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  1. Had an Athearn Genesis SD-70ACe in CSX for sale, had numerous watches and a bidder. At the last minute, a bidder from the states jumped in, wins the item and now silence. They have zero feedback, only been registered since 2021 and I suspect not likely to follow through. Frustrating as i tend to only list when I get offers. I wish eBay would do more to address this, sadly I doubt they can. I have generally found international buyers genuine and decent but this is the 2nd time on the bounce this has happened, so I think it is time to stop sending abroad.
  2. As I missed the RES ones, I opted to get one of 86634. It arrived today and the excitement soon turned to dismay. Unlike the pair of 86622, the livery finish on this one is terrible. The light grey is patchy, and is full of what looks like sanding marks. This one will have to be sent back. Has anyone else had any livery finish issues?
  3. My RfD pair turned up today, just need to renumber one, either 86608 or 86618. Sadly missed out of the RES example, hopefully more will arrive soon.
  4. 80301-80303 are actually MPSB’s (Multi Purpose Stoneblower). They are able to treat S&C, which the others cannot. NR is investing in more I believe to replace those that can only do plain line. Excellent machines and in high demand, they are not allocated to a specific route like the plain line variants are.
  5. Ncarter2

    DRS 57009

    I have 57007 & 57008 in Freightliner. I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in running.
  6. Have spent many a shift in the back cab of Tampers. The 07’s were impossible to sleep in, but strangely enough, with the 08’s and 09’s I found I could quite easily ‘rest’ my eyes, especially when the 09’s were in continuous motion setting.
  7. It’s also a pain for rail testing and defect management. Several locations I know of have been renewed and the zig-zag has not been replaced.
  8. 153385 is the other VIU, 311 is a non converted unit that’s been used for driver training. The VIU’s are being trialled on Anglia and Wessex, both units have just had a geometry measurement system installed as well. On the VIU’s, both ends have cameras, but only one end has the inspection cameras, those right down at the rail head ( two on each side in the photos you have above ). edit: just looked at photos of the other unit, the inspection end is the original cab end, the small cab only having the high level cameras.
  9. I have seen the YouTube video, I think the footage is fairly old, very late 90’s/early 00’s. It would make sense as Amazon was fairly new in the UK, 98 if I remember right, selling things like books, music, games etc, so most likely used RM for distribution.
  10. Brilliant, many thanks, was starting to think I’d not find one.
  11. https://anticsonline.uk/Product/Hornby-R3948-BR-Class-370-APT-Non-Driving-Motor-NDM-49004-OO_N108532429 This was what I found.
  12. Antics online are showing 2 in the warehouse and Olivias Trains are showing in stock too.
  13. Ah as late as that, I thought it was earlier, around 2015. Thank you for the information.
  14. Evening all, I was down Dollands Moor a few weeks back and noted a couple of 92’s sat, it got me wondering about their current and previous spheres of operation. As I understand it, DB currently has 5/6 in UK operation, these only being cleared for use on HS1 and Dollands Moor to/through the Tunnel, no longer registered for use on the national network. What was the driver for this? Lack of traffic, to ease operations? When did DB’s 92’s last operate on the national network and were they using 3rd rail and OHL up until they got restricted to the current set up? Regarding GBRF’s ones, do they use their 3rd rail capability on a regular basis? I managed to see a photo from about a year or so ago when DB hired a GBRF machine in to cover, it travelled by the juice to get to Dollands Moor. Many thanks in advance and i wish all a Happy New Year.
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