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  1. Centralisers don't need any moving points at all, examples here as well as a pic of the Gladstone turntable. http://www.norgrove.me.uk/mg-track.htm
  2. Using Servos as point motors they work perfectly with the centering springs left in place. But there are also plenty of options for levers eg the GEM castings or etched kits from the Scalefour Society or from Mike Clark (Masokits), or you can just use electrical slide switches as levers. A bit of googling will find any or all of these.
  3. I see now that the Nimbys who forced tunnelling under the Chilterns are now complaining that the tunnelling may damage the aquifer as the contractor has apparently lost a lot of bentonite.
  4. Clubs generally expect members to pay, so I assume you won't be joining one so won't get your discussion.
  5. Quite a difference between dolomite and flour methinks. And I expect John knows which ones he has drawn up.
  6. Levers are specified to be normal when back in the frame and reverse when pulled to the front. (there are rare exceptions). Signals are usually set at danger with the lever normal and will give a proceed indication when the lever is reverse. Pulling the lever from normal to revers is often described as pulling off. So a signal pulled off is at clear, not at danger. Points are defined as normal or reverse corresponding to the position of the lever, usually the most important route will be normal and the less important reverse but there are exceptions eg trap points are usually normal in the trap position. It is the job of the signal engineer to define the normal positions when preparing the signal plan and these will be shown on the signal box diagram.
  7. Infra red in the garden is unlikely to be successful unless you only operate at night. The sun is a lot stronger than the transmitters and will just saturate the recievers.
  8. This page in particular http://www.gordonstrams.net/LAXpage07.htm
  9. But I can't find any video in the Slovakian link.
  10. Did the tail light switches work the lights at that end or the other end?
  11. Scalefour stores item; AXXTAP0 Tortoise adaptor plate (Exactoscale) £5.00 (pack of 5)
  12. The impession I have from the Railmagic site is that the locos should never be out of range, the idea being that magnets are cheap and you deploy enough of them to ensure that the entire layout is covered. Thus providing a continuous position reference.
  13. I don't see any relevance to loconet as the railmagic stuff is all downstream of the command station/booster.
  14. Its taking so long to build HS2 that the annual cost is hardly significant, compare it with the cost of 'track and trace'. The downside is that few of us will live to see it finished, and everyone has to live with the congestion while waiting. How many miles of HS line have the chinese built while we have thought about it?
  15. However, using a frog switch with these points will only cause shorts when the points are actually moving so has no effect on the described problem, its a red herring.
  16. If this is a location where 4 tracks become 2 then 4 signals on a gantry does not fit. There would be two signals leading from the 4 track section to the two track section and one signal with a junction indicator (feather) leading the other way. Unless you have all 4 tracks bi-directional which is rather unusual.
  17. Which the OP apparently did and was only querying the tolerances.
  18. Which is one of the reasons to use facing point locks.
  19. Note to avoid future confusion, describing the signal as 'on' in British practice means that it is showing a danger aspect, ie is horizontal. When pulled to show that a movement may be made the signal is described as 'off'. So each time you say 'on' above you should have said 'off'.
  20. But won't happen if the Railmagic proposal is followed, might be important to Railmagic to keep their comms working but it was the attempt to suggest it was a generic, 'shouldn't do', that I was commenting on.
  21. I would think the P87 stores version from Andy is ideal for a cosmetic line, very simple to install.
  22. But the instructions from every booster supplier describe just that, and it does not seem to be causing any problem in the real world.
  23. This is the page for tram track on Andy reicherts site http://www.proto87.com/Street_track_for_trolleys_and_trams.html
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