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  1. In my experience, people often don't actually want the answers to the difficult questions. They just want to see the perceived author of their misfortunes squirm.
  2. A bit late, I know, but I've just been playing with my own J69 (seeing how it looks with a pair of Hornby 6-wheelers) and I came across this thread. The rear coupling is fine, but the front coupling is a bit far back. When coupled to the Hornby coach, they're buffer to buffer.
  3. I don't think Hornby diversifying into Lego-type bricks is a stupid idea. Their brand is about creativity and construction. But I do think the way they're going about it is a little confusing. The Bassett Lowke steampunk range was established as something aimed at adults, and it seemed to lean a little towards the war gaming market. Who is this aimed at? It looks like it's aimed at kids, which doesn't fit with the rest of the BL range. If it's aimed at adults, it's a little basic - it kind of reminds me of Lego sets from the 70s. It has no compatibility with the rest of the range.
  4. Modelling the London Docklands, I need plenty of vans, and as it's Great Eastern territory, I'd need an excuse not to get one.
  5. Many thanks for this. I invested in some of the grab handles and I must confess that I was sweating slightly over how best to attach them.
  6. If you want the loco to specifically haul trains, as opposed to shunt coaches at a Virgin depot, one possibility that springs to mind is that the loco has been repainted by a preservation group (perhaps the restoration was sponsored by Virgin?). Then you could have it on engineering trains. Or here's a mad idea for a what-if scenario. Richard Branson gave a hefty donation to ensure that Flying Scotsman would go to the National Collection. Suppose instead that he bought the loco outright and used it to run luxury trains? Having come up with this, you could imagine it getting a small
  7. Very nice! If you wanted red bufferbeams, you could compromise by toning them down with some weathering.
  8. I can't be the only on who has this song stuck in his head right now.
  9. Bananas were also unloaded at the West India docks in London, at what's now Canary Wharf. I don't know the specifics of the rail traffic, but the Great Eastern had access to that dock via the London and Blackwall Railway.
  10. Not a TV series, but there is a set of books on Metroland by Dennis Edwards and Ronald Pigram: 'The Romance of Metro-Land,' 'Metro Memories' and 'London's Underground Suburbs.' They're very picture-heavy, but pretty comprehensive. You can find them very cheaply second-hand.
  11. If you want to go really OG with your Thunderbirds models, you need to buy up a whole load of Dapol kits. The girder bridge, the dockside crane and the signal gantry in particular. I swear, once you notice them the first time, you see them everywhere. They must have used eight of the girder bridges in Thunderbird 1's silo and at least four signal gantries in Thunderbird 2's hangar.
  12. I could see Bill/Ben selling as a somewhat oversized Bagnall. And the Duck model has a separately-fitted face, so it would be pretty easy to turn back into a 57xx.
  13. Were there any peers on the British Railway Board? I bet they'd be a shoo-in.
  14. I use iMovie. It's limited in terms of fancy features, but it's ideal for the purpose you're describing.
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