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  1. Progress has been made! I decided to go with a stormy sky backscene. Generally I'm quite pleased with the way the warehouses have come out - I wanted the scene to look crowded, overshadowing the trains. These six wagons represent what I need for a one-dice game - two empties for the warehouse, two vans for the unloading platform, two coal/coke wagons for the boiler house.
  2. I'm waiting for Hornby to produce this version.
  3. A couple more wagons - I’ve just finished adding loads. These will serve the boiler house. Again, the close-up is very cruel to my hand lettering.
  4. There's a video on YouTube that I can't find now by Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) where he modified a steampunk model kit using a vape pen and a fish tank air pump to create a chuffing effect.
  5. As an Underground nut, I'll second that. If they could cater for detail variations, that's about five main line railway companies, five commuter railways and I don't know how many light railways and industrial lines catered for. And think of the coach liveries they could produce to go with those...
  6. I particularly like the scenic work, although the operating possibilities have definitely got me thinking.
  7. I'm doing something similar on my current micro. It's a great space (and cost) saver, and entirely prototypical.
  8. I think the argument for the liveries they've chosen is that they all have or will soon have appropriate RTR locomotives. That being said, through workings were not unknown, so you could maybe justify some Welsh companies on a GWR or LNWR layout.
  9. Well, there go all my theories about why they weren't doing LBSC colours. It's great to see Hattons taking feedback on board, and I'm pretty sure I can make space for a BR engineering full brake somewhere.
  10. And here are a couple of warehouses. Structures like this were my inspiration.
  11. I like the concept of shunting capstans for some reason, so I thought I’d include some derelict examples. These are the work in progress, made using the push part of some push pins. The in-universe explanation is that Hazzard Mills used to be a much smaller enterprise, and horses and capstans were sufficient. But as the factory and its railway expanded, locomotives became more favoured, and the capstans were abandoned.
  12. There's a complex of either flats or office blocks in Limehouse that has a no-way-out thing going on. In the middle, there are a couple of stretches of track with a wooden-framed wagon and a pump trolley. I'll have to see if I can dig up a photo. I remember there also used to be a tube carriage in the middle of Great Ormond Street Hospital.
  13. Many thanks! I was first alerted to the appeal of the TVR last year, when I went to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and was fortunate enough to ride behind this:
  14. The Taff Vale van is complete. Here it is in cruel closeup. The chassis is a Dapol wooden framed one. Oddly enough, the older version of the Triang van has a representation of a wooden-framed chassis and a plain roof, but it also has the steamroller wheels. If I can figure out how to swap those out, it might be a good basis for future conversions.
  15. I'd be inclined to agree. Obviously it varies from person to person, but I'd say that a badly liveried model would stick out more to me than a well-liveried, well-put-together but not quite accurate coach, especially in the case of a more elaborate livery. If some enterprising soul wanted to make more accurate coach sides, then good luck to them, but I know I for one wouldn't be a customer. I don't mean that to sound snotty, but I know my limits when it comes to painting (my pre-grouping modelling is presently limited to goods stock - in-service wagons are a lot more forgiving to the ham-handed painter).
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