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  1. I was making it up as i went along.... but now i've an idea for a Baguley Drewery ex RN 0-4-0 diesel, the 70hp shorter version with the two side bonnet/door panels. I've made a few in plasticard to 16mm scale so i've a rough idea in my head how things should look, it won't be spot on to scale but hopefully it'll give the impression of one. The bogies will be well hidden by the plated in side skirts, although it's not the correct wheel arrangement it might be better for the tighter curves. Being a back street bodger i'll be measuring the body panels by dividing the body length into thirds, one third being the cab section, the other two thirds will be the full bonnet length section, the height of the bonnet and height of the cab roof will be equally split in half when measured from the chassis rails. The length of the loco' is 130cm. and the width is 60cm. A cardboard template has been made for the grille panel and it's 60cm high, and 50cm wide, this will make the full cab height to around a metre but the extra 10cm. in height at 120cm. might be needed for the headroom. I plan to have the cab top half hinged and removable at bonnet height so as to be able to lift it open and then close it all up once inside....just like the old motorbike sidecars used to do. I should have all the materials to make the complete grille panel by the end of this week.
  2. I'm not posting as much or as often from now on, but i will keep you updated on the progress on my garden build stuff and a couple of other topics. I fitted two buffer plates over the weekend, they are 4mm. thick steel plate off cuts, came at just the right pre-cut size and bought off e-bay for less than a tenner inc' postage, i've to take the sharp corners off yet as my shins will bare witness I clamped them into place, drilled through them and into the chassis frame with a 7mm drill bit, the fixing holes were then tapped out to a 8mm. No need for welding these on just yet or if ever at all as i've more fittings and the couplings to put on. Apologies to proper engineers, i'm more a back street bodger but i do try my best with the limited tools available to me, and if i've not got the tools or expertise then i will look to find someone who has! I have a lot of parts and bits ordered now, it's just a case of waiting for them to arrive and for the weather to dry up!
  3. 13-7-'20. 2.20pm. Thought i'd seen a ghost today. 142 068 +150 146. Crow Nest Junc' Hindley.
  4. 8-7-'20. 2.43pm. Cemetary Rd. Wigan. passing SP depot 88009. Also posted in the AC electrics section but i've played about with this one a bit.
  5. These have all gone as of yesterday i could see none. 8-7-'20.
  6. Traveled all the way to Ayr from the Manchester area behind 40 019 on a Sunday Merrymaker trip. Seen here stabled on the depot waiting for our return home. no exact date only it was 1980. A cross eyed 40 comes down the bank into Man' Vic' in Dec' 1981
  7. Bad pic' but someone once asked about the old Red Coach. It had 'Mess Van' written on the sides, seen on the scrap line at SP depot as 08744 passes. 6-11-83. Was an early Sunday morning, the day after bonfire night, hence the foggy atmosphere!
  8. 47 177. 22-12-'82. Coming off the branch from Bickershaw Colliery at Springs Branch Wigan with a coal train to Fiddlers Ferry Power station .
  9. Thanks 4630! Great!... three kops for the price of one, usually there's a stone train and only one 66 sat right there at two p.m. This silently cruised through.
  10. Thanks Talk about rattle, sounded like an old Mini when the timing chain was slack .
  11. Thanks Jack! Brill 560..another kop! only 200 to go!
  12. 8-7-'20. A bit blurred as i was caught out looking t'other way over Taylors Ln. bridge at Ince, Wigan at 2.05pm when these three silently sneaked up. 66531 at the front and 66416 at the rear, middle one is anybodies guess...unless anyone knows other wise? Realtime trains says it was 628Z.
  13. 8-7-'20. Saw my first 70 today...cough! splutter! 70 803 was a noisy rattly thing that was sat under Taylors Ln. bridge at Springs Branch Wigan for a good half hour belching out blue smoke. Awkward place to get my first pic's of one between all the wires and posts.
  14. 8-7-'20. Cemetary Rd. Ince. WCML 88 009. 2.40pm.
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