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  1. I think Tony you might be confusing scale and gauge. 16mm refers to the scale. The gauge of the track is normally 32mm (o gauge) or 45mm (gauge 1). Your line is looking very nice Matt. It certainly gives you a nice long run!
  2. Bob, it's completely new. The valve gear is the proven internal VG Roundhouse have used on previous internal VG models but all new parts to create a scale chassis. The loco is small compared to its stablemates in the current range. A scale fully detailed model and a superb runner to boot!
  3. Just a little video of the New Roundhouse Lilla doing its thing. By the time I had started filming the rain had begun to fall! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw0nighNuLY
  4. You main problem is your now into live steam. The temptation for a new loco will be everywhere now! I'm sure if you wanted a bit of lining doing I can find a scheme in your budget. Even the simplest of schemes makes a huge difference
  5. Here are some of my Jack Owd Bob. Hopefully will spark some inspiration. I really need to do something with the cab back sheet.
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