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  1. As the closest thing we have a head of IT I totally agree with both points, but particularly number 2.
  2. I'm sure the seller is trying to make it clear but what a mess this ad is https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LNER-luggage-coach-cooper-craft-kit-00-gauge-built-ideal-Hornby-railways/124610361905
  3. I've seen it before when I inadvertently tried to buy something from a seller I had had to make a claim from previously - so I assumed they had blocked me as a buyer.
  4. They had me sold with the inclusion of a horny owners manual.
  5. Surely you mean press button B(uy)? Don't know why I'm excited - I don't need any 24s or 25s. I think it's because I like to see models of this quality being produced.
  6. It's had that before. Last time I asked for info on kits I mentioned it - no reply to my email but a day or two later the site was back up.
  7. C'est la lyric "Lumberjack song"
  8. I've had the email saying I need to enter my banking details.
  9. The Midland sounds similar to the GER method.
  10. Anyone want to own up to being the flatulent elm from Ruislip?
  11. This is a tough one for me as I've not visited all that many in recent years, but Pickering is lovely. Sheffield park is nice as well.
  12. Eh? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lima-Class-55007-Great-Eastern/114671282400?hash=item1ab2f0e8e0:g:mBMAAOSw1JhgH68z
  13. Seconded - fantastic resource. Probably about time I put another fiver over the amount I use it!
  14. We went on the Bluebell in 2019 and loved it. Having bullhead in the station areas and (relatively) easy to maintain flat bottomed elsewhere did not detract from the experience at all. The Bluebell is in good hands (although I still think their "steam only" was a good draw but that's a whole other can of worms!). Keep up the good work.
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