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  1. Here’s an update on the LNWR northlight engine shed to go with the coal hole. Progressing well. It’s made a big difference putting the wi does in today.
  2. Here’s a few pics of a static display diorama for a collector. It’s just over 4’ long. It will now be passed to Neil Podbery for him to carry out the scenic element. Very pleased with the outcome. Quite excited to see what Neil does to bring it to life.
  3. Even more modest progress today! Thought I’d pick this up at the end of the day and make the coupling hook plates. I guess if I make modest progress every day, sooner or later it might get finished?! Even in Gauge 1 some things are still tiny.
  4. They’re not glued in yet...!!
  5. Modest progress on the double bolster today. Haven’t touched it for a while. As it’s for me I don’t get as much time these days but need to keep it ticking along. So I made the bolsters, chain hoops and upright supports. Loving the detail you can achieve in this scale.
  6. Very neat. Nicely done.
  7. I have now begun an LNWR north light engine shed to go alongside the coal hole. The basic structure is complete, next to move on to detailing the exterior and interior. I am vague on the colour scheme of the woodwork and ironwork for these - I will have to check Nelson’s book...
  8. Given considerably more kudos alongside an LNWR subject! That took guts.
  9. A bit off topic though...
  10. Thanks. Rotating on the phone isn’t the problem. They appear the right way and then somehow twist themselves on here!
  11. Thanks Dave for the endorsement. I hope the cost was within your budget...?!
  12. LNWR Coal Hole details Sorry about the rotation - can’t seem to fix it on an iPhone!
  13. Here’s another completed commission - a 7mm LNWR Coal Hole. Part of a much larger commission. Nothing bought in save the ladder from Wizard. Everything else completely scratch built to museum standard. Thanks to @Stephenwolsten for invaluable prototype information to complement my now dog-eared LNW Portrayed by Jack Nelson. Contact me if you would like to commission a building similar or something else of your own. Always open to suggestions. Sorry about the rotation of some of the pics!!
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