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  1. Haven't visited RMW for a while and was distressed to find how difficult it is to deal with. I fully understand your [and others'] frustrations. I am sorry it is probably responsible for your lack of postings which I always found interesting and enjoyable and I hope you don't give up on it completely.
  2. Just read through the 4 pages of this topic, found it very interesting. There are some railways that try very hard to make things interesting for volunteers and have well structured introductions and education in the topics that they will come across. One danger is the "fun" factor. Volunteers are just that and they do want to enjoy their volunteering or they will soon quit. Nowadays we have a very much safety oriented society so there is much more beurocracy to deal with which doesn't have much of a fun factor but it is very necessary. When I was a volunteer back in the 80s it was a great deal of fun and not too much worry with rules, everybody was assumed to have basic common sense, [now it is apparently a rare commodity] nobody got hurt and things got done. Now we have a new rule that forbids people to work on a railway until they are 16 but again some more enlightened railways have special courses for the 14-16 age group which seem to be successful. Obviously in the H&S climate of today volunteering can still have some of the fun factor but with an underlining of seriousness. Young people are the future for the heritage industry. I do feel that as yet the numbers of them actively involved is probably insufficient for all the heritage lines and some may very well fall by the wayside. Only old codgers like me can remember the days when steam engines were part of our daily experience and as we fall by the wayside today's youngsters will have to create their own railway heritage to ensure at least some of it will continue.
  3. When was the last issue published and is it still going?
  4. What is covered by this volume, brakevans and what else?
  5. I put some money towards the restreamlining of 6229 foolishly imagining the NRM would return it to steam so we could see an LMS streamliner in action. It appears that I was wrong and it will remain "stuffed and mounted" in York. Very disappointing!
  6. Thanks for the info S Thanks for the info Shaun, I didn't know such things existed but they do and what a huge variety of them!
  7. I believe it was the world's first flat decked bridge, built towards the end of the 18th century it still carries weights far in excess of traffic weights back then and has had very little maintenance over the years, Southern end has a tee junction and Mr Harrison even built matching houses facing the bridge to complete the picture.
  8. It is now September 16th, has anything happened to the perpetrators yet, has anyone been in court? I expect the wheels of justice will run pretty slowly.
  9. Hey Shaun, where do you get the crumpets from, struggle to find any here in Arkansas and the ones I did find were a very poor substitute for Warburtons. I usually bring several packs back when I've been to UK and put them in the freezer. Have to ration them though! Edward
  10. I enjoyed the article too but where were photographs 20 and 21 mentioned in the text?
  11. Flying Scotsman looked so much nicer without the double chimney and weird blinkers. Edward
  12. Another set of pictures demonstrating how superb your work is Richard [apart from the aforementioned giant Philips screwhead]. I see the new Wickham has its nice little shed, I am sure it will be happy! Best wishes Edward
  13. I got my copy free with Railway Magazine a couple of days ago. I found it very interesting and a good read, lots of useful information on suppliers such as a long list by county. Some but certainly not all of it aimed at newcomers, nice article on 3D printing which is something I know little about. I hope it continues and the proprietors can find enough outlets for it, I assume it is supported by advertisers. Great start anyway, well done. Edward
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