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  1. My prob, someone had previously said that 51xx went up to Merthyr on the valleys run; and I didn’t make this clear that I was referring to that line. Hey ho, btw I heard , when I was very young!, from a relative who worked at Merthyr engine shed that they did a trial with a 43xx and that proved the point. When did this trial take place— I haven’t a clue, or even if it did. Unless you liked panniers, Merthyr must have been Pretty poor for trainspotters!
  2. Yep, outside GWR outside cylinder locos could get to Merthyr via all the lines, bar the ‘mainline’ from Cardiff to Merthyr. The GW/RR line gave up the ghost in the early 50s with the collapse of the bridge trackbed at Quakers Yard. The BR outside cylinder locos could get up to Merthyr because they didn’t have the bulgy cylinders of the GWR types. The only outside cylinder locos I saw after MTA closure were 4555 on the Brecon memorial run, and The odd Mogul Ivatts- but these came via the B&m line into Merthyr. The photo of Abercanaid station, does not look like the old TV or Gw/RR station to me. The stations on both lines were stone/brick and double lines. I stand to be corrected if my memory is playing tricks.
  3. I think I might have spoken with you previously on one of the Merthyr sites? Welcome anyway, Merthyr was an amazing station in the early 50s, but there are not enough photos of it! I bet you there’s more photos of the Culm Valley than for the Taff Valley!
  4. Before 54, the MTA line had Stanier 3 2-6-2 tanks and Ivatt2-6-2 tanks. On the odd occasion, one would get exLNWR 0-8-0s and Coal tanks. The Hirwaun line had 64xx, very early on a 14xx was used. The miners’ trains were hauled by 56xx You never got outside cylinder ex-GWR locos, as they couldn’t get through Troedyrhiw and Merthyr Vale stations, so no 51xx. The Pontsticill service was mainly 64xx with auto coaches, but 57 and 97xx were used as well, still with auto coaches but running around at both ends of the line. There was often (always) a station pilot in Merthyr before 58 as Merthyr had separate incoming and outgoing platforms for the non-autocoach services. The go-to locos in Merthyr were panniers, and they operated most of the freight services; double-headed on Brecon freights. The odd ex-TV loco came to Merthyr as well. I wish I had been a spotter then!, Dai
  5. 88D

    EBay madness

    Both BSA and Royal Enfield are made in India, and they are Indian companies.
  6. The Rotank at Didcot has a circular cross-section, not oval, iirc?
  7. Amanda, can you make sure these are included in the forthcoming free trade deal between UK and Oz, please? Smiley of some sort.
  8. Only if you’re wearing red rose-tinted glasses. Emoji not allowed , but I would have put one with glasses on.
  9. Oh, yes they did. That’s why some of the locos are in this worst-looking thread!
  10. Does anybody think the Lanky class 30 and 31s are well proportioned/ good looking/ dreadful? I think the latter, but don’t seem able to drag a photo here to prove the point. There was also a tank version of these, which was even worse!
  11. I think the rebuilt Crostis look better than the standards. Not having smoke deflectors helps.
  12. There’s still one shop on Castle Hill selling the stuff. You’d know where it is it by spotting the crowd of men window watchers. Cheap too!
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