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  1. Nah you've moved to New Zealand and the earth has been shaking again? Great to see that your back! No doubt lockdown is causing upheavals... then again some of us know this as "modelling time"
  2. Well JRG, I will let you see both chassis soon! (we are allowed 20 at home from Monday next week, so our meetings may start up again) the issue with up and overs is the splashers to the V2's which are over the top of the wheels. On the Scalefour list there is a photo of a black 5 with the same amount of trouble! So I will see where I can thread things through tonight.... After I have done loco Number 2. Here is the state of play with the first V2 for brakes! I am finding if there is problems I take a week or 2 to think them through and apply the solution.... hence the V2's have stayed stationary for about 4 weeks... (then again the work bench needed a really good tidy up... My riveter had disappeared (Ok found in the garage near to where I thought I had put it down) and My 10Ba tap had gone missing on the work bench... found hiding against one of the walls.... (I must remind my self to put it back in the tap container with my other one!)
  3. Thanks for the pickup photos Tony. As most know have been building the V2's, yesterday I sat down to build my most hated item on the chassis..... the brake gear, as I always manage to get it to work perfectly every time.... ie the loco is stopped dead by it! So I am being extremely careful. (I can hear murmurings from the back of he "started with pickups") I think the photo below perfectly sums up the great design by Martin Finney.... but what about the room for the pickups! yes there is pull rods that go back on themselves leaving precious little space for pickups let alone space to get some copper clad to mount them on!
  4. I think this is the type of specific information we here in Australia need to centralise with BRMA. It hard enough to find colour information in the UK then to have it converted here to what's available. Personally my last was NER carriage plum. I now have a sample thankfully. So I can have it colour matched. Tony has heard our trials and tribulations and difficulties to over come... but he has also seen our advantages! I do feel for Rob and all the other modellers in NZ who have the same similar problems but probably the same ranges are available on that side of the ditch so the information can be shared.
  5. DougN

    On Dogs

    Well this is the boss of the house... no surprise when you look at my avatar! Below is Indiana so named as he is always getting himself into scrapes and his nose gets him into trouble. He's 7 overly pampered but loved by the family. As with any beagle he is head strong... alright bloody minded is a better description! Extremely friendly and we have been so amazed at his gentle nature when friends are around. But once he gets to know someone... he goes back to his normal self which is insane. did some one say cheese? Something he will do pretty much anything for. No off lead walks as the insane brain kicks in and your all off for a run, but no road sense so we are extremely careful not to let him loose! Now one thing no one has mentioned and that was Beagles can fly. We had miner birds decide to dive bomb him one day, And in the best dive bomb tradition the 2 birds flew down in formation.... to dive bomb the dog.... they did it once thinking it was a successful run... so they tried again.... coming in at about 6ft of the deck. But the cunning beagle was watching over his shoulder as the birds got closer he launched! Taking the second bird in his mouth! Yes that was a standing leap from the deck to about my shoulder height! (I am 6'3") the first bird I saw sort of looking over its shoulder for his wing man only to find a beagle chewing on its remains! Put it this way the miners never dive bombed him again and went back to the neighbours cats! I don't think we will ever be with out a dog now. He seems to such a part of the household. Even though the 14 and 16 year old teenagers are growing and maturing. The dog seems to have made our home better since he has been with us.
  6. Clive, My comment for the size of hammer required for any job... if the first one doesnt work... move up.... then once you have reached the 32ton excavator with a hammer... it will never work again! generally though once you have go to the sledge hammer it may have gone too far!
  7. Your right most of the construction courses gave up on hands on in the mid 90's. In fact I have concerns that the current teaching of apprentices has gone the same way, something about we dont want them to hurt themselves! Some of the latest carpenters, I have been unfortunate to deal with, keep proving this point! I should mention that I was on the University of Melbourne Course review board up until 2010, for the Property and Construction courses (Property, Construction management, and QS) . (Bachelor and Masters levels in Property and Construction). I am a qualified QS, and Construction manager, or in UK speak, CIOB, RICS! The interesting thing about people interested in construction generally end up doing their own renovations and learn the hardway! I would also state, I would take a person, doing professional level roles, who has learnt the skills or understanding over some one who hasn't. The reason for this they can deal with a trade more easily as they realize the person saying what to do, actually understands the process. I am mentoring a guy doing just this at the moment, he is a great guy and learning from the work he did on site last year, while coming into the office this year while doing his University course and learning the techniques to negotiate deals with trades and the clients!. It is the experience of doing vs telling some one to do it. Along with understanding that any thing to do with building is heavy, Any one who has met me knows I only come in one size BIG. I count model railways for starting on the career direction I took as it covers all the "trades" and engineering requirements. Making things has always been part of who I am!
  8. Andrew, you can always ask for help. I have selected Yeadons on the NER loco's. they tend to be purchased to go with a kit build!
  9. Hang on you mean a cask of wine.... or chateau de cardboard here n Australia!
  10. Tony, the reason is the programing in the chip. This can generally be adjusted by programing such as turning back EMF on/off, and changing the start voltage. The more expensive the chips the better the motor control generally. It is a frustrating situation when the above occurs when you know that the loco runs perfectly on DC, or worse on DCC with a different chip! Only to be upgraded for what ever reason, to run like a over weight 3 legged dog! I have one of these at the moment (Hornby B1) which ran for years with a DCC concepts chip and now with an upgrade to sound with a ESU V4 chip. However I am aware from a good friend of mine, SRman on here, that there is a quick way to "tune" the chip. (CV 54) I have yet to get around to doing the programing. So as we all say it is another area of interest to some modellers. I am also frustrated on a couple of points at the moment with a Highlevel kit 12inch Neilsen for some unknow reason it is overtight generally.... (I think I need to remove and reinstall the horn blocks) Both of the above are on the list for this weekend to fix.
  11. Richard has it in one! It's what ever Jesse is happy with.
  12. Come on Jesse, take the challenge, you can do it! The Padawan can become a Master!
  13. Dare I say quarter turn on carpet tiles does avoid the long lines problem.. ( that is each tile is turned 90 degrees so lines are broken at each tile) actually thinking about it it has en a while since I ended up with carpet tiles so I must be due to receive a box or 3. It happens every 10 years or so. I had 1000m2 worth years ago. I said to friends about it and they all helped get rid of the boot load I had. That was from an old Autobahn I was stripping for a new officeworks! Nahh looking great there Jesse. I hope you weren't drinking just because of all the isolation stuff at the momen... you don't have to say if ... uhummm ... you could incriminate yourself.
  14. That's because they were following you to get out.... they had been in there for a month!....
  15. It's designed that way Jesse... they want you to end up buys alsorts of stuff you didn't need... though I did purchase a battery powered mixer for mixing drinks... I cut off the circular bit and bent the shaft to become a great paint stirrer for humbrol tins. Total cost about 3 dollars!
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