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  1. 1) it wouldn't be sharing information with others, only letting you know that you may have come into contact with someone who's tested positive and that you should consider getting yourself tested (unless you mean the NHS, who already have your entire medical background on record) 2) now we have testing available you can be shown to not have COVID19, so wouldn't need to self-isolate for 14 days. But otherwise I agree, a vaccine is by far and away the best option, and anti-vaxxers are the reason why people are still dying of things like measles... "oh, most people recover..."
  2. When they had that mini-outbreak associated with a cluster of nightclubs in South Korea, they were able to get in touch with ~36,000 people inside of 24hrs to let them know that they might have come into contact and that they should get tested. This is the advantage of a smartphone based app has, unlike the trace & contact, if you come close to someone you don't know the app is aware and if one of you records a positive test it can let you know that you should be checked. But someone calling and asking that person who've they seen, they wouldn't know to give your contacts, so you'll never know. The government complaining that phones couldn't tell the difference between 1m and the phone in the pocket, and 3m and the phone out in the open really shouldn't matter. I'd rather accept that I might have been slightly too far away to have actually have a high chance of catching something and being tested, than having no idea because the person I was queuing next to didn't have contact details for me.
  3. Same, and it's in the same roundhouse as the Toronto Railway Museum, and there's a rideable miniature railway there as well...
  4. Do we even have a tunnel boring machine company in the UK?? Herrenknecht machines are used around the world, including Crossrail.
  5. Using this down time to go through some old photos and came across a few from a job at Old Oak Common back in Jan 2010 57603 Tintagel Castle 57604 Pendennis Castle and in the shop, 57605 Totnes Castle
  6. sorting through some old photos in this down time and came across a couple of 08483 "Dusty" from a job we did at Old Oak Common at the start of 2010
  7. tis a prime (minister) example of when you preach social distancing, to actually practice social distancing... let's hope that this helps get the message to the idiots that are still using the lovely weather we're having to mingle...
  8. Well, I've seen a few speed traps out this week, so I look forward to those toerags also coming across them!
  9. bimble

    Panic buying

    I popped into my local brewery (Hogs Back) to stock up on a few essentials just in case...
  10. We have 'London Oxford Airport', and that time in 2006 when RyanAir was offering flights from Oslo to London Prestwick... compared to them, OOC is certainly London... after all, it's well inside the M25!
  11. for when there's that bug in the electrics that you just can't chase down...
  12. I very much doubt that is the case... unless you're just suggesting that if you're willing to throw enough money at it anything can be done...
  13. SWR are putting a 50mph restriction between 1100 and 1900 and recommending travelling on the Sat or Mon instead.
  14. In non-motorway complaining, I have been annoyed today by people turning right into a side road, but only half pulling into the lane provided for turning right, and therefore blocking the main carriageway until they are able to cross the oncoming traffic
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