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  1. Looking great there Jeff. I am amazed at the difference the back scenes make to photos. they remove all the clutter/ walls rooms from the photos so as per yours above lift the model a lot! It also allows better photos to be taken. The ID backscenes are great as you know it has lifted my layout.
  2. Well yes i would love to see this loco. When it turns up... it turns up. Bigger things in life are out there as i sit here on a Saturday morning... working the second week of 6 days. When i am employed to work 5 (no over time either) ... i would much rather be at home with the family and do some modelling. Working as much as i do makes the appearance of new models such as this so much more enjoyable when they do show up. I understand that Oxford and the people behind it will be working hard to get it all to us and we should all say thank you! Anyhow the later it is th
  3. Well that looks to be a book I need to get hold of. Will be some time until the bank account recovers enough for me to buy some more modelling gear or books sadly. At only a bit under 6 quid its pretty cheap....I wonder... no must pay SWMBO's study bill. Happily though I have more than enough modelling to get on with at the moment. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Paul, been an admirer of you layouts for a while. Your new fence can you give us a few details as I am thinking of doing some more work on my P4 NER/LNER layout. Which I need at least some fencing on. The layout is packed away while I do some work on a station building.
  5. The latest Bachmann collectors club 37-2020K as per the post above mine !!!!
  6. Thanks Butler. I did have one from Hattons preowned which I thought I had "won" but for various reasons I was not lucky enough to get it! ... I will continue to watch and at some time I will secure one!!!
  7. Having done a little shipping over the years... I always ask for a copy of the Bill of lading. It defines the container, the ship, the likely docking date. Yes then up to the stevedores and customs to actually release it to Oxford! So I understand it will be I guess in the next few months before everything arrives! Still keen on a sound fitted one... in time! Nice to look forward to these things.
  8. Well this is rather exciting as it has been a while since any new releases have got me excited enough to find my credit card! I am now looking forward to April.
  9. Interesting when looking at Hattons website- the page for the information has a delivery date of Q2 this year. however each of the locos has a eta of jan to March which is Q1. As we are most of the way through Q1 it looks like the info page is a better estimate (Q2) I am rather interested in getting one of these. But the Q2 delivery works well for my bank account! I would have thought that there would have been more info out by now.
  10. Good to see your lot has still been going. It appears all of the BRMA Melbourne group like you have been having small extra local meetings around Melbourne. Must catch up with you in the near future, Peter. Your layout is looking as as good as ever.
  11. DougN

    Ck17 kit

    Well the country station is finished only 10 years between start and finish! sorry about the background. The station is sitting on a piece of ply on top of my lighting system on top of my layout... so as long as you are as tall as me (190cm) you can see it! I was surprised how long it took to finish it all off. In the time since starting it my modelling skills have improved so there was a fair bit of remedial work completed. Oh oh it's also a reflection of the plan so there are some additional works which needed to be completed.
  12. I have to agree with people's review of Sam's videos they can be very annoying. He must how ever be given his dues as he try's to be even in his reviews praising what he sees as good and points out the poorer parts. I try not to watch his videos as they can be at a level which is too far away from my knowledge but also not on subjects I have any interest. As others have said if you don't like them don't watch them! I am interested in the new loco reviews and also his views on things like the Hornby 6 wheel generic coaches when they match my interest. Between Sam and Jenny Kirk the
  13. Embarrassingly the station was resurrected over the Christmas break... yes 10 years since starting it. Hence the resuscitation of this thread. In between I have been doing a lot of modelling and 2 years ago I started deliberately had a New Years resolution to finishing previously started kits which were not complete. The station really fell into the abyss of a table in the modelling area where it had laid with damage loose bits and incomplete. Now after 3weeks of leave and working on the station with some extra bits and a lot of painting. I can say it is now at the completion sta
  14. DougN

    2021 hopes

    On the topic of TTS sounds. I would like to see the releases that were announced and then canceled. One In particular the Q6 as I had put preorders in. What TTS chips do others want? A lot of locos are manufactured ready for sound but Hornby has allowed others to produce full function sounds.
  15. Tony this kind ribbing you have received has pushed you to improve your modelling and this model. I bet the next time you think " I'll just leave these off no one will say any thing.... oh the last time ummm... alright I'll finish it off properly " Merry Christmas to you and Mo, along with the rest of the readers and contributors.
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