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  1. Just in case this helps anybody.... I found my model of 4154 to generally be a fine runner but there was some slight hesitation on a Peco 3 way point and at one place when I had built a barrow crossing using old ERG sleepers (remember them!). I suspected pick up adjustment may be needed so removed the body. I looked at the pickups and all looked in order so just for the heck of it I replaced the front pony truck and tried the chassis by itself and "voila" not a hiccup in sight. OK I thought put the body back on minus the screws, still no hesitation at all. Right put the screws bac
  2. A few pages back a member was asking for a list of Peter Denny articles etc. I am an infrequent visitor at present to RMWeb, so much happening in life at present but I offer the attached list in the hope it is of interest to others. I am most happy to scan any of the articles if requested as long as I am not breaching any copyright laws! Since some articles are verging on antiquity I doubt it, but I am really too old to contemplate a stretch in the "Scrubs". As with most of my work, the list ends in 2009, but I am thrilled that previous efforts have been appreciated and added to by
  3. Caddy

    Hornby R3692 14XX

    Some 20 years ago in October 1999, I bought one of the first Chinese made Hornby 14xx locos from a small shop in Wincanton. Upon returning to Australia, an old friend suggested replacing the tyred driving wheels with plain ones. This was easily accomplished. The loco has rarely been off the layout since and runs beautifully. I posted a Youtube some 2 years ago, please see below. One recent improvement I have done was to "thicken" the chimney by the simple expedient of wrapping some "scotch" tape around it and then repainting. The change in appearance is striking!
  4. And for those of a certain age or better you can always start the journey with H W Burchell in the February 1967 Railway Modeller with "Kingscroft and High Storrs". Who else remembers fibre sleepered track, Ratio "Brunel" viaducts, and creating any GW loco you want out of the old Kitmaster/Airfix City of Truro and 61xx kits! Those were the days...................
  5. Lovely photos and video and obviously beautifully laid track, thank you. I am now sorely tempted!
  6. The question of what looks right for 1950's BR freight stock grey has been one I have also struggled with for years. That horrible dark lead colour that some Mainlne and early Bachmann wagons came finished in really forced the issue for me. I tried the Railmatch but it seemed too insipid - almost white - and the paint dried very rapidly here in Queensland as to be almost unusable! For the past 10 years or so I have blended my own colour using Italeri Flat Medium and Flight Light Grays - spelt with an a by them, looks right to me and has been favourably commented on by visitors. The most re
  7. Visited Hattons website, they are installing new software apparently but are already doing some strange maths to collect the GST. Seems that Kernow are not collecting the tax - "good on you fellas" . Anybody know if Rails of Sheffield are? In fact is anybody able to make up a definitive list. Could make a big difference where we all shop................
  8. Caddy

    New Hornby 14xx

    I have always liked the Hornby 14xx. When in the UK in 1999 I purchased what must have been one of the earliest Chinese made model with blackened wheels and wow, what a difference over the old Airfix and Dapol versions. The old "Thurleigh Models and Crafts" in Wincanton had a test track in the back of the shop so I was able to see the loco run before buying. After a few years I replaced the driving band wheels with another set of plain wheels. Still now, after nearly 20 years continuous service, the loco runs beautifully. In the other 14xx thread I posted a video of it complete with magnificen
  9. I may be greedy and this is a wonderful announcement for those who like sniffing fumes, but after the P and the Barclay I want more kettles........................
  10. Apart from the mention of Jack Ray and of course Peter Denny, we seem to be forgetting the operators. I would like to nominate Norman Eagles. He and the "Sherwood Gang" really ran a railway. Certainly inspired the way I have approached the hobby.
  11. I have used one of the Bachmann drivers with his feet chopped off...........
  12. Had to put my two pennyworth in. I have just received my BR Black late crest version. It spent over 2 days in customs at Brisbane Airport and then the whole of Easter in the tender mercies of Australia Post (excuse any pun).......... Well worth the wait though, going out on their own, Hattons have created what is a cracking little model, and it runs beautifully. They have kept the construction and mechanism simple and have "nailed" it; well done to all concerned. Looking forward to the Barclay and whatever else is in the pipeline.
  13. Must be getting old, they've been running for 3 days on the layout and I've not noticed a single dimple.............. What I am disappointed in personally is that there is nowhere to hang a tail lamp! After the Hornby Maunsell and Collett coaches etc, I think we have been spoilt, perhaps this is because they were designed such a long time ago.............. Oh well back to the "Blu Tack" Love Robin Brasher's picture above with the Adam's Radial, so they were not always used as "push-pull" stock? More operational possibilities. I have a feeing a second set may be on the cards in the line
  14. Merry Christmas Everyone and to those who flagged support, thank you. My wife and I had a lovely Christmas, but what a storm we had last night, a real "Queenslander". Fortunately for the inhabitants of the Ambridge Vale, we did not lose power. Even Michael Portillo managed to make it to see the new coaches arrive!
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