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  1. Owd Bob

    Dapol 08

    So much for freedom of speech on here and to someone with a differing view from a mod' and someone who sees it from the other side of all the oh so perfect appraisals of products. AY has stopped CME from posting on this very thread and has barred him for a week for daring to be honest in his own opposing appraisal, until he decides what to do with him next.
  2. Wow! Great, and it shows off the height and the track gradients well.
  3. Tex! here is 08 611 at Newton Heath depot Manch' in 1981. Unofficially named 'Dewsnap' Hope it helps.
  4. We got the grille squares cut out of the two bonnet side panels over the last few days so as to fit two metal grilles which i got off e-bay a several months ago, they look to be 1960's ex military surplus to me and came in the usual MOD type brown paper so they are well made and look to be enameled. I've riveted them on from the rear using the grilles original fixing holes, and we put a bit of 'No Nails' around the grille/hole edges to act as a sealant. The round hole is for a future fuel gauge which may or may not be a working one, but i do have the chrome surround and the glass to fit into i
  5. Trial & loose fitting some panels whilst the Sun shines, most will need spacers behind them, so i'll be using large rubber tap washers in the hope of stopping any future rattling. I'm hoping to get the steel cab panels tacked on this week. The mock fuel filler is the top screw on/off half of a kids pound shop bike bell. I have a mock oil breather as well to make but i do have all the parts. I forgot to add the cab roof when i took these pics' it is finished and just needs some hinges fitting and painting up.
  6. Owd Bob

    Dapol 08

    I have eight 'o' gauge diesels, the 3 Dapol 08's i have are yet to turn a wheel and being over two years old will probably be seized up by now The five others are all Heljans which fall to bits every time i take them out of their boxes, no matter how careful i am. It's a lot of dosh to spend for what could turn out to be static dust collecting ornaments. All mine are up for grabs so why not take a risk on a bargain...you never know they might run ok and bits might just stop falling off them in someone else's hands...but keep the super glue handy just in case.
  7. C.M.E. Our coal man also had Bedford TK's, the council dustcarts around here were almost always the small Bantam/Karrier types with those pull down shutters on a half round bin type rear body Then there was the 'Pop' mans wagons Again they were either TK's or Ford 'D' cabs. We had the 'Corona' and 'Alpine' pop firms coming round. Then there's all the Ice Cream vans Bedford CA's mainly, and all with Italian sounding names which were all beautifully sign written, we had one big posh van that would come around, think it was a Morris? Maybe Mr. Whippy with pink and cream paintwork, it looked like
  8. My mate came around over the weekend and did some cutting and drilling for me, i just did the easy stuff and stuck the rivets and bolts in the holes and then sprayed the bonnet up. Managed to get and fitted two alloy cupboard door handles which i found at the local DIY shop for ten bob each! The two side panels can be etch primed today whilst its surprisingly lovely warm weather, i do still need eight more smaller handles for the side panels which i can find and add later.....and cheap i hope! It all adds a bit of interest and detail rather than plain blank sides.
  9. Cheers CME, the coal wagon started off as a £3 charity shop find, which i cut about a bit! Made it from my memories of our local coal man coming around the streets back in the '60's. Coal sacks were modelling clay, the two weights made from those plastic 'size' things found on the top of coat hangers, filled, sanded and then some small brass screw in eyelets fitted.
  10. More great stuff Stu' but why post 'em on here when you have your own great thread mate, i'm sure we'd all love to see more of your railway, and wagon builds posted. No probs' with the recovering and treatment pal, i've been waiting far too long for it so i won't mess it up now, And owt being done here is easy stuff and mostly done with help from others and very slowly.
  11. Nice one Ossy, is it a kit or home made? Nice to know you are still breathing and hard at it.
  12. Not sure what the 66 runs are in aid of but there have been quite a few every morning all this week except for Mon' and with return runs in the late afternoon and evenings, not all were at the times as stated on Realtime trains. I saw three 66's within half an hour on Weds' morn'All in all it made a nice surprise for me at this location and i've kopped a few 66's this week.
  13. Cheers CME After several weeks of dynamic inactivity laying up in bed after my back op' was finally done i've now got permission off the physio guy to do a bit more moving about I've started this by easing myself into bending the alloy roof and bonnet panels, two pieces of 3" x 2" wooden posts were clamped either side of the sheets, quite easy as the 1.5mm. thick alloy is soft enough to bend by hand. Was lucky to be watching the web cams at the Talyllyn Railway a few weeks back and the loco' type i'm copying off was sat right under the cam' in Pendre yard, so i was able to do some real 'rive
  14. The blue loco' was made from a single cab green one that i could never get to run right, i thought it was jinxed and so i added another bonnet to it, It never got a running chassis put on it and it got towed away and sold off not very long after its conversion. My recent passport pic' ...as we say up here " i'm reet sh&gg£d out"
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