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  1. Thanks Stovepipe that looks like the right one, with a dent in the right place and now painted over and has Royal Oak says a lower OLE flash, great work everyone. 40 172 was always around SP around the early '80's. Here's another unknown number seen at Guide Bridge in 1981 with the end doors dented inwards, and a few pics' more for detailing if it helps. 40 178 faces 40 171 at SP in 1981. 40 055 with fading Yellow end and stripes of White showing through at Guide Bridge 1981.
  2. I have three possibles in my pics' but no paint scrapes on those three 40's, which are 170, 178, 181. If it helps i spotted a pic' of 40 065 at Reddish depot in '82-ish with a centre head code box but no hand rail above it, and an obvious lower cab body front bottom edge where the connecting doors once where. I did'nt see the i assume local youth inside until the pics' came back from Truprint
  3. Thanks Brian, no worries it's just that i'd noticed a lot had bent ended round bar hand rails, and not a lot in any of my own pics' had these brackets on the ends. I'll go through my cl.40 pics' again and make a list of any numbers i can see with these brackets.
  4. Had to do a few repairs on the lamp brackets on the 37, so before i put it (gently) back in its box i took a few grainy pics'
  5. A few quick pics' but bad light on the layout today in the spare room but i did my best with the big light on Sprayed it up in a car exhaust heat paint matt Black, with Humbrol signal Red buff beams, but the Black reacted with the primer and gave the paint work a crackle effect, which i've come to like and gives it a well worn look. All was wafted lightly over with the air brush using my own dirty diesel under-frame Black/Brown mix. Needs a few extras sticking on like a driver and the name plates are on order. ....it'll be yet another of my loco' builds named 'Warrior' Just noticed that the kneeling Bachmann figure has Green hair!
  6. Springs Branch 1981. I'm hoping that this centre head code box class 40's number might be recognised by someone by the fittings and bar on the front end? I'm just thinking and planning ahead for what number i would pick for an 'O' gauge Heljan version i'd like to own.
  7. Thanks for posting that newbryford, i was wondering whether they were still giving some away.
  8. I was watching the sea come over the walls on the web cams this morning and up to lunch time, it was terrifying to watch, and it was'nt even high tide, just glad i was'nt on any trains there today and hope no one got hurt.
  9. Maybe he's more like the Ian Carmichael character in the film 'Lucky Jim'
  10. Thanks! That's all looking very good. Its a great hobby which keeps us out of trouble and do's no harm to no one apart from our better halves and our wallets. Good luck with the show.
  11. Loads of great info there Edwardian, thanks. Here's a rear end pic of 'TB Wood' in the shed at Gin pit, somehow it would'nt let me post it above. It could help a lot in the rear cab and bunker detail construction if anyone's thinking of modelling it.
  12. Not a lot in the book but hope it helps. 'George Peace' was built in 1906 by Lowca engineering of Whitehaven. an 0-6-0 side tank with inside cylinders and joys valve gear. 'James Lord' was built in 1903 again by lowca of Whithaven. The earliest of three identical loco's was named 'T.B. Wood' and was also built by lowca in 1897. All three worked well into the early 1950's at the Gin Pit, Tyldesley Lancs' A pic of 'T.B. Wood' in the engine shed at Gin Pit after the roof had collapsed in 1956.
  13. Will go read my book and report back soon
  14. Looking forward to going to this and meeting up with and seeing a few old faces and having a great day out Are you and your fellow group of garden railway enthusiast posting any of your garden railway threads/topics on here? As i'd love to see them. Or are they to be seen elsewhere such as on Facebook?
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