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  1. DougN

    Bachmann J72

    It looks like it is possible to convert with Alan Gibson's wheels to P4. Looks like I will have to buy a NER green one!
  2. Tony, the V2 looks fantastic. Have to say I would like one in the future. There are things on the model which arent included in the Martin Finney kit I am building at the moment! I see the difficulty of the roll to the front of the fire box and the fit to the cab is still there! OK Yes I know this is a test shot. I have had immense problems with the front of the fire box which has resulted in a bit of a frustrated build. Interesting the angle of the photo doesn't show the "splashers" that are below the foot plate between the wheels but they are there over the wheels. I believe these are at 45 degrees to the vertical. Only once getting into the build of the kit did I even know these existed! I will continue with my build (and the next V2!) While enjoying the RTR that comes out as well. So a big gold star for Bachmann on this so far!
  3. Jesse, the triplet set looks fantastic Jonathan has done a great job of repainting them. Wish I could drop up to Sydney and have a look in the flesh so to speak! Great that you had such a great trip.
  4. I have to congratulate Clem that O4 look brilliant. The thing that struck me was the warmth in the last photo. I am not sure why.
  5. Have to agree Tony. It is just as well I am not joining you and Jesse... I have a real problem may be I need to go to MA... to stop buying more loco kits. On a a serious note I think I actually need to move onto coaches and wagons... as any layout needs more coaches wagons than locomotives. these are a little more challenging as the coaches need to be a cross section such as on little bytham, Grantham and Peterborough north layouts. So comet, and MJT et al I really have to have a go at some Gresley coaches as I have yet to do any of these kits!
  6. I have the feeling the topics are too close to home. 1 layouts - any flat surfaces will collect rolling stock- I have to clear the layout all off as there is way too much out at the moment. Not helped by the 2 year old nephew saying at the top of his voice I want "lying scotsman".... then onto "oooow you have a spencer, you run them? yes? " so I now have lost the work bench (read 6 inch square space I build kits in!) it is a biggy for me this weekend to put every thing away! 2 the Strategic reserve of Kits. I have managed to now collect even further loco kits (what am I going to do with 3 finney A4's to build? ) let alone the other V2, A3x2 and a A1...... I need to get on and finish a number of the others I have part way through. A V2 has reached the cylinders but the slid bars are in the same alignment for the coupling rods!.... need to figure out the solution to this before going any further... I have said to my other half I do not want to list them as it is too scary! I guess the one thing in my favour is I have at least 40 years ahead of me....
  7. Denbridge, I have had a quick look Ronseal products are generally not available here in Aus. This is one of the many issues that turns up with hardware in the UK VS Australia. One item which I have read many times is in the UK you would never use MDF (medium density fibre board), however we have a very good MDF here in Australia which is a higher density and works very well for layouts. we for instance don't get Sundela but a long time ago we could access Caneite which was similar but most people wouldn't touch with a barge pole as it was compressed sugarcane waste, good for pin boards but not much else!
  8. I have had great success with the tamiya spray packs. So this might be a good option.
  9. Well I think I will be getting at least one. I however better get a Dave Bradwell kit one finished! But it is pushed back by the V2 and the J39 I have been doing things on!
  10. Umm, I think I am glutton for punishment... I have 6 Hornby A4's but why the punishment.... I have now 3 finney A4 kits... that's years of modelling to put them together... the next problem is I also have 2x A3's, a A1and 2 V2's to do as well. I have the some of the first V2's put together! Umm I guess the I enjoy building Gresley locos!
  11. Gees that is a steal! the layout is worth the cost alone but with the grasmaster, 21 tortoise point motors gauge master DCC unit et al it is very worth while to purchase! with the Dapol RTR locos this would be the perfect way into O gauge! I hope that some one buys it and enjoys what is a very interesting layout with little effort than restoring the damage!
  12. John and Tony , I have 3 Finney A4 kits to start soon.... ... don't think I will do it as a batch! I suspect just those 3 will take well over a year of modelling time!
  13. Rick, You'll get the wiring right eventually. Stick at it. Which part are you having the most trouble with? I am positive that you will either find it is a missing isolation point or a lose wire. I know a few people who over the years have just gone through and cut all the wires off and started again. (Ok i have done that!) The idea could be to do a drawing of the layout and using coloured pencils (for the wires) to locate the problem. I know that Double slips almost need a total supply of their own (IE they are a single peice of track) to work out the wiring! The same goes for 3 ways... good luck, you'll beat it into submission!
  14. The brown colour they have been painted in I need to match does any one have any details of the actual colour? We here in Aus find getting the paints a challange as the suppliers don't like to post over seas! I have a friend who regularly goes to the UK and can pick up the paints and places them in his spare shoes to bring them back in his suit case!
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