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  1. Thanks for the chat today Colin. Happy to help out when you have the bits.
  2. Johnster I found when disassembled the bearing in the motor was loose on the drive end. This is what I have suspected caused the motors to over heat. Can't prove it at the moment. Enthusiasm escaped on Friday returning home to a partner crook and teenagers hungry. So resigned to finally watch telly late last night. Ha update I now have 2 q6's running around. One has ended up slightly more growly but both are happily running. I will have to get a few hours running tonight and tomorrow to do a proper test. Then an hour or 2 with heavy trains. Ahh tomorrow will be nice with the trains circulating while I continue with my kit building!
  3. Rshakes, a bit of an up date, the new motor has arrived in the far off land of Australia. Last night I sat down and had a look. Firstly the motor was double ended and the drive shaft was over length. Out with the demel and the excess was lopped off. I will say this must be done with eye protection and a grinding disk! I smoothed off the end with the drive on it. so there was no burrs to allow the brass fly wheel, Drive connection to smoothly fit on. Problem to get the old brass drive off the old motor, I first tried the soldering iron to heat it up. No luck, but I remembered that I did once upon a time purchase a screw style gear remover, this poped it off no problems. I did notice that the bearing in the old motor did practically move about too much so that may have been the problem with over heating. I cleaned out the bore of the brass with a cutting broach, so as to leave a draft on the brass. This all worked and i slowly pushed it onto the new drive shaft. The motor was checked before being reinstalled The loco was reassembled but it was getting late last night so I called stumps. Tonight is the reassembly of the body and test running. which I hope will result in everything working perfectly again!
  4. Tony' what's colour have you painted the coach roofs? I rather like it and wouldn't mind giving it a try. The teaks look look very natural. It is one of the struggles being in Australia, when I see these photos of natural looking models it is hard to match or use similar colourings as we tend to not get the railway colours locally and paints can't be posted. We do get quite a range of the normal humbrol, tamiya, etc colours but I find it can be difficult to mix to the same colour and tone but there is also the technique that is used. I wish I could just pop over have a chat, a coffee and look at them in the flesh!
  5. Well with the number of Chinese in Melbourne he could get the corona virus... then again I have heard that the local communities are not going out! The local Chinese community that enhabits box hill has been conspicuously absent! Melbourne has even had restaurants go belly up because they are all staying home! Though i think St Enodoc prefers his carona with a lemon or lime slice!
  6. Well Tony I have just purchased the Irwell press book on the V2's so I have been starting to research more on the "standard V2" and then there is the timing of the modifications. The 2 that I am building will be sheded at York. The splashers are included and quite straight forward or ward to install and achieve the correct angle. I will check on the ventilators but I am pretty sure the offset lubricators is a install issue!
  7. St Enodoc, we have to encourage Woodcock29 to have some scenery completed by September! Andrew we know you have retired so you should have heaps of time to get all of the rolling stock done and some scenery. I have a bit of an aim to have 2x V2's done by that time. Though I am a bit concerned with the idea of getting the lining done.
  8. I have a few tarps if you need them!.... bit hard to get them to you quickly though!
  9. Hope the water recedes and there isn't that much damage to things. looks like a couple of boxes are going in the recycling though. (you wont even remember they had boxes in years to come)
  10. I have been looking for a book listing the diagrams and other details for the NER carriages, the closest book I have found but have yet to have the budget to purchase is British Railways GWR/LNER Pre-Nationalisation Coaching Stock (Hardback) ISBN: 9780860936756 It is about 400 pages long so may have the information you are chasing. If any one has this book can you put a run down of what it has in it? as from Australia it is hard to drop in and flick through the pages it is hard to tell if the information that I want is in there or not! I have been looking for a book on NER carriages for a while as I have been building a few D&S kits collected over the years and I would like to find more information on them.
  11. I have a serious issue with our local bunnings now... the sausages only come in a piece of bread rather than a bun! The other one was there is a second verse to advance Australia fair... this is supposed to be mumbled through as no one is to know the words! Jesse can you confirm this!
  12. Good on you Jesse, I have found brass is cleaner and sharper to deal with as a kit for rolling stock. More singed fingers and solder does creep into half etched lines with is hard to get back out! The van above looks great.
  13. Rshakes, your success has encouraged me to purchase the motors to do my Q6... so there will be a pause for a couple of weeks until they (I purchased 2 motors but only need one) turn up.. then I will carry out the change over!
  14. I have been continuing my battle with the Martin Finney V2's which I am building to P4 standards. I ran into a clearance issue with the cross heads and the coupling rods. Thanks to some advice on the Scalefour list the issue was the Aland Gibson wheels had a boss on the frontwhich needed to be removed and I needed to recess the crank pin nut, along with reducing the back of the cross head. So I am now back to a rolling chassis and the second one will need fettling to get to the same point. this is taking some time but the enjoyment is there once the problems are located and resolved!
  15. Regarding the conversion across to electric power on the railways, Melbourne's system converted over between 1923 and 1930, this had been delayed because of the war but if that had not occurred would probably been by 1917! I find this interesting as the melbourne system hasn't really expanded or changed overly dramatically from that time to now when compared to the previous 50years!
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