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  1. It is indeed wonderful travelling along the valley in the evening. Personally I prefer a diesel loco and coaches rather than a DMU - wouldn’t it be nice if this became a regular fixture?
  2. Now I wasn’t expecting this. I sent an email to Peter Davies saying how I and the other members of my local club were offering our moral support, and how shocked and distraught we were at what had happened. Less than three hours later I got a reply from Peter. He sent this message: Thank you Liam, It is a truly traumatic time and one I’d wish on no one! That’s very kind. Thank you. All very best wishes, Peter What a kind and lovely gentleman, to personally respond to my email (amongst the thousands of others). The hobby should be honoured to have him.
  3. Well, she certainly puts interviewees in their place, though she was very polite to a small boy she walked past in London while on Celebrity Hunted last year....
  4. If anyone couldn’t watch the interview, you can scroll back on the video here to see it, though it won’t be available for any longer than a few hours. I thought both Peter and Kay Burley handled the interview well, especially as most people who watch Sky News won’t have an in-depth knowledge of railway modelling. https://news.sky.com/watch-live
  5. The state of that Standard 4 in the BBC News and The Guardian articles speaks volumes.
  6. I am absolutely disgusted and angered by this, and my full sympathies go to Market Deeping MRC for the damage they have to put up with, sadly a lot of which is irreparable. I’d like to make a comment here as a teenager only a few years older than the culprits. Whilst railway modelling sadly isn’t the favourite hobby amongst teenagers, with XBOXs etc. taking much more prominence, that is absolutely no reason for destroying the work of people whose preference of hobby is different (or considered differently) to your own. For example, last summer, at a campsite we know near Rugby, a few people brought along remote controlled aeroplanes. Admittedly I’ve never been that into aviation of any kind, but I was happy to watch the planes for a while and ask the owners questions. I certainly did not interfere by any means with anything, as that is their business. Just because you may not like someone else’s hobby, doesn’t give you the right to destroy their work. There are at least SOME of us teenagers who wouldn’t ever dream of what these four mindless people have done. Turning my attention to the school, if it was insured would they be able to make a claim for the damage? Even if the payout only extends to the school it would at least be a step in the right direction.
  7. Well I’d never thought that on this forum a banner would pop up asking me about perfume brands!

    1. Hroth


      Deodorant would be more appropriate....


      (Not you personally, you understand, but more a hint for the olefactory obnoxious show attendees!)


      I think I got out of that one ok...

  8. Apologies for the delay in posting, but on my way up from Dorset to Scotland on Saturday (I do get around) I popped into Ian Allans. Bachmann teak Thompsons at £37 Bachmann A1 at £110 Private owner wagons (triple pack) at £30 The tub of Humbrol paints at £1 each remains very full - bought one for a future project (I already have loads).
  9. Went to see the film Fisherman’s Friends last night. A brilliant film, thoroughly recommend it to everyone. :)

    1. Hroth


      Did you get a free packet of throat lozenges?

  10. Hi Rob Whilst at the club last night, they had the copy of Model Rail which your article appears in. A very good read and the photos from Mr Nevard really do your layouts justice. Will need to obtain a copy myself... Cheers, Liam
  11. Please do Jim - I'm going in and back out of New Street on Wednesday, so I might be able to make use of some of the bargains.
  12. South Western Railway have acquired a fleet of Pacers from Northern for use on rush hour commuter services into London Waterloo. Their main repertoire will be routes between Waterloo and Windsor & Eton Riverside, Shepperton, Dorking, Guildford via Surbiton and the Staines circuit. Andy Mellors, managing director of SWR, said, “The Pacer is an iconic train, which has contributed massively to the success of railways in parts of the country. We are delighted that we can add Surrey and south west London to those parts of the country, and can be sure that our passengers will now have a more enjoyable commute.”
  13. Hi Rob The photos that you’ve posted are stunning! I especially like the ones of the 4F, even though my preference is towards Swindon products. I don’t know if Norman is a fan of cheese, but if he is then I can recommend Black Bomber cheddar by Snowdonia Cheese Company - would go nicely in a sandwich. Had some of it this afternoon - brilliant, though I do appreciate he may prefer ‘true’ Cheddar from Somerset. Cheers, Liam
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