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  1. Another wagon I'm working on: Parkside Shock wagon. Weathering based on a photo on Mr B's site. Matt
  2. Resurrecting a very old thread. Just wanted to post some pictures of some 16 ton mineral wagons I've been working on. Both are Dapol unpainted RTR bodies and Parkside chassis. Rusting, replating and patched paintwork based on photos from the Bartlett site. Thanks for looking Matt
  3. I drive under it some days too, it's a shame it has never really progressed into a heritage line/been reopened as far as Llangefni. Layout looks great!
  4. Applying Maskol (or similar) with a sponge sparingly works well too.
  5. You could try using a combination of salt and a sponge to get some random chipping. That's what I did here: Matt
  6. Hi all, Can anyone tell me if the duckets were made from wood or metal on the above brake vans please? Many thanks Matt
  7. Thank you both for commenting. In the example above (post 4), and bear with me, how does the second rail to the bottom siding get power (i.e not connected to red)? I'm also wanting to use point motors for the first time, anything I need to think about? Matt
  8. Hi all, I'm new to using electrofrog points and I'm terrible at electrics generally. As per my crude plan below, where would I need to use insulated fishplates? Any advice gratefully accepted! Matt
  9. Been following this for a while, very interested in the Blaenau to Traws line. Backscene is going to look great once installed!
  10. I bought from them about a month ago. Have you tried emailing [email protected]? Worked for me. Matt
  11. Or, more specifically joining Peco Code 75 points to C&L flexitrack. I've seen several layouts that use this combination, but can't work out the most suitable way to join them. Any recommendations? Thanks
  12. Having been in Llangefni all day today, I can tell you that the water definitely isn't that blue...
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