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  1. Tony, in the NER record volume 1 there is scale drawings from the NER. There is a fence/ handrail on the road side which would stopped shunters falling onto the loading side.
  2. Sounds good. I seem to go.from one little project to another. For the last 12.months or so i have been building 2 V2s and as this was delayed by parts i put them to the side ans built a signal box. Now i am onto to a complimentary station building. So in tge future I'll take them.along to a meeting!
  3. Ahh, my bank account has just made a sigh of relief again. unfortunate that it has pushed out so far but there is nothing we can do... just enjoy life and finish other models until it turns up! Wonder if they will have the full sized new build running by that time?
  4. Mark, Can you build the J21... I wouldnt mind a RTR version as I have not got back to the 3 I started building 20 odd years ago
  5. Hi sharks, been a long time due to no meetings and you working when ever there is one! Looks like the layout is still getting there. Be great to see your progress in the future!
  6. Thanks John, I thought it captured the look of the buildings the stairs are a bit of a challenge but i have yet to install them. I have been using icy pole sticks a bit on this as the curved end matched the curve to the arched windows and being 2mm thick worked out the rise of the steps quite well.
  7. Well to add to the Signal Boxes.I have been waiting for a delivery of bits for the V2's and others, as they should have been sent about 5 weeks ago they should be here in Melbourne now... In the mean time I decided a distraction to building rolling stock I went off and built a signal box:- Not 100% right but I think it captures the look of a southern area Signal box of the NER. For those that want to build your own, the elevations are taken from the North Eastern Record Vol 1 - page 83 But make your lives easier using 1 the NER signal box windows etch from Precis
  8. Ian, my interest is from a professional side as i am a construction manager here in Melbourne. So in the uk I would be CIOB and RICS eligible. I find the regional differences and standards interesting. I have an interest in environmentally sustainable construction and ongoing passive initiatives. So well insulated, naturally shaded windows, passive changes are all very important. To the point i am interested in other countries views of what is normal can be useful. Australian houses have too many air changes per hour and not enough mandated energy efficiencies. So even a railway room can be im
  9. I do find your bracing interesting as here in Australia we install speed or strap bracing which is a metal strap in a cross arrangement from under the bottom plate to over the top plate. And this is on each corner to both walls. As Chris P said the OSB can be used as sheet bracing. We also have noggins to every stud opening. I know the US have different ideas as well and clad the entire walls in OSB with no noggins. Another interesting arrangement is you needing to silicon up each of the roof teck screwes. Here in Australia we have the teck screw with a washer pre installed on the
  10. I agree St Enodoc, I only really started purchasing from Andrew at Wizard for a few years, I have come to appreciate, his stock of parts, kits and bits. So he has become my go too for the smaller hard to get bits. Then again I have spread around Dart Castings, Hattons, Eileens Emporium, for all the bits I have been looking for. That's great Barry, but not every one has the access to some one willing to do that. My sister who should bring things over when she heads back to see family is quite unreliable.
  11. I am now very reluctant to purchase from Peters spares as this is over the top postage. I will however support retailers such as Wizard models as they have the following which I find very fair on the purchaser and the retailer. Wizard models:- "Orders outside the UK are sent using Royal Mail’s Tracked & Signed Air Mail service which generally takes between 3 and 10 calendar days (but note that your order may then be delayed in your country’s Customs). It is charged at £0.75 plus the cost of postage, subject to a minimum charge of £3.90 and a maximum of £21.00. Because o
  12. SRman distracted by another project ....never.... Looks like another EMU... you sure you have the room for another. This one going to have DCC sound and lights? (Yes I have been waiting for a delivery of materials from Eileens emporium so my V2's are on hold, so I am building a NER S1 signal box instead)
  13. The video on the Great train show/ Hornby Mag really showed off the layout which I enjoyed today. The shear scale of the layout and the level of detail and research that you have put in is fantastic. Even to the point my other half said to me "do you want to build something that big? "Have to say no, the buildings g I build as a day job are large enough howe ever it is encouraging me to get on with modelling again. I will I'll keep an eye out for any further videos.
  14. Just as long as it is not "we're effluent Kimmy " nothing like fountain lakes.
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