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  1. Here’s the water tank finished, with my best guess on the hut on top.
  2. Well, I can in fact answer this question very accurately - mine is by way of a charitable donation!
  3. Indeed. I think Network Rail have been slow in deciding what they are doing with a handful of suitable candidates for the VoBR to purchase.
  4. Fortunately, the original one recently came up at auction and I was able to obtain a hi-res image of the whole board, which I used to scale off letter spacing and fixing. Additionally, Dave Harris has been very helpful in supplying photos of some of the study centre collection.
  5. Thanks Martin, as I said, I was ‘told’ by my customer that he had tried Templot and couldn’t get it to do what he wanted. I’ve got no real experience with it so just went down my usual Autocad route - especially as drawing for the laser is a doddle. Nothing derogatory intended about Templot, no offence meant, I hope none taken.
  6. Correct. It’s a full-size signal box name board, and will read SHARPNESS SOUTH. As I say the photo renders the ultramarine blue as a little brighter than in reality - it’s not far off the swatch in Midland Style but it’s still fairly bright! I have laser cut the letters out and I’m just in the process of machining up the bevelled surround trim. At just over 10’ long, it’s a beast!
  7. Any guesses as to what this is going to be? I will say the photo makes the blue a tad brighter than it is in real life!
  8. Autocad is very familiar to me, yes. It’s what I grew up with - old dogs and all that…! And yes again, it’s ideally suited to making drawings (dxf) for the laser. Here’s some crossings I made the other day using the same method. These wyes are so tight (it’s a dockyard setting) and unprototypical that I am told Templot would throw it’s hands up in horror!
  9. Been working today on a collection of O Gauge crossings. These are for a commission where the whole layout is on a curve so nothing is straight! Here I’ve drawn the whole layout in Autocad and then used those drawings to cut templates on the laser. The templates are oriented upside down so the vee can be soldered from below along with scrap brass ties which fixes the vee and wing rails together. I’ve got a couple more plain crossings to do before moving on to the last one which is the most complicated one where I’ve combined crossings and a diamond in close proximity. Using these templates means that the rails can be formed to the required curves very accurately and held firmly and accurately while being soldered up. All of the wing rails are drawn over-length as these are trimmed to length and flares added later once the crossing is removed from the template. The only slight niggle to this technique of making crossings is the templates aren’t reusable as they get damaged during the build process.
  10. My ideal of doing a bit on Tewks most days has long since evaporated, however, I have been dabbling on and off with the rear wall and engine shed. I’ve added a bit of grubby colour around the brickwork generally and gone over again with the off-white mortar mix to bring some hi-lights. The rear wall gives a reasonable representation of an older wall showing signs of spalling and in need of repointing. The shed looks ok in natural light but under artificial looks flat. I shall experiment further…
  11. I love the effect of the pastel chalk. Is it fixed in some way or just dusted on? Does handling remove it again? For general weathering try a diluted wash of grubby Humbrol colours, wiping off with a scrap of cloth.
  12. 672….I do believe you’re serious…!
  13. This is a close-up of the said photo just in case it jogs someone’s memory…
  14. Back to the subject of water tanks, I’m building another one, based on the one I believe at Sheffield. This one is unusual as it straddles a platform. I have only been shown one photo where it’s in the background and has some sort of hut on top. I wonder if anyone has any more info on it?
  15. For my work (Monks Gate Models professional model maker etc etc) I have recently started using Timeular which is an app on my phone. You can pay a subscription but I use the free version and it does everything I need it to, ie keeps track of how much time I spend on the many and various projects I have on the go at any one time. You can add as many different projects as you want and can archive them when they’re done. I have no connection with Timeular other than being a happy chappy user. The thing that I have found using it though is that once I set the timer on it to record time spent against a particular project, it focusses my mind to only work on that project alone and not get side-tracked or distracted. This is obviously a good thing when it’s my income but it also occurs to me that it could be useful in all manner of contexts within getting round to doing stuff, especially the stuff we may have been putting off, whether getting paid for it or not. Even the act of creating a new project and naming it something like Point Control or even break it down some more and categorise individual points on the layout. I find the satisfaction of completing even the smallest task and archiving it is quite delicious and is a pat on my back!
  16. Or maybe a fancy Farrow & Ball shade like ‘Clunch’ or ‘Dropcloth’….?
  17. A quick question if I may: what colour would the gutters and downpipe have been on the engine shed c1907? Crimson Lake?
  18. You may recall me making mention of a photo plank. I’ve made a few now for customers but have decided to make one for myself. I started one a little while ago but in reflection it was too shallow to get a retaining wall in plus some undergrowth behind it. So I’ve started again. This time with a hardwood frame and rebate to take an acrylic dust cover. I’m also repurposing a bracket signal redundant from Monk’s Gate and added the toe end of a turnout to a) justify the bracket signal and b) give a bit more interest. The groundworks will be taken care of by my very good friend Neil Podbery. If anyone wants to make use of the Mk I photo plank then I could finish it off for a good price.
  19. Also on page 9 of the latest Midland Railway Society Journal I see…
  20. My life just got shorter thinking about it…!
  21. The effect after hoovering off.
  22. Speaking of mortaring, I’ve also had a play with the long rear wall. I splodged some mortar over small areas and then when dry rubbed it all over with wire wool. The effect I think is quite pleasing. Next will be to blend it all in and further weathering. Two more photos in the next post.
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