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  1. And here is the window cleaning in progress.
  2. Here are some from further afield. 1 and 2 Lusaka box ZR 2 3 and 4 Kafue ZR, Box and Panel 4 5. Bulawayo 6. Wuizenberg 7. Near Jo'burg 8. Albury South NSWGR 9. North Adelaide 10. Woodville SA
  3. Here are a couple I've not seen on here yet. Sudbury and BNS from street level.
  4. Here is the local control panel and one of the signals at a bi-di central loop at Les Arcs in the Midi. SNCF 1968. The right track formation if the wrong place.
  5. Since Alex said in his first post that he is modelling German then the options are only two, Maerklin (3rail studs) or the rest (2 rail). Maerklin has long had the policy of being different so that buyers of Maerklin are locked in. Traditionally Maerklin was AC when the rest are DC. Nowadays Maerklin is mostly DCC but their own variant, not the standard DCC. Although there are a few other makers offering Maerklin compatible stock rhe real choice is to go with Maerklin or use 2 rail and have a wide choice of suppliers. And note that Maerklin own Trix and offer some of their models for 2 ra
  6. IMHo that looks very good and as good as if not better than what can be produced from some commercial kits. Well done.
  7. Because we have to manage for another 20 years until phase 2B opens.
  8. Funny it didn't seem so filthy to those of us growing up in it, but it really was! I do remember the state of my shirt collars after a day out. Almost an unimaginable world now.
  9. No mention of the very large energy consumption and hence Carbon emissions of all these Zoom meetings.
  10. Heres a couple of photos taken on a towpath ride in 1963. First the power station Then a loop line train heading for Diggle in the background.
  11. But DCC concepts are suggesting you do just that and going into detail as to how to do it.
  12. Typically the DCC Concepts intro misses out actual info, no dimensions given for the sleepers, just 4mm scale. No info on the chair type, You have to study the pics to find out that they are bridge chairs, and no mention as to whether they hold the rail vertically or inclined. Said to be half the price of the competition, But I don't know of anybody else offering cast brass bridge chairs. At 50p a chair and 25p a sleeper, and 96 sleepers to the yard then a yard of track will come to £120, without rail. If someone is selling track for double that I doubt they sell much!
  13. Pulleys either side, the wires passing through between sleepers, in non track circuited areas not much effort was made to keep the wire clear of the rails although by design it should be as contact encourages rust. When track circuited then efforts had to be made to keep them clear including reducing the ballast level in that bed and maybe fitting in some rollers to hold them down. Even so such wires were a source of track circuit failures!
  14. Given that the mag is peppered with reminders to use the new address they should take their own advice and attend to the advert for Frank Waller's lorries. Other than that, good issue.
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