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  1. Simple answer, modelling something that does not exist is called 'freelance' so just get on with it and think up a backstory. Regards
  2. Yes, these are trailable facing point locks, known as a hook lock. (Same principle later used in the BR clamp lock). The main action is a double wire worked version operated from a turnover lever frame. The mechanism is designed to lock up the lever in the frame after it is trailed through. You can see it being trailed then the operator finding the lever locked. The last bit shows a similar set but operated by electric motor from a panel.
  3. There's 30 years of growth since your period! Which I'm sure you appreciate, don't overdo it. Rgds
  4. The green line is described as 'Branch Line' which implies passenger to me seeing as it has a platform.
  5. But that is not one of the drawings Martin uses to make his case.
  6. But the proposed grade length is 49ft so less than one passenger car length.
  7. GPLs are OK for position, IF there is any need for such shunt or reversing moves, there is nothing on the plan to suggest that they are required. Planning signalling needs the whole picture. Rgds
  8. It looks just fine to me with the signal where it is, the clearances must be OK if its not getting hit. Rgds
  9. The block controls used on the LMS can be found here http://www.norgrove.me.uk/signalli-LMS.htm Rgds
  10. See https://youtu.be/6Ru79aTKTMQ All are same principle, the double has two servos side by side, the quad has two more underneath. Rgds
  11. So you must be coming up on your 100th birthday very soon, let us know when so we celebrate. Rgds
  12. Well, its not N or 0 is it, nor is it the scale the rest of the British market used, so Il Grifone's pity is correctly aimed. Rgds
  13. See http://ambisengineering.co.uk/handlevers.pdf Good luck getting them to work but they are fine as cosmetic levers. Rgds
  14. Plenty of etched ones around, Ambis Engineering are one source. Regards
  15. ? Or is it that the yellow wires have nothing to do with the LEDs and need to be connected to trigger the arm movement? Rgds
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