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  1. Given considerably more kudos alongside an LNWR subject! That took guts.
  2. A bit off topic though...
  3. Thanks. Rotating on the phone isn’t the problem. They appear the right way and then somehow twist themselves on here!
  4. Thanks Dave for the endorsement. I hope the cost was within your budget...?!
  5. LNWR Coal Hole details Sorry about the rotation - can’t seem to fix it on an iPhone!
  6. Here’s another completed commission - a 7mm LNWR Coal Hole. Part of a much larger commission. Nothing bought in save the ladder from Wizard. Everything else completely scratch built to museum standard. Thanks to @Stephenwolsten for invaluable prototype information to complement my now dog-eared LNW Portrayed by Jack Nelson. Contact me if you would like to commission a building similar or something else of your own. Always open to suggestions. Sorry about the rotation of some of the pics!!
  7. Definitely stand alone on a display case. The Management would never allow Gauge One in the garden - and that’s the only space left for it!
  8. Yes, that’s the one, thank you.
  9. I think I will probably end up with the tree-trunk load as that would seem the most likely load and within its weight loading. However, thoughts are turning to a small diorama of the Rolls-Royce chassis being loaded. As I’m away from my books at the moment would anyone be able to furnish a photo of the picture from Midland Wagons? The only thing is on my choice of rolling stock I’m a bit limited to what Slaters offer as underframe parts ie standard stuff. It doesn’t look like they do anything other than standard 8 spoke wagon wheels for instance. I had thought about a flat carriage wagon with period load but no mansell wheels and long springs. Or long buffers.
  10. Yes, would have been the most likely loads I guess. I’m sure I’ve seen a photo of a Rolls Royce chassis being loaded onto something - probably in either Midland Wagons 1 or 2.
  11. I wonder what sort of vehicle or load would be suitable for a long drop side? And incidentally any ideas for a load for the double bolster other than the ubiquitous tree trunk?
  12. More detailing today. I’ve got as far as I can with the above solebar details until some bigger bolts arrive and the couplings from Slaters. I’ve got the bolsters to do but holiday beckons so they will have to wait. The length of display track is finished and I’ve ordered a bespoke acrylic display case for it. The rope tying points are actually pinned to the solebars with some of the ridiculously small bolts. All the other bolts so far have been done using the biggest size I bought, so when some even bigger ones arrive I’ll be able to deal with the acne that’s broken out in readiness. Dave Harris of the Midland Study Centre came up trumps with a scanned official drawing which amongst other interesting features seems to show individual backing plates in the internal corners, whereas photos seem to show square plates. I’ve gone with the drawing but I’m not sure as it looks too fussy.
  13. I’m wondering about these Historex bolts. I’ve sized them according to @Compound2632’s prototype sizes but I think they all come up small. I wonder if @airnimal might be able to advise? I think if I can get some slightly larger ones I’ll then have a go at drilling them out.
  14. Some more modest progress today, I keep picking away at it. The bolts arrived today so I’ve had a go at fitting a few. They are insane. Enough to drive anyone completely bonkers! They scale correctly but somehow look too small. Too late now though, I shall persevere. But getting them spot on in line is nigh on impossible. In other news as you can see I’ve fitted the soleplates and temporarily set it on its wheels for the first time. The track has been painted and ballasted; further weathering to be done when it’s dry.
  15. I stand corrected - the wagon in the supplement doesn’t have external straps for the W-irons either! Perhaps this could be my next one? If anyone knows of a nice turn of the century motor car model or something similar in 1:32 to grace it?
  16. The solebars were definitely clad, hence no external straps for the W irons. I have a copy of the Midland Record specials - didn’t think to look in there!
  17. Some small progress today. I’ve given the track another dirt coat, will be able to move on to the sleepers next and then ballast. I’ve also made a start on detailing the body, whilst waiting for the bolts to arrive. I’ll tackle the corner plates in two pieces. Lastly I thought it would be a good idea to clad the solebars in plasticard to replicate the iron cladding of the prototype. Probably totally unnecessary but there you go!
  18. And I have just ordered 4 different size nuts and bolts. That should keep me going - or do my head in....
  19. And as my 2mm laserply arrived today, I pressed on with assembling the floor, sides, ends, headstocks and end pillars.
  20. Some progress inbetween other bits and bobs and mopping my brow. I’ve made little slots on the backs of the solebars using scrap brass to retain the W-irons. I believe this is a common method and works very well. The W-irons are a push fit and will need no further permanent fixing, but will be removed for final painting. Usefully, the springs have locating pips in the backs so it’s simply a case of fitting them first and then push the W-irons into the slots until they stop against the spring shackles. I’ve also assembled the axleboxes and given them and the wheels a first coat of black. Lastly a first coat of a rather hideous rust colour to the rails. Do not fear- it won’t stay this way! More to follow....
  21. Well that’s my newbie understanding. I’m building to 3/8” or 1/32 or 9.525/ft. Theoretically not going anywhere near 10mm/‘ unless I have to at some point in the future for particular parts. But if I stick to Midland prototypes then I’m ok with Slaters who seem to refer to their stuff as 1/32. I’m content however with the track gauge slightly off - 45mm is close enough for me and is closer than Finescale O Gauge.
  22. Ooh err...as in REAL nuts and bolts?!
  23. When it comes to representing nuts and bolts on the solebar and elsewhere, they seem to be 3/4” thread with a nut of say about an inch across give or take. What are your thoughts on representing these? I wonder if @airnimal knows of a suitable product? In this scale an inch is 0.8mm.
  24. Hi all, This is a bit of a diversion but hopefully one which will prove an enjoyable foray into slightly unknown territory. I have for a while been drawn to scales larger than 7mm and have decided to dip my toe into Gauge One. Right from the start I will say this is 1/32 or 9.525mm:ft rather than 10mm to the foot. I have the space to ‘go outside’ with it but probably won’t get ‘planning permission’! So I’m consigning myself at the moment to a stand alone showcase model. In this case a Midland double bolster wagon. Reasonably simple construction and with a log load should look quite charming. I plan on presenting it in absolute ex-works condition so no weathering at all. This is an excerpt from Midland Wagons Vol 1 and shows one built to Dia 339. Construction has tentatively begun by machining up sections of timber for (top to bottom) solebars, headstocks, sides, ends, strip for end supports, strip for underframe bracing, blanks for the bolsters. I’m waiting for some 2mm laser ply to arrive before cutting the floor with engraved plank grooves. I’ve also raided Slaters stores department for the tricky bits ie wheels, axleboxes, springs, buffers, brake gear and W iron etches and couplings. So it should be a fairly straightforward introduction for me. Unsure at the moment how much accurate detail will be made beneath the wagon, we shall see. And lastly as you can see I have purchased a length of track and started on a display base edged in oak. This level of detail really deserves careful painting and weathering even of the track. Finally my thanks go to @Compound2632 for his invaluable help needed with sketches and construction notes even before starting to cut timber! More anon.
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