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  1. My workshop is just as much a sanctuary as it was ‘back then’ just over three years ago. Since then, however, my circumstances have dramatically changed - now being self-employed. You would have thought having had a nervous breakdown; suffering for some time from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, claustrophobia, agoraphobia and any other phobia around that the present pickle we find ourselves in would be problematic, as well as the added pressure of finding work for myself. But, it goes to prove the truth that one does get stronger through deeply trying times in one’s life. The last time I was made redundant about 20 years before it tipped me into a very bad time, not coping with it at all. This time, I have the mental strength and determination to beat off the doubts and believe in myself. So chin up everyone - you are ALL capable of more than you might always give yourself credit for.
  2. Worth the wait...
  3. All looking very impressive Dave. Enjoying seeing this take shape.
  4. I shall ponder during the day....I had to take it off anyway to upend the baseboard so that I can begin soldering all the droppers on.
  5. Not really, it rests on top of the baseboard. I think I’m just going to go for it....
  6. Ok, well....first step - take it off. That’s as far as I’ve got today...!
  7. My photos were taken from the intended viewing height. So my horizon is too low? Stephen thought it was too high. Maybe I'll see how my mid-distance low-relief buildings look?
  8. By the way Stephen, what you may have mistaken for river is in fact blank where I haven’t painted anything yet. It just looks like sweeping blue water on the photo! But your points are still most definitely valid.
  9. Lovely photos as well by the way!
  10. On the contrary Stephen, this is exactly what I want to hear! You confirm my doubts. Worst case is to remove the backscene and lower it by cutting off a strip at the bottom. Hey ho!
  11. Hi Paul, Thanks for your comments. No, the 6mm mock-ups are purely for setting out and are very rough and ready. I'll probably make the real buildings from 3mm MDF, using my laser cutter where appropriate to form the main wall parts and engraving brick patterns etc. I tend to make minimal use of plasticard these days. This last week I've bought Tortoise point motors and wiring wire, so hopefully this coming week I'll be able to crack on in between proper 'work'. Richard
  12. Thanks, the painting is based on a drone photo of Tewkesbury I happened to come across. My concern was always that being a drone view it is naturally high up. The hill to the right is the Malverns.
  13. That’s reassuring, thanks Dave.
  14. At long last, some Tewkesbury progress! I’ve finally got round to making some 6mm MDF mock-ups of the buildings. This first photo shows the flour mill with the track running into it (highly irregular) with the Blizzard mill behind. Next is the middle ground with the engine shed. These next two are of the troublesome right hand end. I’ve cobbled together something which will mostly hide the track exits but I’m not too hung up about really. To the back is a low relief building and then a bridge crossing the tracks where the road then disappears behind a small building in the foreground. You can also see my efforts so far with the painted backscene. I’m not sure if the horizon and distant buildings are set too high. There will be some decoupage buildings sandwiched between the painted buildings and the low wall. What do you think? I’ve been staring at it for so long now I can’t decide!
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