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  1. That is a cracker Jim, thank you. I think I can get about 54 inches including ''the pointy end'' of the ironing board by about 13 inches wide. I have the sad job of clearing furniture from my late Mum's home, noone wants older furniture now but I notice that wardrobe doors are good thick ply or blockboard. so they can be fixed straight to the ironing board. Waste no0t want not
  2. A little disheartening news I am afraid. I now have to share my indoor modelling space...so even at a relatively small size Fleet has had to be put into storage. I do have , in my mind, plans for a micro fixed to an ironing board......for now Fleet has retired. Thank you all for your comments and likes....it has helped enormously. When it happens, the new one will be on here
  3. Not been much modelling time available of late, domesticity rules. My wife has been kind enough to paint background boards . The yard platform office is scratch built. The handle for the traverser was a piece of ''might come in handy'' aluminium angle (Save money Jim). I intend to scratch build a heavier yard crane to cope with delivered tractors and farm machiney plus the heavy loads of Bog Oak, dug from the Fen which will be transported to specialist Hardwood dealers. The three wagons in the middle road are mostly scratch built from card although the two M&GN planked are card bodies and after i cocked up the running gear, I used some brass W irons to get them rolling...silk purse from sow's ear maybe. The red Dinky trailer I have had for over 65 years....lol. The office with stairs is a laser cut kit by LCUT........well impressed. Will have to start playing trains sometime soon
  4. Loving this.....nice, concise and planned
  5. Shellac indeed Steve, I mix my own from flakes (epay) and meths. I have been accused in other places of not modelling in the ''spirit'' of O gauge. Nothing could be further from the truth in honesty. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for those that can model, from scratch, locomotives that are art forms. I know that I will never be able to do that; I have to stick with those skills I have or aquire in the years I have left. Plus I cannot afford massive amounts of money. Oh...and, I enjoy it and find it fun Thank you for your comment
  6. Domestic jobs have taken prime time this week or so. The two loading platforms made; buffers made; bridge completed except for weathering. I have purposley left a break in the larger platfom so that I can have different infil sections with different loads according to the farming season. Planned building is shown by the red box; the coal area by the silver tin. The wagon with the shiny Allis Chalmers tractor on is an almost complete card model. The coupling hooks I have made from tin from lids, the coupling hooks from iron wire wrapped around screw shanks as per Mr Read. A visit to some charity shops tomorrow will hopefully supply chains for holding the tractor down BEWARE>>>THE COUPLINGS ARE SHARP. NOT FOR LAYOUTS NEAR CHILDREN......or drunken adults I suppose The M&GN wagon is a bit of a cock up.....happy to admit it. I failed to get the card axle box set up to work, so I used a pair of W frames someone gave me. They are to large.....so nex t time I will, show you how I am going to cheat
  7. Some this week then. Can you take them from here or if you give me an email addy i can send them
  8. Hello people. I did not set out to create an actual micro as such...this is my attempt at making a small O gauge layout and the size was arbitary. My objectives were to practice new skills......and enjoy myself. Please don't let us argue micro sizes on this thread.....
  9. Thank you Ian.....I would be happy to do that. Slow progress at the moment...but I will get there, and yes, take the traverser out and it would be acceptable.
  10. Just an update....not a lot of forward movement at the moment...domestic duties have taken over for a while. Have laid some ballast...and have started to make the loading platforms, buffer etc. Hopefully pictures early next week
  11. James, thank you....and you can do it! I get my card from picture framers......i get enough for maybe 30 wagons and accessories for £3. My first card efforts were lineside huts.....it really does bring some enjoyment . Plus, age , eyesight , shaky hands don't help.....but have a go please
  12. Thanks Andrew. Yes....Sentinels will be useful in many East Anglian micros
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