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  1. Just got back from a very good useful weekend course on tree making @ Pendon museum. 6 of us were on the course & we were treated to some excellent tuition from the tutors Stuart Holt & Mick Bonwick along with good hospitality from the museum including free entry to the exhibits. I can thoroughly recommend these Pendon courses that are extremely good for learning new skills, great tutors & friendly staff. All materials were included along with a good sandwich etc lunch each day & we came away with a quality tree ready to grace any layout. All of the 6 trees would not look out of place @ the museum. Great stuff!
  2. Disappointed that the promised plaques have not materialised or have people received them & I have been forgotten?
  3. Sorry, do not understand the comment.
  4. Can anybody supply details regarding routings, locomotives used & any other useful details of the movements of Berry Wiggins fuel tank wagons from their base in Kent to Gloucestershire/Forest of Dean etc. I assume there was an exchange somewhere from Southern motive power to Western & the route must have been interesting! Any information would be appreciated.
  5. Would they have been seen between say Gloucester towards the Forest of Dean, towards Worcester area or out to the Welsh borders?
  6. Has anybody got any suggestions or is using or come across something suitable to detect when a loco, wagon or train has passed a certain fixed point & giving an indication in the form of say an LED? Due to the scenic end of my layout a little hidden as it enters the fiddle yard I would like to see an indication when the end of the train, loco or wagon has got to that point. I guess an LED could be lit all the time but goes out when something goes past a sensor or alternatively lights up when something is detected.
  7. Probably missed it somewhere but what is the approximate release date for these 16XX's?
  8. As to suppliers, Gaugemaster, Cheltenham Model Centre & TMC Spring to mind as reliable & competitive suppliers. My 94XX will come from one of them.
  9. My two have run perfectly straight out of the box with no adjustments & before running in. No real noticeable improvement even after the recommended running in. Still OK after 9 months or so.
  10. Now sorted by good old EBay!
  11. Well, I do not need to wait now until Bachmann issue them again! Managed to recently get a grey one & later a bauxite one on EBay for around £20 each including postage. Both unused but one without a box. The most noticeable error (chimney on the grey one) corrected & both weathered with my airbrush etc. They look a treat.
  12. Got 2 of them & they run fine on my DC cameo shunting layout. I use Peco 75 track & points with DCC Concepts motors. All live frogs with extra feeds wired in as DCC Concepts instructions. Any Insulfrog points should consigned to the bin in my opinion.
  13. I note that Bachmann have new listings for the Pill Box brake vans (38-401B grey & 38-402B brown). Does anybody know if the faults with the original batch, discussed at length, have been eliminated & when these 'new' versions are due from Bachmann. I suspect that it is just a reissue/ renumbering exercise from Bachmann but you never know your luck - they may have listened!
  14. It has been a while since I fitted screw link couplings (cosmetic use only) as in recent times Bachmann have supplied a half decent fitting to glue on. I now need a pair of couplings for a loco not supplied with them. I always thought that the Romford items obtained in the past were a bit over scale so was hoping somebody might know of a more 00 scale product. Thanks in anticipation.
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