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  1. In this case ECoS is correct and is doing exactly what the prototype does, only throw points that need to throw for the route.
  2. Nice little job for the 3D printers, to make a prototypical coupler that plugs in there.
  3. Small layout like that is perfect for DIY track, and if you want Iberian Gauge you really have no choice. 5'6" at 1:87 is 19.25 mm.
  4. South Africa managed to electrify long freight lines in the middle of nowhere, the USA should be able tro manage it. Look up the Sishen - Saldanha line.
  5. Given that the view from the towpath looks down on the train roofs they would not obscure the view to any significant extent.
  6. Three way points come in two main types, Tandems where the two sets of blades follow each other and Three-throw where the two sets of blades overlap. The three-throware strictly sidings only. The Tandem are acceptable in main lines and were quite common. Signalling advice will be easier to give with a sketch plan of the layout, many of us do not have handy copies of CJF's plans.
  7. Looking back at the pics of the panel all the routes buttons seem to be directional except the ones for the sidings. So I think a relay operated by the route button for incoming trains could light up the platform LEDS, leave them dark for departures and siding moves.
  8. You all seem to be missing the point here, Gordon is only providing point position indications not route lights. As such there is no logic available to control platform LEDs in platforms with several access paths like platform 1. Why put in permanently lit LEDs? trhey will confuse rather than enhance clarity. Better to leave the platforms dark and just see the point settings in each fan. Clear and simple. The concept of route setting with route lights only works if you have signals, or at least virtual signals, then the route lights come on only when both signal is clear and points set, this allows route lights in plain line sections as well, including platforms. As I understand it Gordon is using route setting buttons which could provide the required logic provided that the route buttons are directional, I'm not sure all of them are, but it could be wort looking at if route lights in the platforms are really wanted.
  9. I've never seen a Gibson wheel with a brass centre, perhaps when he first took over the wheels from Studiolith. All the Gibsons and Sharman I have had the plastic has been a press fiy on a parallel axle. The Studiolith Mk 1 wheels had a tapered brass centre to fit a tapered axle end. Studiolith Mk2 had a tubular stub axle to fit over a 2mm axle centre..
  10. The Ratio goods vans were fine, the complicated one is the SR Bogie B. Spoiled IMHO by too many seperate biys to line up then etchings to add that could have been moulded in. And then when you look closely silly errors like wrongly posiyioned door hinges. IIRC.
  11. Adding references to supporting evidence would have doubled the length.
  12. I have seen plenty in straight crossovers. I think its more a period/company thing. Study photos and take your pick.
  13. Yes, go to Youtube and use the 'share' feature.
  14. I heard that the 9 cars were undergoing a software update and all services were running with 7 car sets until that was complete.
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