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    WCML, electrification, Class 90s, DB Cargo uk AC traction, other electric locos, Class 86, 87, 88, 89, 91, 92. Other DB locos. Historical steam train routes long since disappeared, the Leamside line (Washington, UK), Consett to Sunderland steel works line and Ouston Junction (nr Chester-le-street)

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  1. I'd settle for any DB/EWS era one, but would also like in no particular order: 1 Any DB Schenker or DB minus Schenker 90 - ideally they'll do 90040 in DB minus Schenker (hopefully not 90018 - otherwise my 018 will have to be renumbered into 90040. 2 Any DB Cargo red - ideally 90035 so i can keep 90028 as it is 3 Any DB Grand Central (ideally 90026 - but not bothered which is done) 4 Any EWS First Scotrail (ideally 90021 as it's still current) 5 Hopefully not DB Blue or DB Malcolm 6 Any EWS Class 90 - so i can have a long term stored mucky looking EWS 90 li
  2. That would be nice, but i think it may be a while before the next crop comes along. I am just glad that there are people out there with the skill to repaint a locomotive
  3. Great little collection going on there @Squirrel Rail ... those rfd decals come off easy enough then?
  4. Thumbs up here Ben ... You do it how you see fit, personally I liked what you did before, it was kinda cool watching things come together ... I had actually been looking for your latest workbench upload .. but it has to work for you of course first and foremost. [email protected]
  5. fyi Rachel @Mini Wistaston junction as I saw you're about to undertake such a similar exercise with your OO gauge layout, this layout is well worth looking at in more detail with you looking to replicate Crewe station ... the station on this layout is pretty impressive as is all the OLE etc etc ... [email protected]
  6. January 2021 Update DB 66139 gets sound ... and ... Recent arrival Ex-EWS DB liveried Bachmann Class 66 has now been sound fitted, with a Bachmann 66 sound chip and speaker. Do I keep the host sound 66 027 ? well, I think it's probably going to go, but im still umming and arring on that subject, we'll see... Currently, two of my three DB66s are now sound fitted, 66009 and now 66139, its my intention to get 66065 sound fitted, and when the time is right, 66117, the newest Bachmann DB 66 will be added, sound fitted and weathered also.. The crux of it is, i have t
  7. That would have been a great time to photograp Piccadilly with the 1500v DC Woodhead line terminus to the left of this, with the boxy looking 76s with their double pantos alongside the comparatively sleeker 86s - hard to believe Woodhead wasnt converted to 25kv at a time when electrification was, as it still is, the way forward for the railways
  8. Saw this shot and thought of @WrattingRoad Great consist there with three of five of the current skoda liveries, just missing Powerhaul and G&W
  9. It still is... cold... lol... But it's still a great place to catch a train or two. [email protected]
  10. I have just come across this link thing in rmweb... having watched Rachel on YouTube with her various Cally sleeper into Crewe videos, Rachel @Mini Wistaston junction ... this would be a great place to add some of your Dyson pictures and footage pet, wouldn't it? I think when I finally gry round to getting my first Accurascales class 92, the transitionary EWS three beasties logo'd grey 92 is the one I will have, that will be perfect for Johnson Street IEMD.
  11. DB Cargo Class 90019 dragging ex-Grand Central Class 90020 and 90029 back to Crewe from Wembley Carriage sidings.
  12. @NorthenElectric91 As I understood from having spoken to the PECO representative, this was a proposed structure and very much a draft, no way, could this be the finished one, for starters, it was too low, with a ballasted and mounted track base, the cantilevers sit at virtually the height of the 86 pantograph in the down position and thats before one gets on to the more intricate cantilever designs and the components that make these up. As for the price, i dont recall this being something we discussed, this was just one thing he was there for, and I got the impression that he didn
  13. @InterCitySpud there is a forum for the PECO catenary here on rmweb, also, with the PECO multi-track gantry, the devil is in the detail pet, its a two track gantry LC-120 with extendable sections ON LC-121, so, likely to be applicable in wider (ie 4 or more track configuration) @NorthenElectric91 you should do a feed/forum page for these gantries for sure, there are brilliant, i think I messaged you sometime back about doing some for my layout, i have opted for nBrass for the main sections but i may look to have a more accurate terminating gantry and the gantry
  14. Johnson Street IEMD: layout and loco update: Boxing day 2020 First of all, I want to say Merry Christmas to all those people who view my blog, it has been an unprecedented and turbulent year all across the planet - and the kind which we probably thought we would never experience in our lifetime, the history of those who lived in the times of the plague seemed like such a long long time ago and would we/could we ever be experiencing such a thing ourselves with all the advances in medical science? ... well, yes we have and still are living with this - as a result of this - the world
  15. Its a really interesting area within railway modelling, if you are a continental modeller either here or abroad, you're reasonably well catered for, if you are modelling for UK OHLE however, a sparse collection of gantries are available, for the single masts, you're asking yourself am I going with Dapol or PECO - and for the multi-track masts, if you are modelling the WCML, then its either nBrass or one of the other kit form masts, like scalemodelscenery and having to scratch build your cantilevers, if you're not modelling the WCML and are looking at the ECML or elsewhere, then its a case of s
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