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  1. Agree! what price can you put on memories. Funny how the wagon my Dad drove for Lancs' C.C. was also Yellow, and so was the next D' series he drove for a local builders merchant, both i believe were ex' MOD. the LCC one being a six legger. He also drove quite a few Bedford TK's over the years so maybe a model of that type will be the next to find and spray up. The primer dried quicker than expected in the warm Sun on top of the wheelie bin yesterday, so i got the Yellow paint out, the mud guards were picked out in gloss Black by brush and a few B.R. stickers were added, another few evenings should see it looking a lot better than here and also well weathered and parked up on shed. Its nice to do something different, although it is still model railway related.
  2. Got out and visited a steam rally in Cheshire at the weekend and found just the model on the autojumble stalls that i've been looking for, and it's one to park up at 'Springsbury depot' It is a Dinky Ford D cab model, my Dad drove one for Lancs' County Council back in the 1960's early '70's, so as a kid i had this very model which was from memory one that came as a kit to put together yourself. This was a good surviving example with all its tyres and its jewelled headlamps still in place, no dents or broken windscreen either so i paid £15. which i think is a fair price for a good example. I paint stripped it down on Sat' eve' then cleaned some molding lines and flash up with needle files and rubbed it all down with 2000 grade wet & dry paper on Sun' morn' and then White primed it all up in the afternoon. This morning i satin Black spray canned the chassis and cab seats up. Hopefully tomorrow i can give its final coat of Halfords Vauxhall Mustard Yellow.
  3. Cor Blimey! Did we all look like that before Punk Rock arrived? A few late '70's 110 snaps from me taken at SP. 40 027 stands next to a pile of coal that was used for the steam crane. 47 272 & 40 082.
  4. For the first time in over a month i finally got to get out to see a real loco' 66080. 9-7-'19. Passing Crows Nest junc' Hindley at 2.08pm in the heavy rain. I've never seen a 66 in any other colours than DB Red or the old EWS, so it makes that 'Signal toothpaste' liv' above a thing worth seeing even if it looks daft to me.
  5. Spent an hour in the heavy rain this lunch time and only saw this one class 142 unit at Crows Nest Junc' Hindley. Passing at 1.32pm with the Southport- Blackburn.
  6. Thanks Mike, the link is superb, i shall enquire about those kits, always nice to find new sites and new models/classes i never saw or knew about before. Cheers Marc, the trees do look a bit regimental all in a row but thats how they are on the real thing and in an old pic' Thankfully i've not many more Green bits left to add, maybe a couple of big trees, one at each end/corner to hide the angle. I seem to have caught up with a lot of stuff over the last few weeks so its all going to go quiet around here for a while again until i restock with some more bits and bobs to mess about with.
  7. Finally planted the trees last night. I've got this blurry old instamatic pic' of some DMU'S re-fueling at Wigan S.P. taken in about 1979-80, it's not something i saw a lot of back then. I really do fancy making a kit of any DMU from this era (if i can find one) and of a class that ran in this area of the North West but i have'nt a clue on what class they are at all! DMU's were not a thing i took much notice or pics' of back then Any help on the DMU class in this pic' or any info' on any kits that may be available would be greatly received. Thanks!
  8. Great to hear you have got something running Mike A fag and a bottle of falling down water and the lovely weather you have had seems like pure heaven to me, looking forward to seeing some great pics'
  9. Porthmadog Station, 13th June '19. The 9.34am Pwllheli to Birmingham International stands beneath the ancient hillfort and quarry sites of Moel y Gest.
  10. Not Northern Rails new 'Pacer' replacement units then!"
  11. Never worry about the viewing figures like a lot do on here do Duncan Please just carry on with the great modeling, some are watchers just like myself and just tick the 'like' and 'craftmanship' boxes and say little else, do'snt mean we don't care if we don't post replies or comment as often as some folks do.
  12. Only pic' i have, bad quality as it was barely daylight at about 7.20am, 370 006 passes Springs Branch depot.
  13. Only casually watching from a distance over my local rail lines over the last few weeks and not had a real chance to stand and spend much time train watching lately but i've not seen a 142 on the Wigan-Bolton or Wigan-Manchester lines for a few weeks now, only seen 150's. I must go out and try better to find some this week! Saw an article and Mayor Andy Burnham on the local BBC telly last night moaning about them staying on in service longer.
  14. Loving and following this layout and its ongoing progress Mike, who cares what or where the pipes go, they really look the part.
  15. Cheers for the links Barnaby, now at least those are a lot closer & cheaper to order from. For the small amount you get though it seems to be worth more than flippin' Gold bcn pete, and the rest of you nice folks many thanks, finished it off last night by adding the very fiddly pipework to the buffer ends, it really means a lot when i get good & nice feedback, it spurs me on to the next daft project, i'm saving up now for a new Heljan 47, but by going off recent releases i should have enough to buy two by the time it supposedly comes out
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