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  1. It’s not everyday a Tornado jet roars over you at only 200 metres...

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    2. RJS1977


      Some years ago. two of my Met Office colleagues were doing a 'horizon survey' on top of a weather radar tower near Carmarthen. Whilst they were doing it, they kept getting buzzed by Tornados on 150' low flying exercises - the tower was 120' tall!


      Afterwards, my colleagues went to the pub, and happened to meet one of the RAF pilots.

      "Oh, so you're the guys who were buzzing us on top of the weather radar tower," one of my colleagues said.

      "Is that what it is?" asked the pilot. "We've been using it as a target for the last 6 months!"

    3. SVRlad


      This Typhoon was probably lower than 200 metres actually, possibly 150. Everyone was speechless for several minutes afterwards! 

      Just as well none of those pilots ever fired anything at the weather station...

    4. KDG


      No Tornado's left in RAF anymore, was it a Typhoon?

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