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  1. No, maybe when it was at Normanton it would be closer to qualifying but on that you could include Mirfield show, it’s got a WF postcode.
  2. The layout looks excellent, really liking the dinky repainted vehicles, is the layout portable/ exhibitable cheers Richard.
  3. I’d like to thank Shipley MRS for the invitation to take Tanners yard to their exhibition, a great weekend was had most enjoyable and well looked after by all involved. Hope to see you again soon with a new layout.
  4. Thanks for sharing the pics Russ. Glad you enjoyed the show.
  5. yes there’s a good few in Shipley, closet one would be the Fox.
  6. Beaten me to it Paul, was going to bump it to. For anyone thinking of visiting Shipley this weekend, a great show with quality layouts and definitely worth a visit to the cafe for a slice of cake.
  7. My layout Tanners yard, will be there, come say hello if your going.
  8. Thanks to Alex and the Mickleover group for the invite for us to bring Kingsbey to this years show, a fantastic time was had by all.
  9. Looking forward to the weekend, will be exhibiting with Kingsbey by Normanton and Pontefract Rms.
  10. The thing with neat ballasting and well laid track on a model is a sign of showing you have taken your time, bad ballasting is my biggest pet hate, I’ve seen some lovely layouts ruined by bad ballasting, I’ve declined booking layouts for our show as it doesn’t look right. If care is taken at this stage it exemplifies the layout. I do do agree though that there is a massive difference between the real thing and a model. Richard.
  11. Looking forward to the show we are there with Mill bank Alley by Hugh Flynn. 7mm blue diesel
  12. Final testing before the layouts debut. A China clay stained 08 on shunting duties traversers the three way point into the yard.
  13. Nick why do something over a month or two when a day will do.
  14. Hi Phil, what size was this please and a clue on price, I think the one I saw was around 3ft x 1ft. Cheers Richard.
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