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  1. Me too Selected Feb, and I assume the grey plastic pack I received today is a print copy (not opened it yet) Digital copy is fine for me.
  2. Thanks Not yet, work as been too busy and just had a holiday as well so work is now double busy trying to catch up!
  3. Eileen's emporium do some half-round section. It's not cheap but looks good.
  4. Still got the original paper copy of that one somewhere - black and white of course!
  5. Good to hear the Ilford brand is still going - my Grandpa worked for them many years ago
  6. I forget what I said looked like a big plastic toy (But I did) but this looks quite convincing.
  7. Thank you Tony, I was hoping that was the case.
  8. Having just got home after a "mere" 8 hour flight, I do not envy how he must feel!
  9. Interesting find - MARC models do the Silver Jubilee set already (in a more complete kit rather than the scratch aid of Worsley), although I understand availability is an issue at present? The West Riding set is an interesting choice - what is the difference (ignoring the beavertail and the side lettering) between the West Riding set and Coronation set? Thanks
  10. No paperwork required - head office can tell when I've done it as the regional office I have visited stops whining. For 5 minutes anyway.
  11. If you think something might be on a web page but can't see it try presssing Ctrl+F (so hold down the Ctrl button and tap F then release the Ctrl button. This should bring up a search box you can type something in to search the page for it. Hopefully that's of some help?
  12. The work I do does involve computers but not using them in transit but fixing the damned things when I'm there
  13. Best wishes from me too.
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