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  1. That is very helpful, thank you and, together with the previous post, gives me the difference electrification made. Grateful for the offer to provide more but not needed. Thanks again.
  2. That's brilliant and fills a gap. Many thanks indeed.
  3. I am researching how Edinburgh to London daytime services have changed over the years for a possible article. I am looking for information on services in the 80's in the HST era and in the 90's in the electric. Alas, my copies of the GB all line timetable for those periods were disposed of by Senior Management when we were having a clear out, on the grounds that they were superfluous. If anyone has copies of timetables in the 1980's and/or 1990's, I would be interested in the following from table 26: 1.how many daytime trains were there from London to Edinburgh, by wh
  4. Thanks for the tip. Just seen. Very impressive article describing workings in the area, not just Windermere. Sad to think that it has all gone now.
  5. Belated thanks for these helpful observations. Good to know iIcan legitimately model a branch line with diesels, freight and loco hauled trains.
  6. Thanks both. Sorry for the delay in responding but have been away. In the interim, PCrail have released a signalling simulation for Oxenholme you might be interested in. Set in the 50's so a bit before the period I am interested in but looks good. PCrail.co.uk is the website I think.
  7. Anyone have any info on freight and parcels working on the Windermere branch - timings and destinations - in the late 1960s? I have the Oakwood Press history of the branch but, although it mentions them existing that is pretty much it. I am guessing there were freight trips from Carnforth or perhaps Ribble Yard. Good to see a proper branch that, at that even into the 70's had loco hauled trains and freight traffic, so I can justify large diesels on a branch line.
  8. Thanks to your help I now have the relevant copy of RM and can report that the timetable is clearly based on the Highbridge branch as the pattern of services is pretty much the same and in some cases the times are very close to those of actual trains. Two main differences:: Berrow has an Express for "The North" which if you allow for the notional time to reach Evercreech Jn would seem to be able to attach to the Pines Express and detach for the return trip. And there is no perishables train as ran on the Highbridge branch. Clearly research put into it all those years ago.
  9. Thank you both. 2009 sounds about right. looking back, i think on reflection i saw it in somewhere like WH Smith and meant to go to Harburn Hobbies to buy it, as I prefer to support my local model shop but by the time i went they had run out or the next month's edition was out.
  10. I remember seeing a Railway Modeller a few years ago that had a short article on the Berrow and East Brent layout, including the timetable that was used. For some reason i cannot now recall i didn't buy it when i saw it. Can anyone remember which issue it might have been so i can look for it on ebay or elsewhere? I've been searching on the internet but as i don't know which edition i might be looking for the words needle and haystack spring to mind. i first saw the layout years ago at the Central Hall Westminster and it has stuck with me. Having just acquired the Xpress Publishing
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