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  1. Well I wasn't far off when I suggested it might be "an open or closed wagon of some sort and will have 4 or more wheels" ! ;-) It's an interesting and good choice of wagon and would look good behind a Deltic - KOYLI perhaps??? I'll get me coat Ralph
  2. Oh dear I've just read " ICI caustic soda TTAs" as " ICI custard soda TTAs"... perhaps Accurascale might do some Banana vans?
  3. My guess is that it's either going to be an open or closed wagon of some sort and will have 4 or more wheels.
  4. This is such a pretty engine and very, very tempting. Seen at Boat of Garton on 22 Aug 2018.
  5. I've just bought a couple of narrow gauge kits and some bearings from Dundas Models . Order placed on Tuesday afternoon and delivered today. Will definitely be using them again in the future. Ralph
  6. 60028 alive and well today passing Woburn Sands (Bedford to Bletchley line) on the 6Z18 Chaddesden Sidings to Willesden DC Rail Sidings.
  7. Nice little conversion challenge there ... fix up a few scooters with an appropriate number of mirrors and lights
  8. Harlyn Pier. Have to say I thought this layout was the best scenically. The sea, the horizon and coastal geology were well done and the harbour mud was excellent.
  9. Johnstown Road and Aerodrome Park The Cambrian trestle bridge and mountain view reminded me of Ynas Las on the Dyfi, although there are fewer trees and no dam there! Wonderfully captured Art Deco buildings.
  10. So as threatened here are some snaps of bits of the show, starting with Heybridge Wharf. Ralph Lambton58
  11. I went with Flying Pig yesterday; not a vintage CMRA show but very enjoyable none the less. We arrived about 10.10am and had no trouble parking in the car park by the main door - there were plenty of spaces. Infact, I've been to all of the Stevenage shows and never had any problems parking. And at £2 per day that's darn good value! Getting tickets and finding our way in to the halls was a little chaotic, but not impossible. The show was reasonably busy all day, but the hall layouts are well spaced out and it was easy enough about and see things. People were generally friendly and we chat
  12. Also finally just caught up with Episode 1 - I thought it was quite a good programme. Informative and entertaining and done in a fairly sensible, sympathetic style. Nicely filmed too.
  13. Had you considered making a working version of Oxford's Rail Gun? Ralph Lambton58
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