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  1. Kept you waiting till the end! The buyer has got a lovely, little layout there; and I hope they look after it well, and even carry on at exhibitions. All the best, Dai Davies
  2. And another Rochdale MRG layout, Andy Cooper’s North Ballachulish, will be there as well.
  3. How come Expo EM Autumn is higher up the exhibitions list than this one? It was on page 5 or something. Let’s bump it up! Shall be there helping on Hebble Vale, and looking forward to the show.
  4. As long as you don’t put the houses that are there now! They were built, I guess, in the 60s; and are the only blot on your/Hebden’s landscape. As a Welshman who lives in Hebden Bridge, I also am looking at your Welsh take on Hebden. The area is very reminiscent of the valleys, but the beer is much better. Halifax MRC (still?) have a layout of Hebden Bridge, somebody may have a picture of it? Also, there are plenty of layouts around which would give you an idea on ‘northern’ architecture: Hebble Vale, Glaisden, Eastwood, to name but a few. All the best with it, and I look forward to your progress. If you want to know anything about Hebden, pm me and I shall try and help. Dai Davies
  5. Also be prepared to sell the stock separately. Lots of people will already have stock of their own, or want to model a different period from yours. eBay is useful for selling stock, but keep your layout away from it. By the way, I’d hate it if you broke up your layout: it looks far too good for that ignominious fate!
  6. Why not put it up for sale on RMWeb? After all, we are the most likely market for exhibition layouts such as this. I would also echo the others who have said ‘advertise to other exhibitors’.
  7. Looking forward to the show. Shall be helping out on two RochdaleMRG layouts: Harkness and Amwag, so look forward to seeing you there.
  8. Layout put away for a little r and r. Good to meet up with old friends, and also plenty of newbies wanting to build a layout for the first time. Good show.
  9. Culm all packed and ready to go. Looking forward to the show.
  10. Serious question: will AR remove the problem of dirty track at shows? If so, I’ll buy one!
  11. I thought Hornbywere very remiss on this. Their stand was low profile, literally, and lacked impact. Rails banners showing outwards, not inwards? Straight forward advertising so that people from all over the show could see them. Rails outdid Hornby in this mini battle.
  12. Well I was going to mention the number of truss rods, but you beat me to it. Insert an emoji with a halo here, because I can’t. This issue has cropped up in another blog ( can’t remember which), so I happened to be passing Didcot one day and came to the same conclusions as you: two truss rods on ‘modern’ coaches of 61’ or less. One of the O gauge suppliers has incorporated 4 truss rods in their B set, so you’re in good company!
  13. First time at the show and really enjoyed it. Plenty of good layouts, esp Canada Street and the 7mm layouts. Easy to get to, and easy parking.
  14. 88D

    Airfix B set

    You can use Lazerglaze windows from Shawplan. These replace the originals, have no prismatic effect, and produce flush glazing. They can be fixed with Klear varnish. This has a profound effect on the look of these old coaches.
  15. Is it not possible to have an OO test track as well? I’m sure there’s loads of OO stuff that is bought to be converted, but people want to know they run before they do so.
  16. A website called ‘Old Merthyr’ has quite a few pictures of the line, including the recent find of a dram in the Pentrebach tunnel.
  17. 88D

    6N time!

    I’ll be at Lincoln show when Wales play England. I’ll have get the others to man the stand (Amalgamated Wagon) on the Saturday afternoon. Don’t say hello to me if we lose! Dai Davies. ps best competition in the world!
  18. That’ll teach me for pretending to be an expert! Insert smiley.
  19. Don’t like the like, thanks, informative, etc feedback. Too many keystrokes to achieve result, and you really need to know what each one means before you tap it, as you have to retap to find out the meaning of what you clicked. Goback to old mechanism if possible, please.
  20. I reckon the fireman drew the short straw on these services. Imagine being on your own in the cab on the Merthyr-Abergavenny line, for example. The firemen were always ‘passed firemen’ on the Western, presumably the same on the others: people with more experience than normal.
  21. Well done on keeping us informed of website status. Don’t realise how much you miss it until you can’t get on! All the best with the remainder, Dai
  22. 88D


    Looks like you’re already ahead on the intricacy front compared with me! I am dabbling with Digitrax right now, so hope you include a few pearls of wisdom in your thread. Cheers, Dai
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