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  1. Went to Bury on Saturday and what an excellent gala it was. High point for me was the two standard 4 tanks in tandem. Worth the 5 a.m. get up. Guy
  2. Best of luck Nigel, I hope the weather is kind to yous that weekend. Guy
  3. Very interesting I would like to see some more photos of your progress on other wagons your group is restoring. Sorry, but you don't seem to have posted a name? Guy
  4. Is there a possibility of the mini me ageing while positioned on your layout and you staying young AMJ? If so put my name down for scanning. Guy
  5. As someone who has suffered from depression/anxiety from teen years on, I can only but sympathize with your condition. My own journey through this debilitating disease has been helped, I have found, by keeping physically active and mentally occupied. Easy to say and not too easy to put into practice I hear you say and quiet rightly so. My advice would be to start with setting achievable goals, don't embark on projects which are too complicated and over long. And, an important thing this, give yourself credit for completing even the most trivial task, this allows you to build a sense of things being worthwhile. It was realised early on that men returning from service in the Great War and who showed symptoms of 'Shell Shock' (now known as post-traumatic stress disorder P.T.S.D) could be helped by occupation therapy, simple tasks such as basket weaving and later through self expression such as painting and poetry. We as modelers have a head start, in so much as we have the skills, tools and materials at hand necessary to perform our own, self administered, occupational therapy. I can only conclude by giving my best wishes to anyone who finds them selves bedeviled by the Churchillian 'Black Dog'. Guy
  6. Nice shed, electrics are first and you'll have to drill the framing to take the cables, I would do this a approx. eves height . Then I would photograph the cable run to make sure that when fixing the lining boards you don't accidentally go through a cable. Regarding lining I've used Stirling Board before, it's not too costly, cuts easily and looks tidy. Have you got a main (supply) cable down to the end of the garden btw? To comply with Regs you'll need to put in a local consumer unit (2 way Garage Unit will suffice) And please remember - 'A shed is for life not just for Christmas' Best of luck Guy
  7. Sorry to hear that you've been 'in dock' recently Barnaby, hope you find being part of a club fulfilling as well as a friendly atmosphere. I'm a bit envious of you having a O gauge club so close though, as my nearest is a 120 mile round trip! Guy
  8. Very true Reorte, I too have a large collection of bolts, nuts, bar, plate, stud, metric and imperial etc. etc. most of which I will never use, but I can confidently tackle jobs/projects knowing that I will be able to lay my hands on mostly what I need when I need it.. mostly I say, though not everything. To rehash Parkinson's Law - collections of stuff that will "come in handy" expands to fill the space available to house it. My golden rule now being, "It's no good having it if you can't find it" so my 'Stuff' is sorted and stored in Linbin type boxes and wall bars ... mostly Guy
  9. But you haven't spent £420 just to find out you don't like cycling! Guy
  10. The thing is with sporting/car/tech based purchases individuals can demonstrate their 'cool credentials' to those who are suggestible enough and thereby illicit approval from them, (helped along by facefook of course), unlike spending money on a railway related object or experience which is most definitely 'un-cool' and in turn my be the subject of derision - allegedly. Guy
  11. If memory serves me right, there is some Pompeian graffiti along the lines off " young people are so disrespectful" and "what is the world coming to when the young act so frivolously" So it has always been thus. Guy
  12. Yes, it probably does, but it doesn't develop 'spatial awareness' or the ability to perform tasks that include the 'Z axis', required to perform delicate, dextrous or craft like tasks. Grinling Gibbons, the great baroque wood carver said, that to make a first rate wood carver he liked his apprentices to start the craft no later than 8 years old. "Life so short and the craft so long to learn" William Morris Guy
  13. Quiet true regarding the usefulness of the socio-economic groupings and their associated spending power. My local North West tv news yesterday reported on a drug dealer ( a mister big ) from Manchester, who had been given a long sentence, a 'proceeds of crime' seizure being part of his punishment. Police video of the interior of his home showed some of his ill gotten gains which included watches, signed football shirts and a closet containing nothing but snow white (pun intended) trainers. My point being is that his annual income would, no doubt, put him in the top 5% A B band, yet his total raison d'etre was centred round a few shiny sparkles, 20 pairs of pristine galoshes and a sweaty football shirt or two. Secretly, I was hoping he might have had the odd Matisse or Pre Raphaelite to redeem himself but no, just more sweaty red football shirts in frames. Such is life. Guy
  14. For some, and I probably mean mostly men, the ability to spend large sums on 'cool' activities such as mountain biking, golf, snowboarding, motorbikes etc. is seen as a measure of not only wealth and status but an indication of being committed and wanting to be taken seriously in such endeavours. We can all think of individuals who indulge in 'virtue signalling' by having permanently fixed bike racks on their cars roof to give an impression of constant physical activity to all those that care to take notice of such things. The need to exhibit ones involvement in what is considered 'cool' and obversely disguise an interest in the 'uncool' stops a lot of people taking up our hobby. Guy
  15. My point exactly, for instance I like to grow veg, nothing fancy you understand just the usual fare. If, however I was to calculate and compare the cost of my own 7lbs of organically grown Charlotte second early potatoes against Tesco's offering I wouldn't bother on grounds of cost alone. Guy
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