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  1. An overall view of Clarence Dock with the new backscene. Joe Johnson's fence is broken due to the gales blowing recently. He is now attending to it.
  2. Overall view of Clarence Dock with a new backscene
  3. That reminds me of when I was a Transport Manager for a large road haulage company. A letter arrived on my desk from a certain Cumbrian Council. They wanted payment for damage and renewal of pavement done by one of our wagons that had parked in a narrow street. The driver admitted parking in the street for a short while to deliver goods. That weekend I was passing the street whilst on other business. Several cars were parked on the pavements ether side of the street. I spoke to a number of shopkeepers there they all said the pavements had been broken for a nu
  4. Sacks of grain have arrived at Hudson Ward Flour Millers and George Clarke is closing the wagon door. A new backscene of warehouses typical to the Sovereign Street area of Leeds have been added to give an enclosed, almost claustrophobic feel as I remember it as a lad.
  5. I purchased some pictures of Leeds Warehouses as I remember them. They now form the backscene at Sovereign Street. The idea to give an enclosed, almost claustrophobic atmosphere.
  6. Class 25 25218 on a York to Leeds Central Local Service At Roseville Station Crossing.
  7. As a goods train passes through the station, shunting is in progress in the yard.
  8. 5699 Galatea with a local train passing Marston's Salvage Yard.
  9. New arrival LMS locomotive 4657 on her first run on the layout. Off to collect her coaches for her first turn of duty. Military Personnel preparing to board the train.
  10. Travelling at 60mph one way and 'Lady Patricia 60mph the other way. lol
  11. 5699 'Galatea' on a Leeds Central local service.
  12. Max the dog wanders over to see why young Jimmy Marston is taking so long fixing the wagon wheel. Over on the right, Agnes Marston has a new Hillman Imp.
  13. Thanks for your comments, hayfield. Much appreciated. As you say, removing the moulded details will transform the locos. A little job added to the list. lol
  14. Similar treatment with other Hornby 0.4.0 locomotives. Just a little different to the usually seen. Thanks for looking
  15. One well looked after Austin Cambridge A Class 121 on its journey to Leeds Central
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