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  1. I'm using Safari and had no problems with the website so it must be a browser issue. If you end up moving to Redditch, drop us a line and you should be able to pop by one evening to see what we're about. 'Reddibus' is the club's account on here.
  2. Yes, won’t be until next September though: http://redditch-mrc.com/Redditch Show - Introduction.htm
  3. Either that, or we’d have to move to a different venue, which wouldn’t be ideal for us (there’s only so many places in Redditch that could accommodate it) or for the school where we hold our exhibition. I can imagine that schools letting out their premises on weekends for model railway exhibitions and other events is how they increase their income.
  4. I've just watched the Aberfan scene of a recent episode of The Crown. What a very moving, poignant and well-executed scene of a TV drama. The producers got the rain and slag heaps to a tee, and I was speechless for several minutes after the heap had roared into the village and very sadly destroyed the school. It certainly raises awareness internationally of what was perhaps Britain's worst ever civilian tragic accident.

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      I also thought it was very moving. I remember the aftermath of the actual tragedy well, albeit from a distance, helping my father (a Valleys boy himself) raise money as part of the local Round Table group, for those affected by the disaster.


    2. Philou


      I was still in school in Cardiff when it happened. Apart from the human tragedy of it all, what I took away from it was the terrible decision to use some of the monies collected for the Aberfan fund, to help pay to remove and secure the slag heap! It's not as if the profligate grubbymint of the day couldn't have paid for it anyway being as it was a nationalised industry. Sorry, rant over.





  5. Out of interest Paul, what do you think would be different if you lived in the area (ie a 30 mile radius of the NEC) and were exhibiting a layout? In a few years time, should I be fortunate enough to have an exhibition layout which has been invited to Warley, this is something I’d like to bear in mind.
  6. It might have been the exceptional Pempoul, by Gordon and Maggie Gravett.
  7. Here are some photos of the full size exhibits.
  8. Can whoever it is who is sending those RAF jets over please stop - that must be five different aircraft that’s flown over in the last 20 minutes at not too high an altitude! 

    1. Metr0Land


      Have we still got 5 jets?

    2. woodenhead


      It's just the one jet probably doing different ILS approaches.

    3. Hroth


      Sure they're not R/C models with TTS?


      They can be very loud!

  9. I told you not to bring those cakeboxes!
  10. For those of us who came by train it was in the doorway of some doors in the long corridor which connected the NEC to Birmingham International station.
  11. Nafferton Norwich Central Weaver Hill I saw quite a few more but unfortunately didn't get any photos. These included A Remote Depot, City Limits and NE Corridor, Tan-y-Bwlch, Llangenydd, Cato Pass and Mauch Chunk PA.
  12. Forgive me Mike, I knew the bottom half was O-16.5, but Nancledre was the only layout in that gauge which I saw listed on the show website. I'll edit it in a mo. Was it you who gave me a leaflet and magazine promoting the association? If so, nice to meet you!
  13. Ebbols Lane TMD Heybridge Wharf Franwood TMD
  14. Tarrant Valley Railway. As someone with family connections to this area (which never had a railway) I found this layout very impressive and I'd argue one of the best, if not the best, in the show.
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