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  1. I can remember brake tenders appearing at Abercynon and Radyr in 1963. They appeared because D6742 and D6743 couldn’t manage the braking power of the 56xx used on the Merthyr Vale to Abercynon coal trains.
  2. I’ve painted sellotape cream, cut into strips and applied to windows. Looks good and has lasted years.
  3. The coach in the bottom photo looks like a Thompson (ex LNER) brake third to me! Or are my eyes going? If so, I wonder if this then moved to the Culm branch to take over from the Barry Rly Coaches?
  4. 88D

    Hornby Make a Profit

    I’m amazed if they hadn’t done that. Generally under an outsourcing contract, one company has the rights to design, the other to manufacture. Poor contract for the owner of the product to allow its subcontractor to ‘take it over’ at the end of the contract.
  5. I do love a Whirlwind. Reminds me of a piston- engined Me 262.
  6. If this has been reported elsewhere, then transfer it or whatever. Hornby has just made a profit of £300K in their last trading year, the first profit for 8 years or so. I hope we carry on with modelling eventhough we are coming out of lockdown bit by bit. Good news, eh?
  7. My most uncomfortable ride was behind 5698 from Aberdare to Quakers Yard HL. We thought it had square wheels.
  8. I did a slight recharge on the battery, perhaps I should have recharged more. I shall give it a bash. Thanks! Dai
  9. Hello Dave, the transmitter is a Micron Tx22v2 and the receiver is Deltang RX 60.it all worked fine first, bound and loco went forwards and backwards. Turned everything off so that I could post, and boast!, to my local club. When I switched it all back on to show my son — no control. I have tried to rebind as before, but the receiver light flashes slowly, but does not speed up (as it did before) to do the bind. I have tried different channels and checked the wiring: wiring seems ok, but still no rebind on any channel. any suggestions? Cheers, Dai
  10. Well, I spoke too soon. It was all up and running, so I decided to show my son. Didn’t work: it had become ‘unbound’ and doesn’t want to rebind. I’m using the same controller, RX 63 receiver,etc that appears on this thread, so any suggestions. I press the buttons in the correct order, but should zi keep them pressed whilst the binding operation is taking place?
  11. Well, a really nice day for me as I’ve just converted my Bachmann 2251 into a radio-controlled Bachmann 2251. Now this is a tender loco, though not a large tender, and I have managed to fit battery, switch, voltage uplifter and receiver into the tender. My question relates to tank locos, such as panniers and small prairies: do you try to fit all this into the tank loco, or do you forego switch and possibly uplifter. I have bought smaller batteries, receivers, etc for these tanks; but what is your experience of such locos, and do you lose much by not incorporating some of the gizmos? Cheers, Dai
  12. Comet also do the T handles for the recesses. If you’re not into soldering, you can use plastikard as your recess backing - not as good, but probably servicable.
  13. Lofty, Johnster: I think they’re keen on such things? Apologies to them both if they are not!
  14. Dapol is in Chirk, isn’t it? If so, Wales.
  15. You’ll have to let us know how you got on with radio control for this huge monster! Insert smiley here.
  16. Well, I bit the bullet and forked out the princely sum of £2.50 or so for a column of the magnets, each 2mm in diameter and 1mm thick. Laid directly on top of ballast (only need one) and actuated coupling perfectly. Remember, I use coupling one end and loop on the other; I don’t think I would have had the same success with double-coupled stock. But, the way forward for me on my new layout, and such a doddle to implement.
  17. Hello all, I use Spratt & Winkle couplings on my 4mm EM layout, and have permanent magnets which actuate a mix of 3mm and 4mm versions. However, I am thinking of using neodymium magnets for my new layout, and have no idea of the power and size I need for this. Any of you use them, what spec, etc and where you got them from. Many thanks, in anticipation of loads of help! Dai
  18. And lots of mosquitos lurking in the trees. I’ve never been bitten so much as in the forests.
  19. A cheap option to modify the Windows is to use thin slivers of painted sellotape applied directly to the Windows. Looks the part from one foot, and my ‘transfers’ have remained in situ for nigh on twenty years.
  20. When I first visited Hebden Bridge in the mid-late 70s, all the buildings were black. Loads of people had told me how pretty HB was, and I thought it looked a dump. Within 5 or 6 years so much sandblasting had been done, it had changed completely, and, yes, it looked pretty. Some of the buildings looked weird because they had been sand-blasted too much! coming back to railway roof colour, my time period is too late for white rooves. But I paint in various shades of grey and highlight certain areas: toilet tanks, sorted gas lamps, etc. So that no train has a uniform roof colour.
  21. I stand to be corrected, but I think this is the Gwynfi valley service. Never been there as most kept to their own valley in the 50s! BTW, Aberdare valley was known as Queen of the Valleys because it was so wide. As a Merthyr boy, we used to riposte that we were King of the Valleys! Gosh, those were the days
  22. My old school is on it, the castle built for iron masters. Good view of Quakers Yard trains, and I wonder if the ganger overlooking the Penydarren tram road is the one who spotted the ballast disappearing from the neighbouring viaduct - this caused the closure of the Quakers Yard (HL) line to Merthyr. There’s also a very good DVD by a band called Public Service Broadcast who specialise in putting films like these to music, whilst keeping most of the commentary.
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