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  1. Dacron is also sold in anglering shops as "braid" available in various thickness it's very good for any representation of rope or wire such as used on cranes or tie downs on wagons. Not sure about an elasticated version though. Re Dapol Windows I've given up on those supplied. Peco do a pack of just windows and doors which are much better, Wills are good but expensive. I've purchased some lasercut which look good but I've not used them yet. Brass etched ones can be had cheep on eBay from time to time and if money is no object York model making do a wide range including church windows. I must say I really like the Dapol kits, with a little work they can be made more individual whilst being easier than scratch building, especially th roofs. I have several thatched cottages, with Peco windows and roof slates, brick plasticard over the stone chimney, new chimney pots and joined two to make a larger one. The houses and inn have too many windows but this can be cured by covering the side walls in a solid sheet of plasticard. Just changing the widows makes a massive improvement but a bit of kit bashing makes them almost unrecognisable as can be seen on the church conversions here. I'll try to put some photos up.
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