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  1. Got bored, picked up a toy digger at my local pound shop, gave it a repaint.
  2. I'd say the one on the left, but if you're worried, you might try adding a thin wash of dark brown or dark brown weathering powder (or whatever colour the soil is in your setting). A coating of dirt hides a multitude of sins.
  3. It's linked at the bottom of every post I make. It's a combination of model railway videos, real life railway videos (particularly focusing on the Underground) and videos on the history of London (with a particular focus on twentieth century architecture). Nothing particularly mainstream. I personally believe model railway videos are still a largely untapped market. There are plenty of hobbyists who do manage to make YouTube pay. Really, all you need is a personable presenter, a space to film and some basic camera equipment. Everything else you can learn. You don't even need to be
  4. I'm basing that on what I get paid by sponsors for my channel, which has approximately 9000 fewer subscribers than Sam's. As I'm in the middle of negotiations with a sponsor at present, I'm afraid I can't go into precise details. I'll admit it's an estimate. To be honest, though, I'm probably lowballing, given some of the viewing figures Sam gets. There are several guides as to what advertisers should be paying available online. Basically it comes down to your average viewing figures. In the past 24 hours, Sam has been compared to Trump inciting a coup, antivax campa
  5. That site is kind of narrow in terms of what it measures, i.e. advertising revenue. It’s also pretty broad - there’s a big difference between a video in the hundreds and the thousands. It doesn’t account for sponsorship or donations. I don’t know how much Sam gets in terms of sponsorship (I only recall seeing one sponsored video, but I don’t watch his channel religiously), but for a channel that size you’d be looking at around £500 per video. Donations can also be quite substantial, but I have no idea what they’d be. It is also worth bearing in mind that not every video is going to
  6. But didn’t you hear? He runs his locomotives on the carpet! The carpet, I tell you! And he tries to attract viewers to his channel! He’s history’s greatest monster!
  7. This, 100%. Nobody is above criticism, but there’s a big difference between legitimate criticism and the kind of abuse being doled out on this thread. If that kind of attack were being made against a retailer or manufacturer, this thread would have been locked by now. It’s a really bad look, especially given that RMweb is itself affiliated with a YouTube channel.
  8. I don’t really know what to say to you. I have a YouTube channel, I am very familiar with how YouTube works and everything I have said can be confirmed on a quick search. I really can’t do any more. If this is that important to you, then fine, yes, despite my extensive criticism of Sam in this very thread, despite the fact that it is not in my professional interest to do so, I worship him and treat him like a guru. Your definition of clickbait is the correct one. Your understanding of how YouTube works is immeasurably superior to mine. You’ve got me bang to rights. It’s a fair cop guv
  9. It's not clickbait because that's not what clickbait is. Clickbait is a link given a tantalising or misleading description in order to make you click on it. So here's an example. This is clickbait. It's designed to make you curious. The website it is sending you to is nothing to do with the photo or its description. It is bait to deceive you into clicking on a website you would otherwise not visit. The Sam's Trains link is not clickbait. If that link took you to something that wasn't a video of Sam unboxing a Somerset and Dorset Railway train set, then yes, it wou
  10. I love Midwives on Ice! Gets a bit messy when the waters break though.
  11. Yeah, I thought it might be. It's a shame the Sony Minidisc never really took off...
  12. What pops up on your feed is nothing to do with Sam, it's automatically decided by the YouTube algorithm. Presumably you entered something in the search box along the lines of "Somerset and Dorset Railway," the AI gave you a result based on that. The AI has no way of knowing that you personally aren't interested in a video about a Hornby train set. It just knows that other people have entered that search term or similar and that this is a popular video among those who did so. As for whether this video is clickbait, it certainly is not. The title of the video describes exactly what
  13. I don't know how useful this is, but I thought it was worth at least mentioning.
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