks/months. But the layout is now being dismantled and I am saving what I can for the future. Onto the good news, once I am settled into the new place a new layout will be started, again WCML in the 90s, but possibly a different take on it with maybe a station, yard or junction feeling to it and depending on developments from revolution maybe something where the 321s and 313s could run alongside the existing stock (north london, willesden junction/wembley central area kind of feel maybe?). But for the next few months I am afraid all I can do is post existing photos. Grubby 90s after a hard days work An 86 pushing the manchester service down to London passes the Royal Scot service heading north to Glasgow (sorry Duncan the lighting is still wrong, but one of the many lesson learnt for the next layout ) A 47 plods by with an MOD working Lucky we have digital cameras these days, I completely missed the loco and got a shot of the first wagon in the rake. 37s double heading on a heavy load I hope everyone is keeping sane under the lockdown and thanks to everyone who has posted their model making efforts somewhere on the forum, checking in each day has kept me thoroughly enetertained. All the best, Dave
  6. It's only my opinion, but I wonder if they look overscale due to the bright white colour? They would probably blend in more once the right colour and weathered. But they do stand out a bit at the moment. Otherwise I can also only agree with Ian that for fencing and railings etchings have never let me down in the past and I have struggled to get anything realistic looking in plastic. All the best, Dave
  7. Great selection of stock Jeremy. Really captures all the things I find so interesting in Swiss railways. Excuse my ignorance but what is the white and blue commuter/local train with the red cab? I've often seen them but not so sure what they actually are. Have you got hold of stock like this second hand? I noticed in a previous video an rbde 4/4 which I can't see anywhere as a new model. They are the kind of stock that really notices if it is missing on a layout. I know they are maybe not as exciting as a TGV or a loco hauled express, but I like that you've included them. Thanks for your videos. I am enjoying them, but at the end of each one I need to stop myself from sketching track plans for a Swiss layout . All the best, Dave
  8. Hi Simon, I haven't had many issues with Dapols Mk3s, what happens exactly? Are they just decoupling? Or also detailing? A friend had issues and ended up using a tiny tiny bit of bluetac inside the couplings, this worked but when we looked a little closer we also noticed the spring and the coupling wasn't really sitting correctly and fixing this was maybe a nicer way to fix the problem. Thanks for another video, the regional train looks good. Workings like that always add such interest to a layout in my opinion. I hope all is well, all the best, Dave
  9. Hi Jeremy, Just stumbled across this through your Euston thread. You are a man by my own heart and I've been dreaming of starting a Swiss layout some day, so far I have managed to resist, but in the nicest possible way your videos are not helping. I have a lot of nice memories from your stock that was shown in the videos. My last business trip before the lockdown started involved taking the nightjet from here (köln) down to Innsbruck and back again. I must say the model looks spot on to me. The BLS re465 was a favourite loco as a kid and the Swiss rail journeys dad used to take me on during our family holidays always involved taking the RBDe 4/4 fr bulle to fribourg before venturing further into the network. The trackplan looks perfect and great to see a different take on a Swiss layout to the usual railway through the mountains. The cant angle on the track you've laid looks just perfect as well. I will enjoy following your progress. All the best, Dave
  10. Nice working there Phil, that 90 looks great. All the best, Dave
  11. Hi Simon, Sorry if you've written this and I've missed it, but are the mk3s with or without buffers? Looks like a good improvement. All the best, Dave
  12. I don't know the OO market so well, so sorry if any of these are things you can easily buy off the shelf. These ideas might be way off the mark, but how about the HST with buffers? Or the class 37s that could go through the channel tunnel? A few photos from WBQ 1998. Enjoy following your posts. All the best, Dave
  13. Great to see some WCML stock out for a run! Thanks for the usual video. Becoming a nice weekly tradition . I hope all is well. Dave
  14. The superelevation looks really good. The angle looks just right. The layouts coming along nicely and the pace you are working it is putting me to shame! Thanks for all the updates. All the best, Dave
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