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  1. But, Maldon don’t make tinplate track! XxxxX But we don't want to muddle on tin plate track! If a heinous statement and crime worthy of burning at the stake that may be. Just a track system that is reliable and enduring. The Maldon system of moulded sleeper fitted with Peco smerty-two n/s rail would suit both my buddy and myself for dabbling in the lounge/garden/shed/greenhouse. Using a mix of 16mm and/or 7mm coarse depending on our whim of the moment. It is feasible to have modern TP models arrive ex-supplier suited to smerty-two rail profile th
  2. Indeed I did wonder my computer only has a modest monitor so not everything is revealed without a lot of scrolling left and right as well as up and down. At least I am certain in my own mind that in the case of modern, read New, tinplate smerty two looks the way forward for my buddy's garden line. Meanwhile I have surfed to Maldon's web site https://www.maldontrack.com/index.php and seen the delights of traditional tinplate track in all its glory. One of the great joys of this hobby is that with a little research and assistance pretty much every
  3. Looking at Newhomer supplied measurements and then at the 16mm Association wheelstandards from their website. The dimensions look the same so current new ets/raylo/darstead tinplate rolling stock should have no problem with smerty-two track. The whole set of standards it is a minefield of information and opinion and there is a lot of difference in the modus operandi of tinplate 3-rail pointwork compared to smerty-two. I guess the only way to be certain is to invest a few sets of smerty-two points and curves and see what passes through by taking a facin
  4. ...but the 2-rail wheels are incompatible with coarse scale points... And with smert-two what is the story there? Will the ETS Adams Radial and Terrier make their way around smerty-two or is life simpler with ets track for these desired models? Or does one start with ets 2 rail and run Mamod/Roundhouse live steamers on that to save a load of compromises? There is not space to lay multiple track systems to cope with incompatible nature of the wheel standards.
  5. ...if it were easier to improve it this would encourage newbies to 'have a go' at working it up... I assume we are talking older supposedly wiser Newbies. Those from the Beard and Glasses fraternity as opposed to callow youth without experience of Girls and Beer; for whom the Christmas/Birthday wish list is how upgrades usually occur. I'm not sure Hornby or any other series muddle maker aims to engineer anything with a view to the basic mechanicals being reworked to contain bearings, slide bars and crossheads, 5-pole motor and reworked power train.
  6. Many thanks. Where does one find/obtain/purchase modern 3-rail track suitable for the old coarse standards?
  7. Can modern "tinplate" offerings run successfully on Peco Smerty-Two? I have read that it is compatible so I assume that the 'coarse' scale 1.5mm flanged wheelsets will clatter through successfully. A buddy of mine is about to put in a smerty-two loop as a tri-way standard for 16mm, O-gauge and O-gauge coarse the easier availability of 'set-track' in 762mm and 982mm radius corners will make the most of the limited space he has available. I think he should be able to run Dapol class08 and Y1/Y3 sentinels on the larger radius corners with a few finescale O-gaug
  8. Initially planning using a selection of set track segments from my collection of MyWorld plastic track. with standard OO/HO R1 and R2 curves, meant I soon had the basic railway laid out. Then, like many, I looked at practical embellishments, in this case two 'fiddling/storage yards' beyond the scenic areas. I needed a practical means to connect these yards to each other and the rest of the layout. Thoughts turned to whether a double slip, two facing/trailing crossings or two Y points joined toe to toe would be employed. In the real world cost wou
  9. What constitutes to a micro layout? As I recall that Carl's site featured a G-scale muddle by Bob Hughes which fits within the 4' x 1' constraints and featured just a loco and hopper wagon as the operating element shutting from a quarry to a crushing/screening plant. https://www.carendt.com/small-layout-scrapbook/page-41-september-2005/ The other was double deck compact layout featuring a time saver on the upper deck and a dock side interchange on the lower using LGB R1 pointwork, yes the track and points that garden railwayfarers laugh at, on baseboards fit
  10. I'm on regularly flooded sand in woodland. 52tonnes of best reinforced ready-mix and 2000 concrete blocks have not moved in 19 years... The bunged in quick 'stations' have been subject to settlement and collapse so are now replaced by 5tonnes of reinforced garage footing foundation and 50 concrete blocks Build you footing deep enough once and you are set for life...
  11. This link: http://www.micronradiocontrol.co.uk/rc_model_rail.html will answer most questions on how Radio Control is done and LiPo power will be compact enough to run all but the largest and most inefficient Pittman Gearhead motors. (My Accucraft GG eats the charge from 4Ahr NiMh in just over an hour and a half.) Knowing that the basic units will motivate O-16.5 the needs of many O-gauge models should be easier as there is a bit more room to spread the individual NiMh cells around the loco Or you might use a Covered Coach Van and install a power
  12. Kato's N gauge 'European Train' uses a power module in the first coach, the loco is a push around model. So it may be the coach that stalls on the 6" radius points not the loco. BUT the coach has quite a long wheelbase so there may be no issue... Whilst the track is mounted on a fairly thick base some 5mm mounting board may make that less of an issue once incorporated into the chosen scenic treatment. knock on this door for affordable Kato supplies https://www.traintrax.co.uk/
  13. The systems in used up mountain vineyards is made by the same Swiss manufacturers as many cable cars. https://monorack.doppelmayr.com/en/ https://www.doppelmayr.com/products/monorack/ Enjoy the link (above) to their site. Alternatively: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL3YFbsEuN8 http://www.funimag.com/photoblog/index.php/20061026/a-do-it-yourself-funicular/ http://www.funimag.com/photoblog/index.php/manufacturers/ Probably as much as one needs to know. Apart from price. A de
  14. There are still many that are ungated and just have a 'flag-man' or flashing red lights on narrow gauge. RH&DR is an example. So you could get away with inset track and warning signs and a flag holder with hut/cabin. (See Porthmadoc-Welsh Highland, Leighton Buzzard, Welshpool and Llanfair etc.) Model Rail used only one pair of Peco crossing gates for one their standard gauge layout projects so they should be sufficient for a narrow gauge crossing in a country lane although in reality there would probably just be the red edged X and advice signs. Some sec
  15. We are a distance from the subject here. Budget muddling is about getting the best with the least financial input. Whilst it would be nice to have a fully equipped workshop that could produce a chassis with the running perfection of a Swiss watch one also needs the talent to produce such an item. Smokey Joe is a model for train sets, it is the collector/big boys that have forced the gradual up grade of a very simple locomotive to something more suited to its entry point task of entertaining a 7 y.o. train driver AND the 60something grandfather collector. Rem
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