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  1. they have two thirds of the work done, so yeah it would be a shorter timescale, now to say it’s correctly proportioned I couldn’t answer that, but I feel this sell especially if in a decent price bracket ideally £350, they would grace many a layout.
  2. I’m hoping it’s a 142 too, would be ideal for many a small layout, nearly 40 years service, a range of liveries a sure fire winner, make it with prototypical nodding aswell. Go on Dapol you now you want to.
  3. The box can equate to 40% of the resale value, throw the boxes and your losing a few hundred quid. Get yourself a really useful box and keep them safe.
  4. Is it worth offering to NPRMS, Jack was a long standing member.
  5. Some shots of my old layout courtesy of Steve Flint Railway modeller May 2007, George street stabling point.
  6. The shed was built by one of my friends for his layout Hyde lane, it is based on Healey Mills, if I remember correctly it’s a scale 80ft in length, we measured up the very similar Bachmann scenecraft 4mm model and this scales out at 80ft. If you google search Hyde lane stabling point, there will be more pics, the layout will be featuring in Railway modeller this year. cheers Richard
  7. hope your feeling better Paul. Derwent road was the star of the show for me. always liked this when I asked for details of it at Warley. It’s quirky different with its own wow factor. Lymebrook yard again for me the best n gauge layout on the circuit, it’s got everything you need and is the answer to the I have no room for a layout question.
  8. yes there’s a lot of thought gone into the locos, you can tell what they are and the big deltic is really good. Unfortunately last year the lad who owns the Lego dropped a box with three A4s in, he spent the weekend rebuilding.
  9. It’s been well noted about the mirror room, we have been shown alternative classrooms to this one for next year, this will hopefully alleviate the surreal surroundings we were in. Thanks to everyone who exhibited demoed or traded, the ladies in the cafe for the awesome homemade cake, but most of all the visitors, without you it’s a lot of hard work for no gratification, we look forward to seeing you all again next year. regards, Richard.
  10. First day over, hope everyone didn’t mind the new layout of the halls. Look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.
  11. Chris, Norman will get you as many cups of tea as you wish..... it’s free for exhibitors
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