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  1. I've noticed quite a lot out of stock again so reading into that, they are definitely busy.
  2. It is strange that they didn't end up elsewhere - build cost? For me it's right location, wrong time period.
  3. A 309 would definitely come under rule 1 for me but I would love one.
  4. Interesting - being that Markits wheels (when you can get them ;)) have changed to Stainless tyres. I don't suppose it makes much of a real world difference but that's quite a jump.
  5. My house was built on the cheap in the 60s - the BT phone line is aluminium cored instead of copper. Good conductor, but brittle. Amazingly my internet connection over it is very stable considering it's 50 years old.
  6. I do feel like I am bashing Mark and Markits but the supply of parts has been an issue for at least as long as I've been back into the hobby, Covid has just seemingly (and totally understandably) made things even worse. When stockists reply back to queries saying they don't even know if they are a client of Markits any more then something is very wrong. When they don't accept orders for Markits parts because they have no idea if they would even get them even if they came back into stock at the manufacturer it does put you off. Which again is a crying shame as the quality of the parts is absolu
  7. Instructions. Apologies but I don't have a scanner - and going by your photos the instructions may not be much use to you
  8. Pictured of instructions to follow but here is the contents of my kit:
  9. Previously Based in Romford hence the company name?
  10. I have the TCS I might drop them another note and see if they will do it again - I don't mind paying a bit as it's had a lot of use, but my Dad's Antex is over 50 years old and still on its original innards and cable...
  11. Those sides do indeed look wrong If no-one else has found some by 5:30 I will see if I can find my set of instructions.
  12. Again, great photos, thank you (do you mind if I save them for personal use only?). If you are able to dig any more out it would be most appreciated - however there's absolutely no rush on it, I'm not even close to starting to build!
  13. Cracking shot I don't suppose you have any other Shenfield photos? Particularly including the signal box? It's my chosen modelling location (albeit in the 1930s but beggars can't be choosers when it comes to photos!). Thanks
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