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  1. You're still a million miles ahead of me!
  2. @Clive Mortimore is simply modelling to current real life standards where door colours have to be different to the rest of the coach. Cutting edge - literally and figuratively. Do you think I can find a photo of a Mk1 in a livery but with replacement (almost obligatory NSE) doors? I must have one somewhere to prove there really is a prototype for everything.
  3. Don't forget F4 - the spark and gentle whump of the gas axe being lit.
  4. Mangapps reopened last weekend and have started a trial of opening on a Wednesday afternoon - and as I happened to have a rare day off I bimbled down to say hello as it had been far too long since my previous visit. Wow John and his team have made some huge changes. I've been following on Facebook so seen photos but the amount of covered storage now is enormous. There are regular hand gel stations, including wipes and bins, there are clear signs everywhere and one way systems set up. When you enter you are allocated a compartment number. Two coaches were in use, ex GNR E43178E and a Mk1 Suburban. I got lucky and my favourite was on the motive power - D2325. I was very quickly reminded WHY I like Mangapps so much - the staff and volunteers are so friendly. People I hadn't spoken to in years were happy to chat away.
  5. Bucoops

    EFE Rail launches

    You snuck in before I could add the photos I don't know much about underground stock I'm afraid.
  6. Bucoops

    EFE Rail launches

    Were they the ones used in the darkest hour? If so here's a couple of photos from yesterday:
  7. Bucoops

    EFE Rail launches

    Only if you are modelling the Waterloo & City
  8. Bucoops

    EFE Rail launches

    Well that's an interesting and unexpected development!
  9. Good Afternoon Andrew, Worsley have recently added two of the streamlined trains to their site - perhaps of use? Although it doesn't mention being able to order portions as opposed to the full set. http://www.worsleyworks.co.uk/4mm/4mm_LNER.htm
  10. The only kits I've seen them on are GER ones. I think I have some of each iteration but I've only built type 2. I must admit as soon as I saw type 1 I started looking for different ones - they are rather complex! Type 3 (I'm assuming there are only 3 types) look to be the simplest to assemble.
  11. I believe only the latest (3rd?) iteration of Danny's bogies have brakes. To be honest I'm just choosing to ignore their absence. With the frames covering most of the area they are less obvious than locos.
  12. Love it Was expecting something about a customer with no mask being a poopy head.
  13. All this talk of centripetal force makes me glad I'm not a gardener - it sounds very hazardous to flowers.
  14. I saw that on your photo earlier and was going to try and replicate it as it's very neatly done. Thank you for posting the original as it were
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