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  1. Andrew the layout and stock are looking brilliant. I look forward to seeing them in a years time rather at the end of this month. Gavin and your production rate is very high. The advantages of being retired I guess. I hope to have the 2 x V2's for you to have a look at next year!
  2. Tim, great to see that you have taken this on, I have read all about it on Ian's thread. Great to see it has a home. I have to applaud the change to the NER region... well I do like the NER... I look forward to your up dates over time!
  3. Yeah been doing that for years... until the take away container.... I have been completing more since changing it up... give it a try and see how you go finishing things.
  4. Way too organised there Jesse. you'll be building kits like crazy. Can I make a suggestion though. If you do start a kit but cant finish it for waiting for parts, hit a hard bit, lost interest. Place all the parts back in the box or use take- away containers to keep all the bits together so as to be able to know they are all together and you can come back to finish things in time! (Ok dont ask me how I came up with this but it is a way to organise the production and modelling. In fact I have found it more enjoyable to look in a box see a list of outstanding items or fill them in once a order arrives at the front door. It also makes bulk ordering from suppliers easier. Ie all the castings from Wizard models turns up for 5 different projects!
  5. I have half of a A4 kit, the previous owner parts of the kit used which was mostly the chassis but didn't use the body for variousness reasons so I may get in touch in the new year to see if I can purchase the missing bits. I would have to get a tender for it as well. Another batch build for the future as I have to finish what I have already started.
  6. Ian that is great news. I have a number of Finney kits which I have purchased locally here in Australia. It is great to know that they may be able to supply parts if they are missing anything. I have been building 2 V2's which thankfully are not missing any parts... except where I have managed to miss place and then find again parts!
  7. As I have been using the xucon etched shears for a number of years they are great quality and I wouldn't be without them. Just be aware they are expensive but worth it!
  8. Well as you are showing some lovely models off there Tony... all to do with cab doors... here are my V2's back heads these are a work in process as I spent about 2 hours fiddling getting more parts onto the back heads. these are still removable but once the cab seats and seats and brackets are installed they will be permanent, as they will be captured. These kits are a wonderful challange. Getting almost the bits in and take my word for it you run out of room and this is already after a bit of simplification by Martin Finney! I can see why the real fitters and engineers had a challenge getting every thing into the cab!
  9. I can understand, living as I did in Rabaul, 31 during the day... 24 overnight... never changed... drive you round the bend eventually. Any how I do agree Singapore Is a great place. I need a bit of space though... so maybe not Singapore for me.
  10. Tell me about it... i hate being cold. Give me 35 degrees... down to 28.... I will be very comfortable.
  11. Baz what are you saying it's only 17 today here in Melbourne! ... oh that's right we're at the end of winter!
  12. Yes, however this is some one I have known for a long time and it was the first time the discussion had come up regarding lining. He said he had tried a number of techniques but the lining pen was the best. He only purchased his after using a test one at the gauge O guild exhibition. He found it so good he bought one on the spot.
  13. Jesse how are you planning to do the lining? I ask as I have been thinking about buying a Bob Moore lining pen... but have yet to put the order in. One of the local guys has one and says it I is the only way I should go.
  14. Atso, shouldnt that be "reduce" rather than raise.
  15. Ahh yes as I have said we can remember relatives and their service. One grandfather was regular army RAR, my grandmother was a WAAAF here in Melbourne and that is where they met. My other grandfather was 2nd/27 on Kokoda as a first aider. Interesting they would never meet until my parents got together. Both were in PNG. One a regular army until after I was born in the 1970's The other discharged after 2 years but he never said anything about what happened, to the point he would argue that he was never there, how ever the unit history says he must have been. A Truely terrible experience to be shut out of his memory. Having worked in PNG in 1998 I was mostly in Rabaul, but spent time in both Lae and Port Moresby. One of the project was at the prison at Bomana which is next to the war graves. It is a difficult country to do much in due to the terrain, and weather. The war scars are still very apparent especially in Rabaul tanks etc still easily seen in undergrowth and other impacts. Any how as others have said "least we forget"
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