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  1. 5699 Galatea passing Marston's Yard 5699 Galatea at Canal Corner
  2. Class 47 47401 North Eastern at The Calls Junction.
  3. Class 27 27037 on a York to Leeds local train.
  4. Waiting at the signal whilst the diverted express clears the junction. Clarence Dock after the rain.
  5. Class 47 47583 County of Hertfordshire on its way to Leeds
  6. I borrowed locomotive 46225 Duchess of Gloucester for a couple of days. Here she is on a Up Thames Clyde service. It took me back 'a few years' when I used to travel on the Thames- Clyde. I am 'smitten'. I must get a couple of LMS engines.
  7. At the level crossing outside the Coach and Horses. A BRS driver is asking for directions. Class 121 on the evening Seacroft to Leeds Central service about to arrive at Roseville Station. Class 47 47583 County of Hertfordshire on a diverted Newcastle to Liverpool service. Some branches off the trees smack the side of the coaches as the train passes. (A reminder of my train journeys north of Ladybank.) Not everything is perfect. Nature in control.
  8. The diesel layout is a secondary route and has its own timetable of mainly DMUs and local trains running. Then when there is any engineering work on the main line there are diverted trains running on the layout. Here is some pictures of one such diverted train. A diverted Up Thames-Forth Express with Class 45 45048 The Manchester Regiment in charge.
  9. A Dewsbury Market Place to Leeds Central DMU at Crown Point Junction. Ash Farm Fields and lake behind. Dewsbury Market Place Station actually closed to passenger trains in 1930 and goods trains in 1961. Yet one could board a 'Special Train' there in the 1950s (and did). The station was one of my favourites albeit it had a run-down atmosphere. Maybe that was why i liked it. I do dislike 'prim and proper'. On the layout Dewsbury Market Place Station remained open. The same train at Sovereign Street Station
  10. Class 47s 474483 on a diverted Plymouth to Leeds Central train 47401 North Eastern at The Calls Junction 47583 County of Hertfordshire about to pass Marston's Yard entrance
  11. I have started to build a small goods yard at Clarence Dock to increase the variety of wagons etc. and have more trains running. Small loading/unloading docks big enough for one or two wagons. In the way things are sorting trucks to the correct dock, it is a form of Inglenook Sidings.
  12. Hi 6990WitherslackHall. I have had the 'Rocket' 18 months, so no it is not the new one. I received it from a member of the family who gets railway related items for me for Christmas. Never to look a gift horse etc. it runs well.
  13. Well before sat navs and the like a lorry driver was often seen 'asking the way' to wherever. In our village the local Hunt was often seen. Outside the old Coach and Horses Inn.
  14. 'Leefy' with a new cab and coal bunker. 'Getting a telling off.' Wagons being tested on the new dock track.
  15. Hi 6990WitherslackHall I have a part used tin of Homebase clear matt varnish from a job done in the house. Waste nothing and all that I thought I'd try that. On application and a short while after it was 'milky' in colour. Fortunately it dried clear. Phew! I gave the whole area two or three coats, the puddles a few more. Pieces of plastic were placed over the puddles and 'bedded in' and a little debris of coal etc. to finish. A two day job at a very easy pace. I have just acquired some figures that need painting to finish the area. The Salvation Army lady was one of them. NB
  16. A lady in Salvation Army uniform at Clarence Dock. She is a Hardy's Models figure. The 'rain' has stopped. Everywhere is still wet. The puddles and debris have been enhanced. More people and boxes etc. are being added.
  17. The enclosed space of a small Station in a City. Beyond the boxes is backscene and again A busy time! Even the tram trundles back and forth A DMU passes. A Leeds City Corporation bus turns the corner Thanks for looking.
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