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    WCML, electrification, Class 90s, DB Cargo uk AC traction, other electric locos, Class 86, 87, 88, 89, 91, 92. Other DB locos. Historical steam train routes long since disappeared, the Leamside line (Washington, UK), Consett to Sunderland steel works line and Ouston Junction (nr Chester-le-street)

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  1. Johnson Street IEMD: Loco fleet Update - 26th October 2020 - Bachmann Class 90 Number four - DB Schenker 90018 I had been thinking that I'd have been leaving this review on here back in September, but my plans regarding the fourth instalment on my DB 90 fleet had been a bit up in the air, anyway, several weeks of plans being changed a bit, initially, it was my intention to do a take on 90030, which is one of the two Long Term storage Class 90s which is expected back into traffic shortly, or at least it was before Covid. It was my plan to do a slightly tweaked livery of EWS just lik
  2. 26th October 2020 Bachmann DB Cargo 90018 I had been planning to leave this review on here back in September, but my plans regarding the fourth instalment on my DB 90 fleet had been a bit up in the air, anyway, several weeks of plans being changed a bit, I finally settled on 90018 in DB Schenker red ''The Pride of Bellshill'' in a mucky tired state. 90018 was the second of the four DB Schenker branded Class 90s, following 90036. and subsequent to this 90029 and 90040. Subsequent to the rebranding of the business into DB Cargo UK from DB Schenker, three of the four 90s l
  3. Thank you for this explanation Rich Kat @johnsonstreetIEMD:-)
  4. Can i just ask? your 37 ran on DCC with the Class 20 .. So different locos can be run in consists? so i could drag a 90 by a 66 or 67 dragging a 60 ? I am building a modern image Electric depot but my local model shop guy was saying same loco consists are tricky, i'd ruled out shunting moves with different locos, i'd even let go of my 08 for the same reason. [email protected]
  5. Newly reliveried DB Class 90 90037 Christine leading star of the show 90024 DB Malcolm south on this lunchtimes Malcolm logistics container liner to Daventry from Mossend. Note this is the side of the DB90 which carries the larger glider logo side due to only having the two side vents, the opposite side has a further three in the middle so the design has been varied to reflect this. To see the other side of this plus updates from Johnson Street IEMD, please follow the link on youtube.
  6. More modelling inspiration this afternoon in the form of DB 90 duo 90037 in newly liveried db cargo red with gliders and DB cargo red Sir William McAlpine 90028 coming through Stafford. Trust two trainspotters to get in the way lol !! Note - this is the small logo'd side due to the 90s vents .. watch here for further ..
  7. I want one .. definitely.. although I'm dedicated to DB .. I could easily see one visiting Johnson Street IEMD. [email protected] :-)
  8. That could also work should anyone try and retro fit a Class 88 from a Class 68 I dare say. Hmmm:-)
  9. Nice looking panto there @MGR Hooper! pet.. as a keen follower of all things electric in the UK and in particular of the Class 90, I am always interested to see things like this. The 86 is my second favourite followed by the 92. If Heljan can do as good a job with their panto as Bachmann have with their 90 then I for one will be more than happy. [email protected]
  10. Thank you for that breakdown pet :-) I actually messaged Heljan about them doing a new Heljan 86 about twice years ago I recall, in a roundabout sort of way the model railway industry have a whole load of feedback all of which is free of charge lol, companies pay fortunes for such things in other market sectors.
  11. #stillconfused Having briefly owned two Heljan 86s and knowing how flighty the pantograph can be. The actual fine design wasnt so much the big issue more so than the scale of it in relation to the loco. The the new one some twenty? years later looks too high off the roof and if its slightly more accurate in design but too high off the roofline, then I think the latter would be the more relevant aspect. This is just my humble opinion and I am more likely to be at the back of the queue than the front for one of the later ones but I hope they just it right when they do as the rest of
  12. Great picture there of the early pre-tops 86, showing in the foreground the Western entrance/exit into the ''Mucky hole'' as it's known by the locals.. Kat :-)
  13. Oooops my bad @MGR Hooper! ... thank you @Wagpnmaster for the link on this ... soo what we were seeing was probably the latest sample, with an older pantograph, which wont feature on the production unit. I guess with the 86's there is that unusual aspect of, certainly where the later ones are concerned but that there are two different pantographs still in use today on the Freightliner stock, the modern ones looking like the Brecknell Willis design. Kat @johnsonstreetIEMD
  14. Hi Hayley, Thanks for that, I will have a look at this later on today Kind regards Kat @JohnsonStreetIEMD
  15. Well, that's not strictly true, Malcolm and Bill did their last run on their shift and headed back to base and it turns out that Christine and Jack are getting cosy tonight in Mossend ahead of a turn at the wheel of the liner from tomorrow :-) :-) :-) Plus DB Blue dragged 67001 and 92042 to Wembley yesterday at some point, sneaky badger (a blue one at that) did so without me catching them, dont they know? they have to pay the identification toll if they are heading through my patch these days ? lol http://www.wnxx.com/20/2010/131020/90034.htm
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