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  1. And if I recall correctly Rowling wrote Kings Cross but was picturing Euston. edit: https://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryMagazine/DestinationsUK/Harry-Potter-Platform-9-Three-Quarters/
  2. Nice - but for my needs I'd be thinking it's about £10 a use
  3. I *believe* the Coronation formation was always Coach A at the London end and H at the Scotland end. I should say, this is all related to when the Coronation was running, I have no idea what they did when both Beavertails were in use only in Scotland after Nationalisation.
  4. I believe so. They were only used once a day and only in summertime so there was no particular rush on turning them.
  5. Very true, but flat coach floors I'd hope not to have to I'll see how I get on with the olfa thing I've ordered. I just remembered, I have scored through before, using a needle file. I seem to recall it took several days for my hand to recover from that!
  6. Ok, I've ordered one of these to try - https://olfacutters.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=Olfa PC-S Plastic Cutter It says for plastic rather than metal but I won't be using it much. I will probably find some tin snips at some point too for less accurate or more curved work. I do have a piercing saw but being left handed and cack handed I break blades continuously
  7. That was my concern with snips, thinking back far too long when I last used some I seem to recall one side curling up extensively but couldn't remember if the other did or did not.
  8. Thank you both - OK, any idea of left handed ones are available?
  9. Good afternoon, I want to be able to neartly cut Nickel Silver or Brass sheet for things like carriage floors, roofs (then rolled) etc. - but how can I do it neatly? I have some 0.022" NS I am hoping to use as a floor for a coach for example. I am hoping there's a suitable guilotine or similar? But can anyone suggest a specific one as I don't want to pay £hundreds but equally I want one that is up to the job. Thank you
  10. Still not in 1939 though And it's the Colchester side I'm doing too. Rule 1 has been very badly bruised I've hit it so hard
  11. Argh, there was PINZA movement and I was bullied into it. Deltics never even ran on the GE until privatisation apart from visits to Stratford for hitting with a hammer. edit: Oh that's it, rub it in ya smegheads
  12. Just the one - trying to persuade myself OUT of adding a second considering I model 1939...
  13. And what a report it is. 91 pages. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1045465/R012022_220113_Llangennech.pdf Everyone from the ORR downwards has work to do to up their game it would seem.
  14. I have a couple of 4mm kits but they are WAY down the to-do list. I'm actually hoping this book can help me pick which ones to eventually build.
  15. Ditto. Think I've spent more on books in the last 3 months than in the last 5 years! There's been so many interesting ones published recently.
  16. I see what you did there At some point I may want some bogies too, again no rush.
  17. My Grandad is the reason I like railways. I very fondly remember the days of two loops of O gauge tinplate track with a crossover on two sides with myself, my Brother and my Grandad taking turns on the controller and the two crossovers. We had two trains going round, in opposite directions. The idea of the game was the person on the controller was "neutral", and one crossover person tried to cause a head on crash, the other tried to stop it. Hours of hilarious fun, sometimes quite destructive too. Now - the items we used were all heavily play-worn, with many replacement parts. We were allowed to play hard with them, and if damage occured, that was OK - we also helped fix them. There was another collection of near mint, boxed O gauge stock that we were allowed to USE, but had to be careful. If there was one point in my life that I learned respect for property, this was it. Snap - I think I got back into the hobby when she was about 4. She's now 8. I've not finished ANYTHING yet! But I dip in now and again and things are progressing. She quite likes watching sometimes, and helping a little bit (most of what I am doing involves soldering so she knows not to get TOO close). Mostly I do a little bit of an evening when she is in bed though.
  18. 171x and 172x were Coronation sets, 173x was the spare set and 458xx for the West Riding Limited (the WR set being renumbered post-war to 91xx).
  19. Truly the gift that gives on giving this pic
  20. The doors were added following a fire to allow easier escape.
  21. Exactly this, I didn't even ask
  22. I'm not sure how much to read into they have a section referring to licences (With Coca Cola etc.) and then there is the trains on film, not in that section.
  23. Is there any evidence that the wheel centres were red? Obviously they were on the A4s but I've not seen any reference for the coaches. White walls definitely yes of course.
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