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  1. Got an email asking me to call the office to complete the order this morning. It was mentioned I was one of the first to get an order in, that they had a full inbox and were anticipating a busy few days.
  2. Do you have too many locomotives? Are you sick of complaints your DCC sound is just too loud?
  3. Thank you for the helpful reply, I had thought Hornby had sold out weeks ago and didn’t think to check again.
  4. Is anyone aware of these available to pre-order anywhere? I had a set of three ordered from A Popular South Yorkshire Retailer that seems to be about to be cancelled.
  5. That’s so weird, I was just wondering the other day why they couldn’t stick a motorised chassis under the EFE tube trains!
  6. Well now the competition is over I can admit it took me a full 20 minutes to notice the back to front double arrows in the spot the difference competition!
  7. Just to make people aware: by purchasing in an official Lego Store you can get a free replica set of Lego’s first train with a £99 spend until the end of July. The Crocodile is £89.99 but it should be pretty easy to find a small set or two you’ll also enjoy for about £10 to take you over the top. You’ll also get a dune buggy or picnic set for spending £35, and a 12 in 1 Creator set for spending £85: https://www.lego.com/en-gb/page/lego-offers-promotions?icmp=HP-SHQL-EG-NO-promot-118
  8. I’ve ordered a rake of 3 from Rails, it felt like the right thing to do. Eagerly awaiting Rails’ next 3D printed project!
  9. Just saw a post on Hornby’s Instagram announcing a social media takeover for the 100th anniversary. Interestingly it’s launching at 10am on July 1st with a “special announcement”...
  10. Really can’t imagine this “expressions of interest” phase lasting long!
  11. Very interesting to see reference to a “two-year schedule” of “wagons, carriages and engines” there...
  12. Excellent stuff, by the time it’s finished a fixed link between a United Ireland and an Independent Scotland is going to be a huge boost for both!
  13. Very sad news, and I’m sorry to hear this hasn’t worked out. Looking forward to being able to support Cavalex’s future plans, whatever they might turn out to be.
  14. Received a package from Shapeways last night and couldn’t resist popping a chassis and some wheels on. I’m still amazed at how quickly it all went together and I’m looking forward to painting it! It’s shaping up to be a gorgeous little loco so far.
  15. I do think it’s a bit weird that I bought a Hornby catalogue at Tesco but was unable to buy any actual products at the same time. Would it be worth trying to get some starter train sets and maybe even a small selection of the Railroad range on the shelves of the toy aisles in supermarkets this year, I wonder?
  16. I don’t want to be critical, and hopefully this is a new market that’s going to deliver for Hornby but I do need to ask - who looked at a literal steam locomotive and thought “this needs to be more steampunk”?
  17. I knew I saw Rocket CADs in that James May documentary! A very exciting line up and some surprises, very happy with this announcement.
  18. Wonder if there’s any chance of the S Stock entering the main Bachmann range this year?
  19. If Apple and Google are struggling with AR glasses then I don’t expect Hornby to be the ones to nail it! I feel it’d be more likely for a Hornby app that uses your phone camera to overlay effects and animations over your real life train set, similar to Lego’s Hidden Side line:
  20. Now that looks a little more like what I usually see you freight lot doing!
  21. I actually met Steve Lamacq a few days ago at an afterparty, but figured he didn’t want to talk about the day job and we wouldn’t have anything else to talk about! Must remember the model railway for the next time!
  22. Thought I was the only one to have spotted that! In any case, I reckon there’s going to be some very interesting announcement coming in January.
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