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  1. I'd be frowning too if someone stuck elephant ears on me. The indignity!
  2. I was hoping to go too but could not make it
  3. A bargain at £60 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203654779100 Or £39 directly from Wizard...
  4. Funny looking 0-4-0 as well.
  5. Maybe Alan Gibson might do something?
  6. Would there be an issue with loading/unloading metal containers with 25kv a few feet above? Especially as at peesent they are loaded from above?
  7. I've reported countless items over the years. Not sure any have ever been taken down.
  8. Wow, I've seen 6 wheeled brake vans but not eight, apart from Queen Mary's of course. Was there any lateral movement in the wheelsets to aid curves or restrictions on routes?
  9. I miss the regular updates too. Come back, all is forgiven!
  10. I also recently bought something from Gostude, and was a little disappointed it all went smoothly! Not heard anything yet after 2 days. I would argue there was not a postal problem - the packet was delivered. It was a packing problem, it wasn't closed.
  11. Made my first order with Olivia's Trains earlier this week. It arrived today. Sort of. Can you spot the issue? I have emailed them asking for replacement parts, will let you know how I get on. They don't seem to have the best reputation but I am open minded for now.
  12. High Level Kits- downloads the gearbox planner thingy (under resources) https://www.highlevelkits.co.uk/downloads and pick your poison
  13. Bucoops

    Oxford N7

    That may be Hornby implementing their stupid tier system on Oxford stuff now they own them - i.e. not cancelled, just stitching up retailers like Hattons and their customers.
  14. So freightliner should continue to use Electrics, but put the price up to cover the increased costs? How many lorries would that equate to when customers move away? Assuming they have drivers of course A coal powered UK power station is running again because of the increase in gas costs. Sadly we've closed most of them and the pits hence we have to rely on imported gas - you can see the problem with that now...
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