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  1. Well guys, I really appreciated the effort that has gone into this. Some great inspiration from layouts, to demonstrations and guest speakers. It is comforting to know that many of us have been supporting the hobby, through the local shops and the manufacturers. I know we are all itching to get to the exhibitions again, but this was an excellent idea, even though spot the difference competitions were real kickers.......thanks! Now where did I put that soldering iron............?
  2. I cannot fathom the nay sayers who go onto this forum and say....nothing for me! We should congratulate Hornby on a colourful and ambitious programme that will appeal to all corners of the hobby, young, old and in between. I certainly will be making some purchases. Roll on the next 100 years.
  3. Well done KR Models, £50 deposit paid, awesome project and I look forward to seeing the results, whenever that is, take your time, no one died from a model being delivered a bit later than expected. #getsomeperspectivepeople. Dan
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