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  1. I was talking to John last year, it is a shame but he felt it was the best thing to do and of course this year due to covid they've been hit even harder, my Grandkids will miss it for sure.
  2. I think one of those locos is at Bridge of Dun being overhauled with a view to it running up at Aviemore, not been to have a look, but was surprised to hear the tale.
  3. In the goods yard, I didn't notice the spiders web "weathering" until after I took the image.
  4. This is the only picture I have found in the steam era Ken, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Inverkeilor-Railway-Station-Photo-Caulcots-Lunan-Bay-Arbroath-to-Montrose-1/252076564398?hash=item3ab0ef1fae:g:O8kAAOSw~gRV5ZOw so this will be the basis for it. There is a view from the bridge end in the book "East coast mainline vol 8, that shows the steps leading from the platform. Hope you are keeping well Burnie
  5. Nice work, I'm about to build a signal box for just down the line at Inverkeilor
  6. Thanks for the speaker info, I shall have to do some measuring up to see what would fit.
  7. Thanks for the replies, I was kinda hoping someone out there actually has this popular loco with sound/speaker fitted and could give an appraisal, I couldn't find anything on youtube either.
  8. I am contemplating adding this to my Hornby B1, it will be pre-loaded with a sound file, but comes with no speaker. Just curious as to what people who already have this card have used that will fit the B1, also how do people find the running of the loco with this fitted. Thanks in anticipation.
  9. I have been having a lot of running sessions but not a lot of modelling being done, sure my mojo will return once we are allowed out more lol. I picked up a new loco that I have been after for some time, a Bachman J39. Now there's plenty about, but this one stood out as it has been nicely modified by the previous collector owner and is fitted with a Hornby DCC chip, so it has been lubricated and had a short run in and runs quite nicely. These locos were part of the main stay of local freight in the area I've modelled, it will need detailing, new numbers and weathering, but for now it's a nice
  10. I'm over by Montrose, so probably won't get over there, I met you at St.Andrews last year, so will look out for you at Perth.
  11. I read through this thread on occasion, I use the like button if I like it, I have not posted here yet as my railway is a fair distance away from being finished, but it seems to me that all the images are of a very high standard. I personally struggle with black and white images(be it model railways or any other subject) as I don't ever recall seeing the world in B&W, I know folk use it(and sepia) to create an historic feel, but I don't criticise as personal taste means we will all like difference.
  12. Are you going to Perth this year?
  13. They say the devils in the detail and that looks devilishly difficult, you must have a lot more patience than I seem to have these days.
  14. Looking forward to this show, can you arrange for it to be a bit cooler than last year, I nearly melted lol
  15. Been weathering the rolling stock, not started on any locos yet
  16. Started weathering the track and yard a bit, the bridge has been colour washed with water colour and "sooted" with powders, some rust powders have been added to the track and the buildings and fences have been weathered as well, still more to go.
  17. Quick first report on the Digitrax DCS 52, I was after a simple unit, bench one rather than hand held as my layout room is not huge. Sound was the main driver for me changing from dc to DCC, but my layout is unlikely to have more than 3 locos on the go at any time, so this 3 amp unit seems a perfect choice. Out of the box, read the Quick start guide and I was running locos for fun, it really is simple, I was led to believe that as a minimum I would need a professorship in quantum electronics(if such a thing exists). Today I set up a short, separate programming track and connected it as de
  18. Well firstly I must congratulate both the Post office and Digitrains for excellent speedy service, I only ordered the unit 23 hours ago and it's in and running already. I have just read the Express quick start guide, followed the instructions and had instant success, it helps I already had 4 locos that had run on the old EZ command I had used as a start up whilst the new layout was built, but I have to say it is simple and does what it says on the box. It even prompts you what to do next on the nice screen, so when getting extra locos moving and I forgot to press the button a second time
  19. I've just ordered the latest version of this controller, due next week, so I will feed back how I get on.
  20. I just never appreciated how complicated a steam engine really is, great work Pete
  21. Been trying my hand at weathering wagons, need to get some more colours for the rust and coal dust.
  22. Hi another question re hand controlled points, how were the small ground signals operated inside a yard, were they connected by rods to the hand point levers?
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