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  1. Re a previous post of mine on this thread. I have now pulled out the wheels to EM gauge on my Hornby 57’ Collett coach ( the latest sort, not the Railroad sort). The coach works fine being pulled and pushed at speed even through small radius (Ma rcway) points. Saves money on new wheels!
  2. Yes, I went three times as well, and only saw it running once. I seem to remember one of the footplate crew saying it wasn’t a popular loco, and they preferred the saddletank. I was too young to ask why, and to understand any answer!
  3. Some other EM modellers tell me that pulled-out Hornby wagon/coach wheels work better than Bachmann ones. Shall be trying this on the new Hornby Collett 57’ coaches in the next few days.
  4. happy modelling, you might need the rest after this thread farrago!
  5. Who built these locos, and were they used elsewhere at power stations? I seem to remember Upper Boat power station had an electric loco, but I was too young to be bothered with non steam!
  6. Gosh, I didn’t expect such a lively discussion. Many thanks. I have already converted a 64xx to EM with Markit axles and wheels. This has worked. I am happy to go with these or Alan Gibson’s for the 54xx and I shall try 5’1”” wheels if poss, pretending that the tyres are worn down a bit. This will give me a bit more leeway than the proper size wheels. If that doesn’t work, the loco will be converted to 6433 instead. If it does work, then I shall do the remedial work on the buffers. I warn you: it will be a while yet! Thanks again. Dai
  7. Thanks for your input, chaps. Johnster, I am hoping I’ll get away with the splashers. When I get round to it, I shall let everybody know the outcome. Be warned though, I have a few other projects before it!
  8. I’m thinking of converting the Bachmann 64xx to a 54xx. Other than wheel, splasher and brake spacing, are there any other differences to consider? Cheers, Dai
  9. Yes, I cheat by: not putting them on, or by picking a transfer with a sequence of numbers that follow but have no relationship to the coach ( so I only have one transfer to stick on) or by sticking on a transfer and dirtying the coach or by picking easy numbers and painting them any others? cheers, Dai
  10. What a fantastic thread. I have a liking for the fireless locos: Charles (?) was mounted outside Swansea Museum for years, and, as a small boy, I could not work out how they got the fire into it!
  11. I stand corrected! I now blame the original designers!
  12. Thanks for this, Johnster. Having read your response, my guess is that I was in an old GWR coach. By the way, have you been in the ‘new’ steam rail Motor?(at Didcot) It is fantastic, BUT the overall GrandEdwardian feel is spoiled by incorporating basic tram seats from a Melbourne tram. The NER railbus on the Embsay Railway does it better, for not much more cost.
  13. Hello Johnster, I remember being in a wooden slatted-seat version on the Merthyr-Hirwaun run. I don’t suppose you know which railway these came from? My guess is TVR.
  14. And there was one radio control layout as well, Hope Street.
  15. Went today. Good show, as per normal, with good range of large and small layouts, and good selection of traders. Picked up a few tips from the small layouts that could be useful for my next minimum opus. Great to see Hungerford in full flow again.
  16. I’d paint the rooves dark grey or even black. Probably plate over the clerestory windows as well.
  17. Not a good idea to do it the other way round though!
  18. Best venue and food for yoinks. The layouts and trade weren’t half bad either! Excellent.
  19. Equally cynical about why the potential cost overruns weren’t mentioned in 2016.
  20. I’ve been thinking of buying these coaches for a while, but have been tempered by the odd SWMBO comment about recent spends; so I’ll hold on a while. BUT, when the time comes, I shall hold the moral high ground by pointing out that she spends money on smoking, which is a COMPLETE waste in my eyes. I’m off to ‘breathe more brave’—- shall tell you when I’ve bought some. Dai
  21. Yes, I’ll take that; though I was thinking of the sticker ‘weathered in Wales’ that somebody mentioned earlier. Don’t seem to get a gloomy ☹️ or whatever emoji sticking on my posts, let’s see if it appears this time!
  22. Andrew, they look great! What Carmine paint did you use? Just a couple of quickies: should the upper section of the driver windows be shaded black, and are you putting on some windscreen wipers? Dai
  23. The Bachmann 2251s run very well with their existing chassis, so I would only upgrade it if there was an imperative need to do so,P4 etc. I think 2277 worked on the S&D and this is one you can buy second hand in BR lined green, not sure if you can buy it new.
  24. I’d just reweather it by hand, in Wales or England. My Apple iPad tried to make that sentence into ‘repeat her hit’. Just as well I checked!
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