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  1. Hi 6990WitherslackHall. I have had the 'Rocket' 18 months, so no it is not the new one. I received it from a member of the family who gets railway related items for me for Christmas. Never to look a gift horse etc. it runs well.
  2. Well before sat navs and the like a lorry driver was often seen 'asking the way' to wherever. In our village the local Hunt was often seen. Outside the old Coach and Horses Inn.
  3. 'Leefy' with a new cab and coal bunker. 'Getting a telling off.' Wagons being tested on the new dock track.
  4. Hi 6990WitherslackHall I have a part used tin of Homebase clear matt varnish from a job done in the house. Waste nothing and all that I thought I'd try that. On application and a short while after it was 'milky' in colour. Fortunately it dried clear. Phew! I gave the whole area two or three coats, the puddles a few more. Pieces of plastic were placed over the puddles and 'bedded in' and a little debris of coal etc. to finish. A two day job at a very easy pace. I have just acquired some figures that need painting to finish the area. The Salvation Army lady was one of them. NB
  5. A lady in Salvation Army uniform at Clarence Dock. She is a Hardy's Models figure. The 'rain' has stopped. Everywhere is still wet. The puddles and debris have been enhanced. More people and boxes etc. are being added.
  6. The enclosed space of a small Station in a City. Beyond the boxes is backscene and again A busy time! Even the tram trundles back and forth A DMU passes. A Leeds City Corporation bus turns the corner Thanks for looking.
  7. Adding 'little bits'. The engines have driver and fireman. The brake van has a guard. Military personnel are on the platform with their kit. Hudson Ward Flour Millers wagon outside Hudson Ward's building. A Fairbairn Lawson wagon outside Fairbairn's. A goods train passes through the station. The engine was formally 'Percy' from the Thomas range. The private owner wagons are of businesses in that were (if not now) in Leeds. Thanks for looking
  8. When the grandchildren visit the little engines, coaches and goods wagons come out. The vehicles are easy to handle. A 'Terrier' complete with driver and fireman An 0.4.0 locomotive in LSWR livery also with driver and fireman plus 'smoke'. Another 0.4.0 locomotive. Originally 'Percy' from the Thomas range. Now repainted, crew added and smoke. Awaiting a new nameplate.
  9. The railway line at the rear of the layout. Not seen from the control area. As the line is a secondary route and as the story goes, has just survived the 'Beeching cuts' there is a overgrown feeling. Not everything is 'prim and proper' here.
  10. Thanks for your comments, 6990WitherslackHall. They are much appreciated. Glad you like the scrapyard. I bought a small part of it at a local exhibition. I then added parts to it. Parts of engine bodies that were 'butchered' etc. have now ended their days in the yard. Old plastic wheels and the like are 'rusted and weathered' then added. Rather simple to do. Just something a little different from the 'norm'.
  11. It's not all 'prim and proper', I love the overgrown look. Trains do run -- A Class 37 37026 and train. A Pacer A DMU at the signal
  12. Scrap! Do we have a buyer? Changing the wheel. Max the guard dog wanders over 'to inspect'.
  13. All the DMUs have correct destination boards showing. Thanks for looking.
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